My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 623

Vol 5 Chapter 623: God Killer Launched

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Chapter 623: God Killer! !

The beauty of the country, the beauty of the fairy in the eyebrows, can't be wrong, it's her!

The culprit who started the war!

She is actually the old man of this little guy?

"Well, it's very important."

Lin Chen nodded seriously, Shen Lianyun's face was a little ugly, turned her head to look at Lin Chen, said inconceivably-"Are you sure you are looking for her?"

"Yeah, yes, I have prepared this painting for several days. It should have eight points like temperament and appearance. There should not be many women like Lingzhou. Moreover, her strength is Yuan Zunjing. After her, I should be a little impressed."

Seeing Lin Chen's more solemn expression, Shen Lianyun's heart smiled bitterly, she was not Yuan Zunjing! She joined forces with many war emperors, but there is a presence that can confront me head-on!

Shen Lianyun frowned-"What is your relationship with her?"

"Well, it's a very important relationship. Have you ever seen the vice president?"

Lin Chen was suddenly excited, and Shen Lianyun shook his heart!

Does this kid really know it or not? No one in Lingzhou today doesn't know her!

What's more, he didn't go to the Baijia headquarters to play a book, did he not meet?

"She just started this..."


The sky shattered and the mountains shook!

The sea of clouds above the sky tore a crack in the space of thousands of feet, and the silhouette of the sky stepped out, with a total of 236 people!

All are strong in the war emperor realm!

Bang ~!

The vast void within five million miles is trembling steadily, and the trend of space splitting continues to accelerate!

The breath of the group of people led by it even made the emperors of Tiange Academy look shocked!

"What happened, why did they have another 32 warlords?"

"All are above the five-fold warlord, where is this strong?"

The strong families of Yan Family and the Academy have shown different degrees of shaking. This lineup of the other party is enough to change the battle balance!

"Don't panic, we also have reinforcements, but we haven't come out yet."

Shen Lianyun secretly voiced, temporarily stabilizing everyone, and once the fighting intention collapsed, he would fall on one side!

"Soul family! Pseudo-God's running dog!"

Lin Chen flew into the air and stood in front of everyone in the academy. They really came!

"It's you?"

"Lin Chen, very good. The old man thought you did not dare to come back. In this world, those who dare to anger the true god, no one can live in this world!"

"Hahaha, I still wanted to grab your concubine and make you show my face. I didn't expect you to come to the door yourself! It seems that the two women who have abandoned them are superfluous. Today even the gods can't save you! "

When the warlords of the Soul Family saw Lin Chen, Thunder was furious! The enemies met, especially jealous!

"Sure enough, you old dogs."

Lin Chen's expression gradually became indifferent, but the murderous intention in his eyes grew stronger!

"Dare to take action against those around me, I promise, I will make you regret coming to this world!"

Between Lin Chen's murderous intentions, the first two Nine Heavy Battle Emperors grabbed Lin Chen directly, and his commanding anger surged. Ten red barbarian dragons flew and flew around Lin Chen!

boom! The red barbarian dragon turned into a broken sky, and a beautiful shadow emerged beside Lin Chen, the vice president Shen Lianyun!

The second old pupil shivered, and the old man in the cloak sneered coldly: "It is indeed the deputy dean of the Tiange Academy. Sure enough, he has some skills."

"Unexpectedly, in this barbaric land of Lingzhou, there is also the legendary Nineth Peak Peak Emperor."

Shen Lianyun's shot shocked the audience, and the spirit of Emperor Jiuzhong's pinnacle even Lin Chen felt terrified.

"Oh, Shen Lianyun. This time see if you can stop a few of us!"

Shen Nianyun frowned as the two Nine Heavy Battle Emperors stepped into the air.

Counting the two elders of the Soul Family, the Baijia Alliance today, there are only six of the Ninth Warlord!

Three mid-nine heavy, four ninth early!

Shen Lianyun can be stopped by four or so opponents. Any deviation from the Nine Heavy Emperors is enough to make a great reversal of the battle situation!

"How did the space boundary of Wanlinghai become like this?"

"His! What is the situation within this space boundary, turned into a line!"

Arriving in the void beyond the Wanling Sea, many war emperors were horrified when they vaguely saw the black line!

"It seems that the reason why Lingzhou mainland began to tilt is because of this."

A ninth war emperor in the Baijia Alliance frowned, and he looked at the cloak old man, who nodded slightly after pondering.

"As long as I take this for my soul family, we can help you solve the problem of space boundary points afterwards. If it doesn't work, then I can ask Master God to act."

The remarks of the old man in the cloak made the people of the Baijia Alliance very popular!

"A group of stuff that treats pseudo-gods as dogs. It's just right today. I counted the share of Man Qing and Sister Yue Qi. Lao Zi all hammered to death!"

Lin Chen shouted suddenly, and the seven kinds of Heavenly Tribulation Warfare burst into a pure breath of killing, such as Shura came into the world!

"Seven changes!"

Boom~! The fighting spirit broke through the sky, Lin Chen's seven types of sky-tribulation warfare turned into infinite energy, and finally he was incorporated into his own body. Only one step left for the five-fold repair!

"Quadruple post? Hahaha! Would you pin this hope on the waste of this quadruple post?"

Many strong players in the Baijia Alliance can't help but sneer. What can the late Emperor of the Fourfold do?

Still counting on this strength to turn the tide?

Only Bai Baisheng, there is a creepy fear in my heart!

Think about it more than a year ago, this kid is still a yuanzunjing! At that time, although he was able to fight with himself, he obviously used some trump cards!

But now, just over a year later, he has already far surpassed himself at that time, reaching the fourfold late stage?

Does this not mean that he spent only more than a year, from the Wuzhong Yuanzun Realm, to the threefold war emperor and above?

This kind of talent is simply a monster!

Staring at the frantic smile in Lin Chen's mouth, Bai Shengsheng suddenly felt an extremely uneasy heart!

"No! This skill of improving strength is not his one at that time! That super kill trick that can cross Yuanzun Realm and Warlord Realm?"

In an instant, Bai Shengsheng thought about fear!

This kid is not a loser! How could he rush back to Lingzhou without even having the contents of the five-fold war emperor?

If he was able to bridge the gap between Yuanzun and the Emperor of War, what would he do again?

"Relax, it's not over, this time, you will never be disappointed!"

Lin Chen smiled wildly, and when he showed his murderous intention, he connected the system with one thought!

"System, talent for killing gods!"

[The system received that there were 236 enemies that were hostile to the host, all of which were in the battle royal realm, and the nineth battle emperor was seven. The increase multiplier is being calculated, and the **** killer started to start!

A gleaming golden sky pattern flashed over Lin Chen's head, and his breath detonated violently at the moment of 1 in 10,000!

"No! Come apart!"

The head ancestor of the Soul Family is awe-inspiring!

Bang ~! boom!

The shocking turbulence of the atmosphere burst out with Lin Chen as the center, and even Shen Lianyun was shaken away!

A strong air bursting into the world and smashing the space plane rushed to Jiu Xiao, rising rapidly from Lin Chen's body!

He had short hair flying, and there were thousands of red glows all over his body, and the mighty energy of the galaxy swirled around his body.

If the pupils of the sun and the moon rotate, the nine-color battle wheel of the body explodes wildly!

The spiritual bridge across the 100,000 voids entrenched from the top of Lin Chen's head, and his eyes disillusioned countless spiritual storms!

Feeling the magical power in Lin Chen's body that dominates the heavens and the world, Bai Shengsheng's heart screamed!

Sure enough, that super trick!

is coming!

At the beginning, using this trick, he could compete with himself in the late Emperor of the Second Layer with the cultivation practice of less than five levels of his Yuanzun Realm!

Now, he is the cultivation base of the late Emperor Shizhong! What level is that?

Bai Shengsheng even has a sign that his soles are soft, and he unconsciously retreats to the last side of the team. He will never forget the fear of going deep into his soul!