My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 616

Vol 5 Chapter 616: Lin Chen Was Furious

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Chapter 616 Lin Chen is furious!

"Tianzhou, don't ask for trouble! I'm waiting for the soul of Shenzhou!"

Three figures flashed around the old man in the cloak. The pressure of war was extremely strong, almost standing at the top of the Kyushu mainland!

Soul home! It was them!

With the background of the soul family, it is as easy as investigating Lin Chens background. In a very short period of time, he explored some of the interpersonal relationships around Lin Chen, and went straight to Leng Yueqi and Yun Manqing. Obviously, he was prepared. !

The old man Lei Fa frowned, and quickly glanced at the status of Tiange Academy, with a domineering arc in the corner of his mouth!

"What about the Shenzhou soul family, those who dare to commit Tianzhou, I cant wait to declare war with the whole Shenzhou, let alone you are a soul family!"

The old man in the cloak angered and indulged-"Hello, are you asking for trouble?"

"It's you guys who are asking for trouble! Come here if you want to fight, really when the people of Tianzhou can't be squeezed?"

Two figures flashed beside the old man Lei Fa, and all the strong men showed no timidity!

Tianzhou is the most united state on the mainland of Kyushu. Most of its ancient families spontaneously formed alliances. Therefore, in the face of any foreign forces, they will not easily give in!

What's more, most of their forces have owed a favor to the'dean' of Tiange College. How can he easily disregard his students.

Where has the Shenzhou Soul House been subjected to such threats, the cloak old man is about to act, and another ancestor is in front of him.

"Your Excellency, we are here just for personal grievances. It is better to do that. If you give us those two girls, we will naturally leave."

Right now, it's not that when their Soul Family consumes combat power and is wasting their time here, they can only temporarily neglect the snake.

"No, just use your fist to speak."

I dont know, the people and the second daughter of the Leifa Old Man Death Protection College will not give in at all!

"You fucking..."

Soul family senior angry! The ancestor stopped again, and his eyes met.

If the other party insists on protecting the Tiange Academy, playing it now will not benefit their soul family much.

"Oh, a Tianzhou alliance is very domineering. I hope you will continue to maintain this dominance in the future."

The old man in the cloak laughed happily and slowly evacuated with the brigade. The Tianzhou strongman did not pursue.

"Thank you, thank you seniors of Tianzhou."

Liu Yunsheng flew up with wounds and clenched fists at everyone.

"This is our responsibility, not to mention owing a favor to your powerful dean, but how did you provoke such a terrible opponent?"

The old man Lei Fa frowned, Liu Yunsheng smiled bitterly, how did he know!

"How are the injured students!"

Suddenly, an old man in a green robe questioned, holding the second woman's cheongsam beautiful woman and slowly shaking her head.

"It's miserable, Dan Tian was directly abolished! The Yuan Qi was broken, the body's meridians were broken by 90%, and the cultivation of Yuan Zunjing was reduced to nothingness!

The cheongsam beauty woman's brows are closed, and the other party does not hurt their internal organs. Obviously there are other uses!

What is the situation of Tiange Academy and has caused such a terrible enemy?

The only thing they can think of is perhaps the legendary "Orange Order" student!

The students at high altitude are in shock!


A day later, above Lingyun Mountain, the space fluctuated, and a large number of terrifying and powerful breath came!

Elder Liu Yunsheng, who was closed to recuperate, suddenly opened his eyes! Does the other party kill a carbine?

The strong man of the Tianzhou League also flashed to the sky of Tiange Academy for the first time, and both sides heard the laughter of the teenagers.

"You guys, long time no see!"

When the familiar laughter sounded, the students like Lu Xun and Lu Ying who once had an intersection with him were all surprised!

The silver robe teenager appeared with a crowd of people.

"Lin Chen?"

Many mentors and elders of the college exclaimed!

Lin Chen smiled, and flew to the elders before suddenly discovering that there was something wrong with the atmosphere!

His "Golden Eyes Twins" launched, and the nearby murder and doom have not completely dissipated!

"What happened?"

There was a bad hunch in Lin Chen's heart, and his expression became serious for a moment, and asked several elders.

They glanced bitterly at each other and took Lin Chen to the secret room specially prepared by the college.

Lin Chen's expression was somber in the two high-class private rooms.

The atmosphere is quiet and weird, anyone can feel the anger of this young man!

Lin Chen released a ray of spiritual power to sneak into the second daughter lying on the sapphire ice bed, and Bai Junhao beside him.

A moment later, when Lin Chen opened his eyes, he looked mad!

"What a vicious way! Abolishing Xiuwei, breaking the meridians, breaking the Dantian, and breaking the Yuan Mansion! In this life, neither Yueqi nor Manqing can cultivate!"

The fierce and murderous intention flashed in the pupils, Lin Chenru yelled at the angry beast: "Soul family, Lao Tzu and you will never die!!"

Suddenly, two pairs of jade hands held his palms, and the beautiful ladies left and right, accompanied by Lin Chen, was sister Su Lan.

"Lin Chen, this is not the time to run away. You are the only hope of the academy. If you all give up, we will have no chance!"

Sister Su Lan said softly, and sister Su Lan clenched his palm, not daring to let go.

"Yes squad leader, the strength of those people is terrible, you are not their opponent now!"

Yue Linlin worried, they are still silent in the horror of the soul home that day, even Elder Liu Yunsheng is not their enemy!

"Lin Chen..." Shangguan Bi Hanhao bit his teeth lightly. She knew that Lin Chen was not the kind of person who slowly cultivated with the humility of swallowing.

Everyone in Class 66 is full of anger in their hearts, but they are helpless! Now they are not even the emperor, they are not qualified to intervene in this situation!

Lin Chen calmed down his breath and said seriously: "I will. Let me deal with the next thing."


"This little guy is Lingzhou Linchen?"

"What does he do with three red furnaces? It seems that only one red furnace is needed for refining medicine?"

"No! Don't underestimate this, his mental strength is what the old man saw for the first time! Compared to some old monsters in Danzhou and those old things in Tianzhou, we must be better on the line!"

Many Tianzhou Alliance stepped into the sky, overlooking Lin Chen on the mountain top below.

Bang ~!

The heavens and earth aura surging, countless seventh-order medicinal herbs and sixth-order medicinal herbs emerged!

Lin Chen's shoulders shook, and four avatars flashed out!

The whirlpool of Xingtiandi's aura was formed, and countless sixth- and seventh-order medicinal materials quickly merged into the alchemy furnace, which instantly melted into the essence with the display of the alchemy handprint!

"This, this is the law of heaven, earth, and spirit?"

"Hi! What a terrible skill in refining medicine, his avatars can actually display the same level of refining skills as him?"

The powerful people of Tianzhou were horrified to see the use of the world and the spirit of the spirit by Lin Chen.

The body uses Naling's method, and the avatars are refined step by step with medicinal materials. Even the strong men who follow Lin Chen's call are amazing! The heart is full of shock!

Five senior Tier 7 pharmacists assist each other and cooperate with each other to make them look like one!