My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 615

Vol 5 Chapter 615: Soul Family Now

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Chapter 615: The Soul Family Appears!

Nine sacred stele inheritors, their expressions are very exciting!

Even if they are as talented as they are, it is extremely difficult to meet a seventh-tier advanced medicine refining giant engine.

I haven't heard of any seven-tier advanced medicine refining giant engine that can exist in the top five.

Lin Chen's news, this is not a shock level, this Nima is a horrible message!

This is not the level that people can achieve!

Those strong men who came for the summoning order are full of shock and ecstasy in their hearts! This also shows in disguise that Lin Chen is not short of manpower to make medicine!

It took a long time for the three drug refining giants to relax, covering their hearts and smiling bitterly. This kind of stimulation at this age really can't stand it.

The five Tier 7 senior pharmacists, if given enough time, can expand the current team several times!

It's just that Lin Chen has no time to wait any longer, which also gave those war emperors the idea of making up their minds. With this call, they are estimated to have to sell their lives!

It is unique to be able to invite Tier 7 advanced medicine refiner Ju Qing to make medicine twice.

"We old guys, it's really time to retire."

Han Ming sighed inwardly, and the other two elders deeply sighed.

"It's a person who can turn the Soul Family upside down. It really is a legend."

The beautiful lady wearing purple gauze slowly opened her mouth, and she is also a sacred steward.

Then, the strongmen who came to call one after another stood up, saluted with their fists, and applied for their own number.

And the two "Emperors of Swords and Swords" with more than eight levels of war emperor's sword emperor: Fang Ling. Sword Emperor: Jing Yu.

Even the three refining medicine giants gave Lin Chen a few more words, these two were originally very famous warlords on the mainland of Kyushu.

The two were opponents, but since the moment they met, they were rivals. From the first battle of the emperor to the other, they were all eighth battle emperors. They had been fighting for 50,000 years, and they still had no difference.

In the battle all the way, let the two become a relationship of enemies and friends. At a critical moment, they will join forces. When they join forces, they will be invincible under the nineth battle!

Even Lin Chen was amazed, which is also amazing! After playing 50,000 years without a point? This must be the fate of several years of cultivation.

There are only two reasons why they will come. The two of them are extremely disdainful of the actions of the pseudo-gods, and have offended the famous pseudo-gods of the "Dragon House" and "Soul House".

So when the news of Lin Chen's rage smashing the soul home Zhenshen Mountain came out, they were moved.

On the other hand, it is true that they have their immortality medicine that Lin Chen needs to refine, appreciate and increase demand, and let them find Lin Chen.

It is not just a seventh-level pharmacist who can recruit high-level warlords, which have strict corresponding levels.

The seventh-level primary elixirs are applicable to the first to third levels of Warlord Realm. If the strength of the user is increased, the effect will gradually weaken or become ineffective.

Seventh level intermediate level, suitable for four to five levels of the war emperor. Seventh-level advanced, from six to seven.

Eighth-level warlord and above is the seventh-tier top! Refining pharmacists at this level are expected to be no more than five in Kyushu today.

"I can get help from two people. It seems that I am lucky with Lin."

Lin Chen said with a smile, Fang Ling nodded coldly: "You're welcome, with your strength, it's only a matter of time to reach our level. Moreover, we have to ask you for cooperation."

"Okay, since the conditions are almost the same, if you have no problem, then set off!"

His eyes were as sharp as a sword, and Lin Chen's expression became particularly cold.


Seven days later, Tianzhou Longming City.

Behind Longming City is Lingyun Mountain, where Tiange College opened its branch.

On this day, many students from the college were in the branch.

Sigh~! Bang!

The might that swept across the sky shocked the sky dome, and many top warlords in Tianzhou opened their eyes violently, with an unprecedented expression!

"There are a lot of strong men coming to Tianzhou, what's going on?"

Above Lingyun Mountain, the elder warlord of the academy suddenly awakened, flashing from the inside of the secret room, and swept the outside world.

Above the high altitude of the college, it is shrouded in layers of dark clouds, and powerful space boundaries are spread all over Zhoutian!

A crowd of figures slowly emerged, and the pupils of the elders stationed in Tianzhou shrank!

Among the dozens of figures, each person's strength is far stronger than the elders stationed in the branch!

"In the next Tiange Academy, the elder Liu Yunsheng dared to ask you what you want to do."

The elder of the academy who walked in the air, Liu Yunsheng clenched his fists and asked carefully.

The opponent's strength and lineup is too scary! In addition, there are so many students here, and I have no chance to shelter the students! The protection team established in front of these people is useless!

"Different triple war emperor, you are not qualified to know what I am waiting for, get out!"

The old man in the cloak with his head sneered, without any fluctuations in his fighting spirit, but Elder Liu Yunsheng was suddenly struck by lightning and slammed into the air hundreds of miles away!

Countless students were dumbfounded, but this is one of the highest elders in charge of the Tianzhou Branch, so shocked?

What is the origin of these people?

"Next, the name I ordered will be listed immediately. Otherwise, everyone will die!"

The old man in the cloak said as if to judge the fate of everyone, and said indifferently.

"Yun Manqing, Leng Yueqi! Who is it, stand up!"

With these two names appearing, everyone in Class 66 changed his face suddenly! Especially Bai Junhao, as if he realized something!

"With three orders, everyone killed without speaking."

The hoarse voice of the old man in the cloak resembled the announcement of the Nine Nether Hell, without any trace of emotion, the expression of the students became very frightened!

"it's me!"

Two crisp voices turn around, the long and graceful graceful shadows stand in the air, each has its own merits, and it is more beautiful than countless women in the world. It is Leng Yueqi and Yun Manqing!

If they don't show up again, the whole college will be buried with them! No choice!

"Can not Go Out!"

Bai Junhao exclaimed, and the old man in the cloak swept his eyes fiercely!


Bai Junhao flew out violently, spitting out a few mouthfuls of blood, constantly rolling his eyes, and the meridians and bones in the body were instantly broken in half!

"Oh? Worthy of being the girl who fell in love with that kid, really got some qualifications."

Another old man in white sneered, the old man in cloak moved a bit of murderous intention! A palm came out under the robe and caught the second daughter across the air!

Sigh~! boom!

The second female's body burst into a muffled noise, her expression showing a bit of despair, the blood stained her dress, and she passed out!

"Huh! With these two girls, the old man wouldn't be able to continue the boy-headed turtle!"

The old man in the cloak sneered indignantly, flipped his palms, and attracted the second daughter!

Tear ~! laugh! boom!

Xuntiandi's energies of war and energy spread across the sky, violently smashing the outer space boundary, and a beautiful shadow flashed out, saving the second daughter! Let the cloak old man be furious!

I saw that dozens of lightning-like figures flashed in the sky very quickly, with a strong breath, as much as the old man in the cloak!

"Whoever comes, dare to offend me Tianzhou?"

The headed blue-haired old man permeated with Thousands of Thunder, shouted with thunder and shouted out!