My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 620

Vol 5 Chapter 620: Space Boundary

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Chapter 620, Space Boundaries!

Bang ~!

Powerhouses and other powerful people who have just talked about stable cooperation feel a sudden bump in the space.

"what's the situation!"

"The space is leaning? Does anyone dare to attack us?"

"Go out and see!"


All spirits gathered together.

At this time, there is no water in Wanlinghai! It is like a vast and clear plain, endless!

Bang ~! The space gradually twisted, and a few cracks were split from time to time.

Forty people, including Yang Qing'er, stared blankly at the "a vertical black line" at the end of the plain!

The black line is vertical from the sky to the plain, like a gap in the horizontal plane, and it seems to be the latitude and longitude of heaven and earth!

When you look at it from a distance, it is as thin as a hairspring, and when you look at it, it is about the size of your thumb. The space near the black line is in a vacuum of ``concave and curved''!

At the end of the black line, everything is crushed, including space!

The entire tilting force of Lingzhou mainland comes from this black line!

Yang Qinger's jade hand concealed her lips, and her inner shock is beyond words!

"What the **** are you going to do well..."

Lin Chen had promised Yang Qinger to take her to witness a "landscape" unique to Lingzhou. Now, he has fulfilled his promise!

A landscape line unique to "Lingzhou", Dazhou tilts, the world reverses, I would like to ask Kyushu forever, who can have this handwriting! Who can see this scene!

No one was as shocked as Yang Qing'er. Almost everyone's mind was directly blanked!

"I'm **** served! Convinced by mouth!"

"How the **** is he thinking, my mother! Is there such an operation?"

The nine sacred stele inheritors present were convinced by the mouth and were breathtaking!

"We are witnessing history and witnessing the rise of a legend!"

The few Seventh Warlords exclaimed from the heart.

Is this **** human?

From the haunted home, to one person can top the five-person refining giant Qing, and then to stir the entire Lingzhou mainland! Everything, not to mention the world, does not dare to think of the strong at their level! But blooming in his hands again and again!

Although Lin Chen is not a saint, he is better than a saint!


On the mainland of Kyushu, those Xeon existences lurking in the dark or other small space planes suddenly opened their eyes, and they were shocked and curious to look at Lingzhou.

"Strange, the spatial latitude and longitude of Lingzhou mainland are separating from Kyushu?"

"Is it an extraterrestrial disaster? Or is there a strongest holy land? Even if the mainland of Kyushu is less than one-tenth of the ancient period today, it can still belong to the medium-sized continental plate. How can it be moved so easily?"

"Without the breath of the Holy Realm, what happened in Lingzhou..."

Sky Tower, No. 10 main city, a secret pavilion.

The master of the tower was dealing with many things, and his eyes froze sharply, turning to the direction of Lingzhou.

"What a joke, Lingzhou is collapsing?"

"Is it from the Holy World? But why is there no sign."

The tower master flashed out of the sky tower again. When he urged the fighting spirit to cover his eyes, his eyes stunned to stay in place when he saw the Lingzhou mainland through the endless void!

"It turns out that it was Lin Chen's kid!"

The tower master suddenly had a numb scalp. There was a shock that had not been seen in 100,000 years, and he even yelled!

"His mother, this is too crazy! He lifted the entire Lingzhou mainland!"


Baijia headquarters.

"Grass! How did this kid do it, would it be possible to move the saint?"

"The sage cannot move the state!"

Many of your emperors at the headquarters are in a mess, and the old man in yellow robe can't help but scold.

"You're **** crazy? What's the benefit of doing this, why does everyone in Lingzhou have to die!"

If Lingzhou is separated from the mainland of Kyushu, it will become a floating object under the stars. Many disasters and energy torrents in the outer stars will destroy Lingzhou, and then all the spirits of Lingzhou will fear the gods!

Even the Holy Land cannot shelter such a huge continental plate under the stars!

The only possibility is to escape, escape to Lingzhou, and take advantage of this time now!

The emperor's realm can escape, and the Yuanzun realm and Tiangang realm under his hands may not be able to be completely transferred. What's more, Lingzhou mainland and their 23 ancient family backgrounds cannot be evacuated in such a short time!

Once they fled to other big states, they lost the ancient heritage left by their ancestors, and they would be more difficult to reproduce the glory, not to mention that other powerful people will be eyeing them!

Because of the loss of the ancient family, it is not so difficult to destroy them!

"Dead to die! If Lingzhou falls into your rule, it is better to die than all!"

Lin Chen sneered, as Vice President Shen Lianyun said, this is an unprecedented gamble!

Bet on the whole gamble of Lingzhou!

He wants to force everyone in the Baijia Alliance to fight for life and death in one battle, not relying on the ancient family heritage of both sides, but relying on the existing strength to speak!

"I'll give you three days. After three days, Wanlinghai will fight for life and death depending on his ability!"

Lin Chen suddenly drank, in fact, he is also walking on the tip of the knife, if the Baijia Alliance really chooses to evacuate, then there will be no winner in this confrontation!

In order to adjust Lingzhou from the dumped state to the original state, Lin Chen needs a lot of war emperor joint efforts. During this period, it is impossible to fight. If the other party should not fight, then the final result is both defeats!

"Then kill you first!"

The old man in the yellow robe slammed his hand, and his palm was like a dragon, turning his palm into claws, crushing to all directions around Lin Chen, and breaking into claw marks!


The entire figure of Lin Chen exploded into a ray of light smoke, disappeared, and many strong men stayed in place!

The old man in the yellow robe gritted his teeth!

"Damn, it's actually just a doppelganger? Even a doppelganger didn't see through it! This one is so weird!"


One day later, in a mountain gorge, Lin Chen, who continued to maintain the "Blue Dragon and Shadow", opened his eyes and frowned.

"What's the matter, I have searched a lot of places, there is no trace of Ruoyan sister, is she no longer in Lingzhou mainland... or say...!"

Reminiscent of a possibility, Lin Chen's heart popped into his mind!

"I can't continue searching right now, even if I have the golden pupil twins and Jiu Jieyan, I want to find a person in Lingzhou who is a needle in a haystack. I will go to meet everyone first. If Ruoyan has contact with everyone in the college, maybe There is still a chance to find a clue."

Lin Chen stepped into the air and disappeared.

Wan Linghai, the college's powerhouses gathered, when they saw the vertical black line, they couldn't help but stunned!

"Is that black line the boundary of space?"

Shen Lianyun Jiarong, the vice president, appeared shocked. She didn't expect that Lin Chen would be so crazy!

"Vice dean, what is the space boundary?"

Some elder warrior elders and Tianjiao students asked curiously.

Shen Lianyun's expression was solemn, revealing the color of thought.

"The space boundary is derived from the heaven and earth, and a space is compressed to the extreme boundary."