My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 619

Vol 5 Chapter 619: How High Is The Sky How Sorrowful It Is.

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Chapter 619

Not to mention that there are more than one hundred war emperors in the headquarters of the Bai family, and even the initial cultivation of the two of them, it takes only one breath to suppress him!

"Boy, what is your purpose. Do you want to lead your college to attack in one fell swoop?"

The first old man in yellow robe asked with a smile.

If he really led the academy offensive, then Lin Chen was really dying!

Why has the war been so long, and there has been no fighting between the two sides, just because of the remnants of each other's ancient family!

The ancient family of the Kyushu mainland was based on the mainland for tens of thousands of years, 100,000 years or even longer, because of the amazing people who have emerged in their family, and those who have lived in a holy realm since ancient times .

They both have the last life-saving means in their families, some are ancient secret formations, some are the life-saving heritage left to future generations by the Holy Land, or there are eighth-order sacrificial objects in very few families.

These cards are often in the home of an ancient family, and it is only possible to trigger passively when the entire family is alive or dead.

It can hardly be controlled autonomously by the means of subsequent people.

This is also the reason why the ancient family in Kyushu often broke out in the battle of the imperial class, but the forces of the two sides rarely launched the life-and-death battle, because everyone in their own family basically has the last hand killer!

Tiange Academy also has the final weapon, that is, the Tian Ling Battle Tower, which measures the combat power during the Tian Ling Bang Conference!

If Lin Chen intends to lead the college to attack their Baijia headquarters directly, they can't do anything!

"My purpose is to come over and drink tea. I'll snap my fingers later and send you a gift."

Lin Chen teased and said with a smile: "It's a visitor when you cross the door. Haven't you been watching tea for so long?"

"You still drink tea, and all the seniors will let you eat feces later!"

Bai Yunsheng grinned, and lost to Lin Chen's hand a year ago. He was a faceless face in the league, and the resources he got were not even as good as some of the emperors!

Now, he seemed to see Lin Chen about to be abused!

"The dog of the Bai family really smells bad. The ability to growl and bark hasn't changed at all. Why, is your master of the Bai family not here today, and someone from Lin I personally arrived at your headquarters. Didn't you give me that face?"

Lin Chen laughed disdainfully and turned to Huangpao Erlao.

"On your own, you are not qualified to see our Lord!"

The second old sneered, Lin Chen's pupils turned the light of the'Golden Eyes Twins', as expected, he penetrated most of the situation in the War Emperor's body, and there was the burning'Holy Fire Will', all of which became puppets.

The only strange thing is that as long as it is the war emperor who belongs to the Bai family, the light of the burning of the "Holy Fire Will" is slightly different...

At this time, another warlord of the Ling family stepped out and sneered.

"Why? Didnt you say you would like to send us a big gift? Didnt you come to our headquarters to talk about it? Just dont know if your bones are hard or your mouth is harder."


Lin Chen laughed from the sky, suddenly got up from the golden chair, and then kicked over the entire Phoenix golden chair, making the appearance of all the emperors in the scene especially cold!

"I'm hard everywhere! Everyone of you who is still hard is afraid, I Lin Mou came here today to give you a war book!"

Lin Chen stomped on one foot, and the earth-breaking war broke out, forming a Baizhang stone monument standing in front of the emperors!

On the stele, engraved engraved: Three days later, Wan Linghai battled. The scores of the first battle will be the same, and the first battle will be life and death!

Is it actually the next decisive battle?

"Ridiculous! What do you count, and you are also qualified to make a decisive battle? Let your deputy dean Shen Lianyun come almost!"

The old man in the yellow robe sneered under his sleeves, his palms of war disillusioned.

"On my snap fingers."

Lin Chen proudly stood on the "Stone Book of War", reached over his head, and the war emperors stood in wait!

"It should be almost." Lin Chen smiled.


Crisp snapping fingers echoed in the hall suddenly, many war emperors released their fighting spirit, and found that there was nothing abnormal in the Baijia headquarters or the outside world.


At the next moment, unprecedented momentum resounded through the space inside and outside the Baijia headquarters!

Bang ~~!

The space is twisted, the ground veins are split, the mountains and rivers are twisted, and the airflow collapses, bursting open countless air waves!

"What's the situation? Is it an enemy attack!"

"Could it be that the army of Tiange Academy is here? Awesome!"

"Go out and see!"

The emperors of all roads were frightened and angry, and they all rushed out of the hall.

They suddenly discovered that at this time, the Baijia headquarters, the entire space plane is beginning to tilt!

"What? The space is tilting!"

"Are there any outsiders who are suppressing our space plane?"

"Then at least, you can do it with more than nine warlords and emperors! In Tiange Academy, I am afraid that only Director Xing and Deputy Dean Shen Lianyun?"

"It seems that they really came over! All are ready to fight!"

The warlords of the Bai family are preparing to fight, but their expressions gradually solidify, because they find that there is no strongman attacking their space boundary at all!

"Something seems wrong!"

The old man in the yellow robe frowned, his figure flashed.

The emperors of all the roads followed, and escaped into the void to the outside world.

On the top of the mountain, more than a dozen war emperors walked in the air, and when looking around, there was no one that could threaten the existence of their Baijia headquarters!

But what is extremely weird is that the space of the Baijia Headquarters is still tilting, tipping over, collapsing, and continuously collapsing!

"What exactly is going on?"

The emperors of all roads were dumbfounded! And no one launched an attack, and their space barriers were all well. How could such a weird situation appear!

Suddenly, the eyes of the old man in the yellow robe of the Eightfold Battle Emperor shrank suddenly!

As far as his eyes are concerned, everything has begun to change!

The mountain gradually rolled down and collapsed, and the earth's veins continued to burst open like giant python-like cracks and spread continuously.

After lava squeezed from the bottom of the ground, the fire began to spread outside the Baijia headquarters!

"No! No, no!"

The old man in the yellow robe looked from startled to panicked, and finally to the corners of his mouth, shuddering, and called three wrong!

The emperors who walked to the outside looked at him one after another, and the old man in the yellow robe with a trembling palm twitched the air from the corner of his mouth, and said in shock.

"It's not a little trick of attacking the space boundary, or a little means of subverting the space plane of Baijia... It's the space of the entire Western Region...No!"

The old man in the yellow robe looked up at the sky, his pupils trembling!

At this time, the whole sky began to tilt slowly!

"It's the entire Lingzhou! Now it's the entire continental plate, and it's starting to tilt! He tilted the entire Lingzhou!"

The words of the old man in the yellow robe made everyone's scalp explode in an instant!

The whole Lingzhou mainland is slanting in one direction?

Even the ancient saints of Kyushu can't do it again!

"He, how did he do it..."

"I don't know! All in all, Lingzhou mainland is dumping in one direction!"

"Come back to the main hall, Lingzhou will have a shocking change!"

Inside the main hall of Baijia headquarters;

All the war emperors stared at Lin Chen standing on the stele of the war book like a ghost!

This boy snapped his fingers and dumped the entire Lingzhou continental plate?

What is Nima's finger?

Is he a saint?

But what is the mainland plate of the whole Lingzhou! This is not a mountain or two! He fell with a snap of his fingers? This is simply impossible!

Even the ancient holy land cannot pry the entire continental plate of Lingzhou!

Someone Lin smiled slightly, very angry.

He peeled off an orange very calmly and put it in his mouth, laughing casually.

"How high the sky is, how sorrowful it is."