My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 617

Vol 5 Chapter 617: Return To Lingzhou

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617 Returning to Lingzhou!

Between the alchemy handprints of the flowing clouds and waters, there is not even a single failure in refining medicine. It is only a day, and three dazzling furnaces burst into dazzling Danhong!

The number of three red medicines is 5, and all of them are seventh-order intermediate medicines!

The Seventh-tier Intermediate Elixir is here, so that all eyewitnesses are numb!

This is how to make a seventh-order intermediate medicine, it is just like playing!

"How long has this little guy passed? What level has he advanced to?"

Yuan Lao in the elders group shook his head and marveled. Today's Lin Chen is not a level he can see through!

When I thought about it, Lin Chen was only a kid in the world of gangs when he was admitted to the hospital. But now, that little guy who has been admitted to the hospital for less than two years is now the pinnacle of Kyushu mainland!

Immortal medicine was released, Lin Chen quickly served the injured three people.

Although it is a seventh-level intermediate medicine, Lin Chen has slightly improved the details of many medicines. In addition, the three medicines have mild medicinal power and will only continue to evaporate in the body of three people. There will be no impact.

"Jun Hao was saved, I added my Qinglong bloodline to the Elixir. It is estimated that his strength will rise once again afterwards. Sister Yue Qi and Man Qing will probably want to become a heavenly environment in the future. Its hard to reach the sky!"

For this result, Lin Chen gritted his teeth, with his current level of refining medicine can only achieve this level! Want to restore the second daughter unless you have the level of an eighth-level pharmacist!

This kind of pharmacist, the entire Kyushu may have disappeared!

"Soul family, I can't think of your hands and feet so fast, it seems that this time we are going to fight desperately!"

Lin Chen suppressed his inner anger and murderous intention, at least, not yet the most desperate moment. As long as the person is still alive, Lin Chen believes that it is not too far to be promoted to the eighth-level pharmacist by owning the system!

Lin Chen turned around, holding the fists of the Tianzhou Alliance strongmen who were still stunned in the void, and said seriously.

"Thank you seniors for your help this time. The kid will return to Lingzhou. I also hope that all seniors will take care of Tiange Academy again. In terms of remuneration, I will settle the situation in Lingzhou and repay!"

The strongmen of the Tianzhou Alliance emerged with ecstasy, and quickly pledged with Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's medicine refining heritage, they have seen it with their own eyes! It is enough for them to admire this medicine refining foundation! Its better to be able to make friends with it!

"Squad leader, do you want to return to Lingzhou?"

Everyone in Class 66 rushed up and asked anxiously.

"Yes, this account, I have to go to those guys and figure it out."

Everyone looked at each other and wanted to return to Lingzhou together with Lin Chen. With their strength, it was just a burden to go back.

"Trust the monitor!"

"I also believe in Brother Lin Chen!"


After securing the second daughter and Bai Junhao, Lin Chen left in a hurry and rose into the air, waving at everyone in the academy.

"All of you, I assure you that it won't take long for all of us to return to Lingzhou together!"

The cold wind is like a sword, Lin Chen led all the strong, and rushed into the space passage to the Lingzhou mainland!

Two days later

Lingzhou, one year and three months have passed since the civil war broke out in the ancient family.

Within a year, Lingzhou was completely divided into two major forces. On the one hand, the alliance formed by all the ancient families in Lingzhou had twenty-three ancient families, and on the other side, Yanjia and Tiange College formed a union!

A large number of forces in Lingzhou joined the family alliance headed by the Bai family. In this year's war, both sides have won or lost, but neither side has launched a decisive battle of life and death.

Only a small part of the strength chose to join the Tiange Academy to jointly defend the Lingzhou, and did not intend to turn its sectarian heritage into a stepping stone for the ancient family.

However, both sides did not declare that they did not intervene in the marginal area of Lingzhou during the war. The reason is very simple. Both parties are not going to destroy Lingzhou. The Bai family and others want to seize the dominance of Lingzhou. Unify Lingzhou!

The Tiange Academy, which has always remained neutral, has become the main force to contend with this war. The reason for the long war is because the countless high-end students and powerful elders accumulated by the Tiange Academy have returned from visiting Kyushu.

In addition, at the beginning, because of Lin Chen, there was no rebellion or civil strife in the academy, and it did not allow the other party to cooperate successfully, and there was also a Yan family who predicted the war ahead and planned ahead.

In Lingzhou War, there was one thing that was ignored by almost all the top powerhouses. That is, 90% of the lakes and oceans in Lingzhou have fallen into a dry state!

This incident, which lasted for three months, did not receive the attention of any warlord realm, and everyone's eyes were all placed in the war.

Tiange Academy, Yunkong Temple.

The deputy dean in a white skirt looked a little tired, and in the hall, many strong men of the academy gathered.

It has been almost half a month since the Soul Family's nuclear energy exploded from Lingzhou.

This month, the academy and the Bai family triggered another three battles against the emperor. The small battles exceeded 100, and they are now recuperating.

"This battle after the Blood Soul Mountain Range, we have to..."

Before the words were finished, the eyes of the deputy dean sitting in the first place suddenly became particularly sharp!

"Who is coming!"

Vice President Leng Chi.

Tear ~! Jianguang splits vertically, cuts a space crack, and steps out a silhouette of a gray-clothed negative sword.

"Jian Huang?"

The powerhouses at the school were surprised! This person's breath is also one of the top strong men in Lingzhou mainland, let alone a sword emperor!

"I am a friend but no enemy. Your Excellency, accept the invitation!"

The Grey Sword Emperor is Fang Ling! He threw a letterhead, and the deputy dean Yu grabbed it and turned to read.

Before two breaths, the dean's expression was wonderful! There have even been unprecedented fluctuations in tens of thousands of years!

"It's worthy of being the little guy who can hit the earth's nuclear energy to Lingzhou. It's really terrible. It's so crazy as soon as I come back. I directly put the life and death of the entire Lingzhou!"

The deputy dean Jade's hand trembled, and the letterhead on his hand came from Lin Chen!

This letter is not to discuss, but to inform all of you!

"Vice dean, is this?"

A man with a tiger's eyebrows stepped out. He was armed with a thunderbolt and released a terrifying fluctuation of fighting spirit. Even Fang Ling could not help but reveal a trace of dignity.

"Oh, Director Xing, this is the only orange-ranking student of our college mentioned by me and you, Lin Chen. This is his letter."

When the dean smiled lightly, he handed over the letterhead to Director Xing. The Yan Jiaqiang and the college strong were surprised at the time!

Lin Chen! This name has become the only legendary existence in Lingzhou!

The criminal warfare, the director of punishment. It is the strongman who recently returned to support the Academy, so he knows very little about Lin Chen, but he is among the Tiange Academy, second only to the existence of the dean and deputy dean!

When he took Lin Chen's letterhead and read it carefully, his expression was shocked!