My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 621

Vol 5 Chapter 621: Horrified Worldly Operation

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Chapter 621, Frightening Worldly Operations!

"It is said that only at the very center of a very strong energy explosion can the vacuum be completely exploded, causing the space to squeeze to the extreme and derive the space boundary. In the ancient times, the location of the Wanling Sea broke out of the Holy Land The fierce confrontation between them left this space boundary."

This space boundary was originally located in the high altitude of the Wanling Sea, because this place is the junction area of Lingzhou and Tianzhou, plus the lack of resources here, and there is no human population.

Secondly, the space boundary is extremely dangerous. If it is too close to be drawn into it, Lien Chan Imperial Realm will die.

This kind of thing, almost no one will come close, because the interior is an infinitely distorted space compressed to the extreme, its internal space is too large to imagine. At the same time, the power generated by the distortion due to the huge space, even the Imperial Realm can be torn as easily as thin paper!

"Unexpectedly, this little guy would use this to tilt the Lingzhou mainland, but where does the power to tilt the continent come from? This space boundary can certainly collapse the space plane, but it has not yet reached the point of dumping the mainland. ! Otherwise, from ancient times until now, Lingzhou mainland has long ceased to exist!"

Shen Lianyun was both amazed and puzzled, and Director Xing next to him suddenly spoke!

"It's because of the sea water!"

The elders also discovered this anomaly! Wan Linghai is now dry, and may be sucked into the space boundary!

"However, the weight of the seawater in the Wanling Sea alone is not enough, and the sea level cannot reach the original space boundary."

Shen Lianyun questioned that she had discovered this vision long ago, but it was really difficult to make contact with the mainland of Lingzhou.

Suddenly, Yan Family head, Yan Fanhai turned around and seriously asked Shen Lianyun.

"Lenyun, if it is the entire sea of Lingzhou."

As soon as this statement came out, all the emperors were struck by thunder! Shen Lianyun stunned live in place!

Bang ~! The sonic boom sounded, and everyone in the academy took action and flew away into the distance.

Yan Fanhai said very seriously while leading the crowd to fly.

"Training to the peak of the Tiangang realm can completely clear the valley. You no longer need to eat and rely on water to replenish water. You only need to use the heaven and earth aura as energy. Even low-level psychic warriors can absorb spirit crystals to replenish energy, so absolutely Most people have not noticed that the water resources in the entire Lingzhou have completely dried up!"

"Even if we know that in today's Lingzhou, where there are nonstop battles, there are hardly many powerful people who will understand the reason for the dry water source!"

Yan Fanhai's tone even shivered.

"No wonder when I returned, the water source in Lingzhou was nearly 60% less, and it was always being lost. I once thought it was because of the war. It turned out that all the rivers, rivers and seas in Lingzhou were all All flowed to the Wanling Sea, and eventually absorbed by the space boundary!"

Sure enough, the emperors in the academy flew more than 100,000 miles. As far as they could see, all the rivers were cut off and all converged on one route, that is, the direction of the sea leading to the Wanling Sea!

When everyone returned to the area of the Wanling Sea again, staring at the "vertical black line" derived from that space boundary point, it was shocking!

"Yes, there is no need for strong force, just the continuous pouring of seawater, which will continue to be absorbed by the space boundary, and the weight will continue to increase, and the seawater can fully withstand the torsional forces generated inside the space boundary tear, because the shape of the water Not fixed, but flowing! Perhaps it is the only thing that can be dumped inside the boundary of space except for the energy of combat energy!"

Yan Fanhai raised his head and looked up at the vertical black line.

The black line the size of the thumb is the water source of the whole Lingzhou!

The history of Lingzhou is more than 800,000 years old, and it is actually much longer. It can be traced back to millions of years ago. Even after the ancient Hundred Sacred Wars, there are still countless water sources in the mainland. Eighteen is sea water!

In addition, there is also a strong core energy in the Lingzhou mainland. The deeper the depth, the space and the rock will increase in hardness by a hundred times the value, and its solidity is difficult to completely destroy the Holy Land!

This is the reason why the pseudo-gods have spent countless thoughts to invade the mainland of Kyushu. The extraction of powerful nuclear energy can heal their wounds, but the price in exchange is that once the continental plate of Kyushu loses more nuclear energy, Will become extremely fragile!

Nowadays, more than 50% of the water sources are all included in the space boundary, and the pressure and power generated are difficult to match even the ancient holy land! But it is still impossible to penetrate the continental plate blessed by the nuclear energy!

Therefore, when the hardness outside the specification meets the weight outside the specification concentrated at one point, as a result, the entire continental plate of Lingzhou will be tilted to one side!

"This son is really a monstrous ghost, no one before, no one after! How did he come up with this method!"

"I seemed to hear someone behind me saying I was handsome."

Yan Fanhai had just marveled, and the young man's laughter echoed between the world.

Everyone turned around and looked away. Lin Chen appeared in the air and appeared behind everyone, Shen Lianyun smiled.

"Finally home!"

"Fortunately, it's not a disgrace. The book of war is down. In less than three days, this is the place to fight."

Lin Chen clenched his fists, and those seniors and elder sisters who walked out of Tiange Academy and achieved war emperor realm looked at the only Orange Honor student in the history of this college with curiosity!

"You are Brother Lin Chen?"

"His! His breath seems to be much stronger than ours!"

"Is it true that he wouldn't actually airborne the Baijia headquarters to go to the war?"

Everyone in the academy discussed about Lin Chen, and the criminal warfare came over seriously.

"Little guy, I admit that your talent is unparalleled, but this method is really too risky!"

Lin Chen's eyes flashed: "This predecessor, it's obvious that if this continues, the war may continue for decades. We have no time to fight a protracted battle. We must decide the outcome of the battle, right?"

Since the haunting of the soul family, Lin Chen can guess that the hypocrisy of the soul family will not let go of them. It is absolutely not difficult to investigate their origin by their means. From the last time the Soul Family directly came to Tianzhou, it can be speculated that they are likely to have entered Lingzhou!

If there is a Soul Family intervention, or even another false **** family intervention in the current war in Lingzhou, it will no longer be a problem to break the Tiange Academy! Lingzhou will be completely transformed into the world of the Baijia Alliance and the puppet of the master behind the alliance.

"Okay, you are all yourself. Now the war book is down. You dont need to argue too much on this issue. Its okay to decide the victory or defeat in the first battle. But Lin Chen, you can safely restore the space boundary, you have to know, If you are not sure about recovering it, even if we win the war, it doesnt make any sense!"

Shen Lianyun solemnly asked, everyone calmed down immediately, yes, this is the most important issue!

A Lingzhou mainland wandering in the sky outside the sky has no chance of survival at all, and it will be annihilated in the endless universe natural disasters without taking too long!