My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 614

Vol 5 Chapter 614: This Kid Is Definitely Not Human

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Chapter 614: This kid is definitely not human!

"Hahaha, little friend Lin Chen, we are afraid we missed a good show!"

"The old man just saw it very clearly. The guys in the Dragon family also had a day of deflation. Hahaha! What a great pleasure!"

At this time, the three old men's figures appeared ghostly, and when they touched and laughed, they did not care about their own image.

It was the three refining giants who presided over the Summit Summit.

The young Tianjiao of Yang House looked at these three people with shock and admiration. These three are the authoritative existence of the pinnacle of Danzhou Refining Medicine!

At the same time, some of Yang Fus young Tianjiao aimed at Lin Chen with great surprise, and some young female Tianjiao were even more stunned.

It is possible for these three Danzhou refining medicine authorities to personally greet them, showing the weight of this teenager!

"Have seen seniors."

Lin Chen smiled in a humble and humble manner.

The three men waved their hands indifferently and found a place to sit down.

When the three of them looked at the nine youngest people except Lin Chen in the hall, their eyes flicked with amazement and admiration!

The inheritors of the sacred monument of the town, this is rarer than the descendants of the false gods!

"It's better to meet than to be famous. His name is well-deserved. See you today and be convinced!"

At this time, a white-skinned gentleman with a gentle personality and a white jade fan in hand, sincerely gave Lin Chen a fist.

"Hahaha! I like this kid. Just now that he stepped on Long Ao's face made me feel so good!"

The young man with a big red axe on the back of the tiger laughed heartily and gave thumbs up to Lin Chen.

A young man with a single-handed sword has a cold face and a cold look, but he said with words like: "You have love and justice, admire it."

"It is a blessing to have son Lin Chen in Kyushu."

Two glamorous and beautiful ladies stood up, bowed their heads slightly, and saluted.

This scene attracted a lot of super-magnificent surprises. When did the pair of arrogant twin sisters spend time facing men to show such a little woman!

They had seen Lin Chen's means and demeanor before they really knew how great this young man's skill is!

From breaking the God Mountain to breaking into the false **** family and then exploding the earth core energy of the false god, as inheritors, everyone knows that the difficulty of each of these things is almost impossible to accomplish by one person!

The arrogance of being able to obtain the sacred monument of the town boundary is the existence of nothing in the trillions. How can they not see what information Lin Chens behavior and behavior reveal.

In the face of the enemy, he decisively killed and showed no mercy!

When dealing with friends, he was open and sincere and took the initiative to take the Dragon family's affairs to himself. It is better to be known than to meet. Now, at first sight, all doubts are dispelled, only from the heart of admiration!

"You guys are kind, but I can't think that you can take the initiative to help me Lin this time. I am grateful. I am not a person who likes to owe humanity. As long as everyone contributes, the reward is the same as the others here. Opportunities for refining medicine."

Lin Chen bowed his hand and everyone smiled at each other. A seventh-tier senior pharmacist, they will not refuse.

"Boy, are you really a senior Tier 7 pharmacist?"

Suddenly, a hoarse voice asked, Lin Chen responded and saw that it was one of the most terrifying gray-clothed sword emperors!

"Why, Fang Ling, your kid still believes that we can't succeed?"

The cold sounds of the three refining giants snorted like displeasure.

Lin Chen did not matter, he raised his hand, signaling Hanming without anger.

"If it is a fake replacement, except for the seventh-tier top medicine, below the seventh-tier top medicine, there should be no medicine that can hardly hold me."

Lin Chen's chuckle was mixed with spiritual vibrations, and the spiritual fluctuations caused ripples in the void, and all the emperors were shocked!

Tongtianjing Spiritual Power! And no more than five of them can compare their spiritual strength with those of the pharmacists they have seen! Some war emperors saw it for the first time!

The three refining medicine giants are equally surprised. Lin Chen's spiritual power is more condensed and stronger than last time. It is far more than the ordinary early spiritual power of Tongtian Realm!

His growth rate is simply abnormal!

The arrogance of the sacred stele is even more amazing!

Goblin! Really a humanoid monster!

How could there be such a wicked character in this world, the 21-year-old triple war emperor, or a physical emperor comparable to the five war emperor!

In addition, he also possesses the spiritual power of Tongtianjing! What kind of senior pharmacist is it?

Can't compare! I'm afraid I'm going to be mad!

These demon princes who have never really served any peers of this age, only serve Lin Chen at this time!

"Well, we have no doubts."

The other grey-clothed knife emperor nodded slightly, his cold face squeezed a stiff smile, as if he hadn't laughed in a long time.

The seniors of the Yang family shook their heads and marveled that they were able to suppress so many strong men, and even those legendary super demon towns who inherited the saints mantle were obedient and obedient. This is not just a medicine. of!

Only when facing the strong, the strong will always respect each other.

"Not much to say, let's go straight to the subject. This time we all know our goal. For all the ancient families in Lingzhou, we will fight the civil strife in Lingzhou. You must listen to my assignment in combat and you must not easily do it. Or, I will cancel the cooperative relationship between the two parties."

Lin Chen stretched out his fingers, everyone nodded seriously, Lin Chen's strength and heritage is enough to make them look ahead of him!

"Because our enemies may be more than the ancient aristocrats of Mingzhou on this trip, if there are special circumstances and there is a situation that requires everyone to work hard, I allow everyone to withdraw, but the compensation is cancelled. Of course, if you work hard for me Or, I am willing to double the reward!"

As soon as this word came out, everyone's expression changed again!

Double pay? Wouldn't it be possible to refine the panacea twice for free?

This reward temptation is strong enough! Enough to make most of the strong people desperate!

"You dont have to worry about the skills and details of refining medicine. Im at the summit and Xiaodan meetings. I believe everyone has heard of them. Not only can I refining medicine, but my avatar is also like me. Level of refining medicine."

As soon as this remark came out, everyone in the room was surprised, and then puzzled, and finally showed unprecedented horror!

The same is true of the two strongest swords and swords kings!

The senior officials and elders of Yang House are also thinking about it! !

Yes! Long thinking about his performance at the Xiaodan Club, he used nine Danlu furnaces to make medicine in one breath.

Lin Chen's avatar has the same level of refining medicine as him!

If he now has the rank of senior pharmacist of the seventh order, wouldn't it be...

For the first time, the three refining medicine giants showed their faces twitching!

Isn't this special, counting his four avatars plus his own, five?

Five senior Tier 7 pharmacists? ? !


At the same time, the hearts of the three refining giant Ju Qing couldn't help breaking the mouth!

Five senior Tier 7 pharmacists, except Danzhou, no big state can get this lineup alone!

This is not equivalent to that, Lin Chen alone, can be comparable to all the top medicine refining giants in any big state in Kyushu except Danzhou! How about it?


not human!

This kid is definitely not human!

This Nima is not something that anyone can do!

Wanting to drink a cup of hot tea to suppress the frightened cold sound, the hand holding the tea cup at this time, trembling constantly.

For the first time in his tens of thousands of years, his elderly man's hand holding a tea cup shook continuously, and tea was spilled directly on his crotch.

Like the waves in his heart, spread throughout the Sahara desert. Only suspicion of life's coercion is left!

Unable to drink tea, he couldn't help raising his hand and instructed the Yang's maid to tremble.

"Give me an orange! No, give Lin Chen a friend too!"