My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 622

Vol 5 Chapter 622: The Day Of The Decisive Battle

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Chapter 622 The day of the decisive battle!

Facing everyone's eyes, Lin Chen nodded solemnly.

"You have 100% confidence, you can rest assured. Our goal is to defeat the other party!"

Hearing this sentence, if everyone took a pill, Lin Chen did not say everything. If the other party refuses to fight, the 10% certainty is zero...

"Oh, what about the people you brought?"

Shen Lianyun asked again, Lin Chen said with a smile: "I let them hide, show their enemies weakly, and take the opponent by surprise, one step to the stomach."

Everyone shook their heads and smiled, but the kid remained the same.

After a short conversation, Lin Chen sat in the void and turned on the system.

"System, I want to learn "Three Inch Tribulation"!"

[Studying the Purple Order advanced inferior combat skills "Three Inch Tribulation", it is expected to consume 2.65 million points of intermediate skills, is the host determined to learn?

Lin Chen's two advanced purple-level combat skills are inherited by the strong. This is the first time he has learned the purple-level advanced combat skills from scratch. This attribute value made his mouth twitch a few times.

"If it weren't for robbing a wave of Soul Masters, all of my skills and skills would not be able to learn an advanced purple-level combat skill. What a terrible thing! System, I'm sure!"

A whisper in my heart, after issuing the command, a large amount of memory of the practice poured into the spiritual bridge!

Maybe there will be a world war next, Lin Chen can increase the strength by one more point, it is urgent!


At the headquarters of the Bai Family, many top war emperors looked at the "stone of declaration of war", which was both shocking and furious!

This child dare to airborne their Baijia headquarters to declare war, so **** arrogant!

However, what made their scalp numb even more was the fact that Lingzhou mainland began to dump. The impact was so terrifying that they were barely slowing down now.

"I didn't expect this kid to come back so soon! It seems that we are right this time!"

The dozens of strong men of the Soul Family have a cold and violent expression, and their intention to kill is brewing.

And the white dress lady with great interest showed a cold smile.

"Interesting, it seems that I should go and meet him for a while."

She is Bai Ruoyan! The first person to start the civil war in Lingzhou!

"Let's go ahead and prepare, two days later, go to Wanlinghai, and you will win in the first battle!"

Bai Ruoyan waved his hand, and all the strong men took orders!

"The soul family, according to the original plan, this son belongs to you, I only want Lingzhou. If you dare to rebuke, I will let you see my hole cards."

Bai Ruoyan glanced at the soul family, who smiled coldly and sullenly.

"Naturally, happy cooperation."


Two days and days, it's fleeting. During this time, the strong of the academy is either adjusting the state or preparing some fighting cards in advance. Everyone is waiting for this battle in their hearts!

It would be great if it could be the final battle to end the long melee! If you fight like this again, Lingzhou will sooner or later get charcoal!

Lin Chen opened his eyes suddenly, a glance of sky-tribulation warfare in his eyes, this "three-inch robbery" officially completed training, will become his next powerful card!

"Three-inch robbery, with three defenses, can be urged with just one thought."

Lin Chen glanced at the meridian crystals in his body, just like a layer of gorgeous and exquisite coating, just a thought, his strongest defense can be revealed in an instant!

"The Ultimate Return."

A light purple brilliance circulated throughout the body, and Lin Chen directly launched the ultimate return to complement the fighting spirit of creating "clan defense".

He turned to look at the other side of the void, a million miles away from the void, standing full of Tiange Academy and Yan Family's Battle Royal Realm!

All the Yuanzun Realm of Tiange Academy has been evacuated. Yuanzun Realm may be called the first-class strong state of Lingzhou.

But this is a battle that determines the fate of the entire Lingzhou. Below the Imperial Realm, there is no qualification to participate in the war!

The total number of Yan emperors in the Yan family is 33, most of which are below the five emperors and seven are above the five emperors.

The strongest is the eighth early war emperor, there is only one ancestor. Because the Yan family is a family of mathematicians and often accounts for astronomical opportunities, most of the emperors of their families are mathematicians, and their lifespan is shorter than that of ordinary emperors.

Because Tianji is not easy to spy on, it has to pay a price, and the life of most operators is usually shorter.

Secondly, that is the lineup of the Tiange Academy, 91 people, 10 players in the Seventh Warlords, 4 people in the Eighth Warlords, and only nine players in the Nineth Warlords Shen and Yun.

Lin Chen frowned, and his avatar personally came to the headquarters of Baijia, and he had already figured out the details of them. At least 200 warlords! And the top combat power of the opponent was not fully present at that time!

The lineup of the college here is actually a bit worse than the Baijia Alliance. No matter how strong the Tiange College is, it is difficult to resist the union of all ancient families in Lingzhou.

The reason why they can persevere in such a long war is related to Shen Lianyun.

From the perspective of Lin Chen's eyes today, Shen Lianyun, the vice president, is already the pinnacle of the war emperor's realm.

It is precisely because of her existence that most of the other partys high-end combat power will be dragged by her alone, otherwise her cultivation will be hers, as long as the other partys battle reveals major flaws, she only needs one blink of an eye to destroy the under eighth level. The Warlord is extremely simple!

"It seems that the battle is still very difficult, it depends on how far my God-killer talent can grow!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed. He once asked about the calculation method of the system's "God-killer's talent". The strength of the increase is the blessing of the overall combat power as the final increase.

For example: Lin Chens spiritual power has increased by 10 times, combat strength has been increased by 10 times, and pure strength has increased by 10 times. The calculation converted into a system is: the overall combat power has increased by 30 times. By analogy.

Lin Chen's fingertips unconsciously touched a Nahua, and within this Nahua, he held his only eighth-order sacrificial object, "Azure Blue Moon"!

If the God-killer is not enough, perhaps, he should use its power. In this battle, he has no way to retreat, losing is dead!

Now, he can single out the early 7th Emperor of the Seventh Layer. In the middle of the Seventh Layer, he also needs to use the power of the avatar, and the latter can be siege.

Anyone can threaten him with more than eightfold warlords. This time, you might have to borrow the power of the eighth-order knife.

"Little guy, we put all our bets on your decision this time."

The Yan Family's Eightfold Battle Emperor Patriarch turned his head and sighed to Lin Chen. Lin Chen nodded-"The Yan family's predecessors rest assured that I will not easily do things that I am not sure about."

Seemingly remembering something, Lin Chen took out a picture from her arms and handed it to Shen Lianyun, asking her: "Deputy Dean, I have been searching for an old friend for a long time, but I haven't seen it. I don't know if you have an impression, or let the college Everyone will see if there is any news about her."

Shen Lianyun took the picture, Yan Yan smiled and said: "Old man? Why haven't you heard you mention it, it is very important to you."

At the moment when the picture is spread out, the beautiful lady in white dress is depicted in the picture.

Can see this woman, Shen Lianyun suddenly froze in place!