My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 618

Vol 5 Chapter 618: Airborne Baijia Headquarters

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Chapter 618: Airborne Bai Family Headquarters! !

"Here, is this kid crazy? He wants to bet the life and death of the entire Lingzhou!"

Director Xing's scalp is numb and his voice is horrified!

Everyone was curious, what was written on the letterhead?

The deputy dean chuckled"Director Xing, this is the case. No one in the world can guess his style of conduct. I am afraid that the decisive battle is ahead of time!"

"Pass my order, all the strong people of the college will take away the useful resources in the college, those who can quickly take them away, move them all, and stay in the Wanlinghai!"


Lingzhou; a dim void, two sky lofts side by side.

In the attic, the space is bounded by a barrier, and there are more than a dozen silhouettes sitting in the secret hall. The atmosphere is extremely terrifying!

"Oh? You Shenzhou soul family want to cooperate with me again?"

The white skirt Ruoxue, the beautiful lady of the beautiful fairy, sitting in the hall, playing with the slender jade finger, said indifferently.

The old man in the cloak on the opposite side laughed huskyly.

"Oh, the strength of our soul family is obvious to you. There are a lot of details of Tiange Academy. With your lineup, you have to win them for at least a hundred years. If we can help, we can shorten this time by countless times. Times."

Shenzhou soul home!

Their minions have already penetrated the Lingzhou area!

The angle of the lips of the white dress lady is slightly raised, even if it is a sneer, the curvature is still very beautiful, understatement: "Then you should know, I can't believe you."

Since the outbreak of the civil war in Lingzhou, no outside forces have intervened, why? The reason is because there are too many unknowns about who will intervene in this large-scale war!

No one knows whether the opponent will rake, or whether he knows the details of the opponent.

Whether it is for Baijia or Tiange Academy, any cooperation with the outside world is difficult to carry out. Without absolute certainty, any external force is an unstable factor! All may cause huge losses to their camp!

"Cuckoo." The thin man next to the old man in the cloak chuckled, "My Excellency, rest assured that our soul family is sincerely cooperating. As long as there is any war, the power of my soul family will take the lead. If we do anything on the battlefield, Something that threatens your camp, you can also counterattack the people of our soul family."

"Oh, that's to say, the previous cooperation was not sincere?" The ladies seemed to laugh instead of laughter, the atmosphere became weird, and the two headed laughed strangely.

For a moment of silence, the snowy white jade legs were raised, and the white skirt lady waved.

"Speak your purpose."

The old man in the cloak's eyes flashed, and the murderousness suddenly appeared: "We only need one person, Lin Chen! This child is a student of Tiange Academy and the one who will kill my soul!"

"Lin Chen?"

The beauty of the white skirt lady throbbed a little, and she showed doubt for the first time, and said indifferently.

"It's okay, this person has nothing to do with my big plans. My position is only one, cooperation is possible, but I won't do it in person, because I can't believe you, of course, everyone except me can be dispatched."

The old man in the cloak and the thin man looked at each other and smiled sensibly.

"Then wish us a happy cooperation in advance."


Lingzhou, the top of a smoky mountain peak. There is a giant space door standing on the mountain top, and there is a heavy warlord guard on the left and right sides, and the security is strong!

Behind the giant space door is the Baijia headquarters!

The Bai family today is not the same today. Has become a joint stronghold of all ancient families!

Bang ~!

The tremendous shaking shook the entire mountain top, and the two heavy emperors were blown away by an invisible violent force!

A moonlight shuttled like a god, rushing into the giant door of space.

Inside the giant gate is a space plane created by many powerful warlords, which is connected with Lingzhou.

At this time, many strong men also gathered in the Bai Family Hall.

Bang~! Click~

Shocks thundered and thrilled hundreds of warlords in the Baijia headquarters! Among them there is even the Eightfold Battle Emperor!

"He Fang Xiaoxiao, dare to offend me at the Baijia headquarters?"

As the sound of the sound rang through the clouds, a moonlight descended from the sky and smashed through the Baijia Hall.

The sudden momentum shocked you all to retreat!


As the moonlight descended, the boy struck the silver robe and stood at the head of the hall. His coat rolled over, and a cynical smile hung from the corner of his mouth. He suddenly appeared in the hall of the Baijia headquarters!

All the emperors were surprised!

Where did this kid come from? Dare to go straight to their Baijia headquarters?

"It's you? Lin Chen!"

In the hall, there was a shock and horror. It was Lin Chens first opponent who launched the God-killer talent, the father of Bai Familys daytime Qi, Bai Shengsheng!

More than a year later, Bai Shengsheng was no longer able to see through Lin Chen's cultivation behavior, and when he faced him, he felt a fear and tremor that penetrated into the bone marrow!

This feeling, he only faced the oppression that only the five emperors had achieved above and above!

"Oh? It turns out to be your old dog."

Lin Chen teased, and looked around the audience without fear!

"He is Lin Chen?"

Many war emperors in the headquarters hall looked at him in surprise.

Lin Chen, who was once in Yuanzun Realm, started the first battle in the war emperor realm with the talents of killing the gods, but many war emperors of the Bai family did not pay much attention to this.

They used to even disdain Bai Meisheng and were defeated by a young junior!

At first sight, they could not see through this mysterious young man!

The most incredible thing is that this kid broke into their Bai headquarters without any problems.

"The old man has investigated, there is no abnormality in the outside world, this is indeed a single shot!"

An old sackcloth old man of the Seventh Layer sneered.

The old monsters from various ancient families can't help but shake their heads and smile, the young people nowadays are really more mad than generations!

It's almost ignorant and thick!

Going to Baijia headquarters alone? This kind of thing can only be done by Shen Lianyun, the deputy dean of Tiange College!

Moreover, it is only their great Master and the strongest high-end combat power that is possible. If the top combat power gathers, even Shen Lianyun would not dare to break into the Baijia headquarters alone!

There is no doubt that he is looking for death!

"Oh, you are Lin Chen? Young man, the courage is strong, are you afraid of death?"

Two old men in yellow robe appeared ghostly in front of Lin Chen, asked with a smile.

"Fear of death, you won't come."

Lin Chen smiled, and jumped to the top of the hall, wanting to sit on the Phoenix Golden Chair.

Everyone's expression changed slightly! That's where they can sit on their lord!

The emperors of the Yellow Robes raised their hands when the emperors wanted to act, and the talents behind stopped.

Lin Chen, who was sitting on the golden chair, tilted Erlang's legs and touched his chin to glance at everyone present.

The first and the second looked at each other and shook his head and smiled.

The two of them really want to see what trick this kid wants to play now!