My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 613

Vol 5 Chapter 613: Master Like Cloud

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Chapter 613

The old man in the yellow robe looked angry, and threw Lin Chen a bunch of vigilance.

Lin Chen's eyes beckoned and glanced at the blood-stained Long Ao. He shivered with anger and faced the Yang family's collective high-level personally, bowing hard.

Longao gritted his teeth.

"Yes, sorry!"


Lin Chen kicked with a kick, and the strong wind kicked towards his Kiku area. Pained him howling!

"Don't eat, rely on! If you don't have enough food, I'll send you to eat shit! Loud! If you don't show any sincerity, the next punch will interrupt your dog legs and drag you to the Holy City to apologize a hundred times. !"

Lin Chen's old-fashioned and arrogant lessons taught Long Ao, and countless people suddenly felt scalp tingling!

Cruel! Extremely brutal!

Hundreds of Yang family members were on the scene as if they were dreams. Longao, who was clamoring at the moment, "The woman who marries Yang Man is worth your Yang family", is now being hammered to the ground like a pug!

Talking about madness and overbearing, this Long Ao is a little witch in front of this uncle Lin Chen!

Long Ao covered his butt, trembling in the corner of his mouth, stood up and shouted loudly.

"My Long Ao, I apologize to everyone in the Yang family and to Miss Yang Qinger, sorry!"

Finally, the old man in the yellow robe raised Longao. Lin Chen gave them a word lightly.

"If you dare to fight the Yang family's idea again, I will go to your family next time with Lin, or to the dragon clan. Just because I haven't played enough recently, I will go to put a few nuclear fireworks."

The old man in the yellow robe trembles slightly.

When a group of Long family left at last, everyone was still in a trance, as if they were in a dream!

Many of the young and proud Tian Yangjiao in the room looked like they were yearning for their hearts and their blood was boiling!

What is madness, what is a strong man, what is a happy revenge! All of these are performed vividly on Lin Chen!

"Are you still in trouble?"

Lin Chen looked at the Yang family with a smirk.

For the first time, the Lord Yang laughed like a gaffe: "Hahaha, it's gone, it's really gone. Thank you, Lin Chen, for your loyalty, my Yang family is very grateful, and the little girl owes you a kindness."

"Its okay, Ill have this kind of trouble in the future. Remember to call me! I like to solve trouble for others! Hey, there is no way. There are really few good young people like me. Kyushu is really not much. The most important thing is to give him back. Mom looks so handsome."

Lin Chen sighed with a pile of vigilance in his hands.

Everyone's mouth twitched...

What kind of outrageous words are you saying, how can you hear people want to beat him so much...

Against a group of war emperors of the Dragon family, if it is normal, Lin Chen is naturally not afraid.

But this place is the central area of Yang Mansion. If there is a large-scale battle, Lin Chen can protect Yang Qing'er, but not the entire Yang Mansion. Therefore, it is the best result for them to leave after paying the price.

When Lord Yang saw his baby daughter staring at Lin Chen, she was no longer limited to her former passions and secrets, but her face was full of emotions. She could not help but sigh: The female university is not staying!

"By the way, little friend Lin Chen, the master you want to call, we have already called! And, there is unexpected joy!"

Yang Family Lord laughed, and then he punched the corners of those halls.

"Everyone, Xiaochen Lin has arrived, everyone can show up."

As soon as Lin Chen turned his head, from the beginning, his mental strength had hiddenly detected the location of the corner of the hall, with a deep and powerful space boundary! Even his perception is blocked!

Buzz~! After the space enchantment trembles and gradually lifted, many figures inside emerge.

Lin Chen shined!


Outside Kyushu, there are five faint stars in an endless starry sky, connected together.

In the void between the stars, the sound of conversation is turning around.

"Sacred Heart of the Old Man of the Soul Family has been broken, and the believers he cultivated are stronger than every one of us. It is still broken by the kid!"

"What should I do? The town monument in Kyushu has not been completely cleared, and there is a sky tower. If we invade completely, it is completely unknown!"

"However, if you don't take action now, I'm afraid it won't take long for this child to threaten our energy sacred heart! At that time, it will not be so easy to heal the injury!"

"If you don't do it, you will lose all of these hundreds of thousands of years of hard work! Those guys of the Devil Race will not be able to shoot for the second time!"

"Our sacred body is less than 40% restored, **** holy prison! If this state comes to Kyushu, it may not be able to withstand the bombardment of the town's holy monument!"

"Fuck! Absorb! All of us join forces, and absorb as much energy as the Sacred Heart has accumulated, and recover as much as you can!"

"But the Sacred Heart can now be refined, and it will take countless years to create an altar for the extraction of nuclear energy next time!"

"Otherwise? Isn't it waiting for the kid to engage in our Sacred Heart? Even the believer family of the old man has been infiltrated by him, how can our family be spared!"

"Refine the Sacred Heart! Recover as much as you can. Then, revise the plan. You dont need to reach 80% and then come down. You dont need to sweep Kyushu in one breath. You only need to come to a big state first. Refining nuclear energy, double the efficiency!"

"Oh? Do you mean, gradually occupy? Start with a big state first?"

"Yes, since the appearance of this child has changed our plan, let's abandon the original plan and focus on attacking a big state first!"

"Then Lingzhou! This son was also born in Lingzhou. We attacked Lingzhou. Lingzhou has the smallest number of sacred monuments in the town and cannot stop us all!"

"Since this is the time, exterminate this group of ants! After refining the energy of the Sacred Heart, start from Lingzhou!"

"This seat also agrees to attack Lingzhou!"


Yang Mansion, inside the hall.

Lin Chen sat in the first place, looked around the 39 strong men present, nodded from time to time, and looked very satisfied!

Masters are like clouds! Among them, 30 strong men were attracted by Lin Chens call. The news from Danzhous family of refining medicines was sent out by the secret intelligence network, not an explicit announcement.

The people who can receive the news are all people with a certain height in character, strength, fame, and they are also first-class strongmen in the same level.

The strongest people attracted by the call this time are also the lowest five-fold mid-level emperor!

The highest, there are two people, far more than the Seventh Warlord!

These two people, the lowest is also the level of the eighth early stage, it is still above it! Even Lin Chen couldn't see through it, it was terrifying!

The most terrifying thing is that these two people are one of the sword emperor and the other is the sword emperor! The combat power far exceeds the same level!

The other 9 people are a bit special. The highest of them is the quadruple late warlord, and the lowest is only the triple late.

However, their background is very strong! And they came to Lin Chen spontaneously!

Because, these 9 people, all of them are super arrogant that have been inherited by the sacred monument of the town! It is the last hope of Kyushu mainland against pseudo-gods!

Of course, the people who have inherited the sacred stele of the town are not only them, but others, who have not been attracted, or have not received news, or are closed, etc...

These nine people are also very strong!