My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 624

Vol 5 Chapter 624: A Melee

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Chapter 624

The spiritual bridge that climbed the top of Lin Chens head finally changed to three spiritual virtual images, reaching more than 100,000 feet. The spiritual virtual image permeated the sound of silence of the ancient singing, and a little spiritual fluctuation can smash the space plane!

Every spiritual wave that emerges out of the sky is directed at Xiaohan, like the vast galaxy, shining through the ages!

In the end, the virtual image of the spirit is incorporated into the sea of his spiritual consciousness.

The rolling dragon's strength is as strong as the extinct candle dragon, wandering on the sky, continuing to burst out of Lin Chen's body, each of his meridians, as if hiding the power of tens of thousands of true dragons, The power climbs straight up!

Lin Chen's power is ten times, fifty times, one hundred times, two hundred times, five hundred times, and finally surpasses a thousand times to go straight to Jiuxiao!

This is not a thousand-fold increase in Yuanzun Realm, but a thousand-fold increase in Warlord Realm!

What is the concept of Lin Chen's increased power by more than a thousand times in the late stage of the Battle Royal Realm?

Lin Chens pure strength, spiritual strength, and fighting strength have all grown and transformed like the sky.

It is several times stronger than the god-killer talent used in Yuanzun Realm!

Because this time, it was 236 warlords! There are even a lot of Nine Heavy Warlords, and the strength and specifications are simply not comparable to the 31 low-level Warlords and more than a thousand Yuan Zunjing in the inner area of the last sky tower!

"What's the trick?"

"It's a terrifying war that has been fluctuating. This boy's Xiu Xiu rushed from the quadruple war emperor to the seventh war emperor?"

The strong guys from all walks brow frantically, and the corners of their mouths frantically! In the Emperor Zhan, four major realms are broken in a row. There is no such practice in this world!

It is thought that the sevenfold change of Lin Chen's "Xiu Luo Jiuhuang Change" can enhance the four small realms in the War Emperor's territory, one big realm, which is already sky-high!

Looking at Kyushu, there should be no second kind, and the towers in the sky belong to the priceless and marketless level. Ascending the four big realms, what is special in the dream!

"From mental power to pure power, and then to fighting strength, the overall combat power has surged 1129 times!"

Lin Chen closed his eyes drunkenly, with a gigantic sky and tens of thousands of feet, which was born in the sky, and grinded towards Lin Chen fiercely, smashing the sky!

Sigh~! A light blue spiritual beam struck out without warning, penetrating through the energy, and shattered directly!

"Sneak attack?"

With a sneer in the corner of his mouth, Lin Chen swept a mental wave towards the attacker in a single thought!

boom! Withered palms like an eagle swooping down, grabbing Lin Chen's spiritual fluctuation!

"Don't shoot easily! This is not that simple!"

The old man in the cloak shouted abruptly, and the old middle-aged old man who wanted to sneak attack showed a lingering expression.

All the warlords here are ecstatic! Now Lin Chen, there is something terrifying and terrifying!

He gave everyone a sense of oppression, second only to Vice President Shen Lianyun! Even the war of torture has a feeling that is not up to him!

The soul family members feel more and more in their hearts that this time they have exhausted 70% of the soul family's strong men. It would be the most correct decision to kill Lin Chen here.

The potential of this child really makes people feel terrified. If you are given him a period of time, what height can he reach? unimaginable!

"It seems that the 1129-fold increase in the talents of God-killers is still based on my most basic triple-term cultivation and the increase of 3.95 million dragons."

For example, Lin Chens comprehensive combat power is 1,000, and after launching the sevenfold changes, it is 1500. The godslayer's talent is an increase of 1129 times, that is 1000 1129 + 1500, rather than 1500 1129.

"Eight-fold medium-term cultivation, Tongtianjing mid-term peak spiritual strength, 8.99 million dragon power!"

Lin Chen's expression was intoxicated, and he could still break through the four major realms in the late Warlord Realm, and only the God-killer talent could do it!

The feeling of instantaneously becoming hundreds and thousands of times is really addictive!

The 8.99 million dragon power does not seem to have a large numerical gap from the original 5 million dragon power, but in fact it is separated by several grades of destructive power!

If Lin Chen with 5 million dragon power can crush ten small mountain ranges with one punch, then 8.99 million dragon forces can crush more than 20 small mountain ranges with just one finger!

Between the two, the destructive power of two orders of magnitude different!

"Ultimate moment Doppelganger, come out!"

Lin Chen's shoulders were shocked, and the whole body was circulated with a glorious blue brilliance. The four avatars appeared, and everyone frowned!

When they saw clearly that Lin Chen's avatar was only in the late fourth stage, he was relieved. If his mother had his avatar also the Eightfold Battle Emperor, he would have a fart!

"The God-killer talent is useless for doppelgangers, but it can be better than the four Seventh Warlords anyway, as long as it does not encounter the late Seventh Warrior!

Once grasping the Wulong dynasty emperor's gun, Lin Chen's void pointed at the Soul Family and Bai Family Alliance.

The atmosphere of the audience instantly became a crossbow!

"Vice dean, seven warlords, I have three, no problem."

Arrogant! As soon as this remark came out, both the Baijia Alliance and the Soul Family were angered, and this child was almost unnoticed!

"Don't force it, the other party has a strong man."

Shen Lianyun said earnestly, Lin Chen nodded with a smile, the two instantly turned into a streamer, the strong soul of the Soul Family and the Bai Family Alliance slammed!

"All Souls, fight! At no cost, take Lin Chen's life!"


Xuntiandi's turbulent fighting spirit bloomed across the whole world, and the criss-crossing figures collided instantly, and the already tilted continental plate began to intensify a little.

The scene is extremely chaotic. The battle between over 300 warlords is overwhelming in millions of miles!

Although the strength of Tiange Academy is higher than that of Baijia Alliance, it is difficult to fight with two hands. The number of warlords on the opposite side is nearly twice that of the Academy.

The criminal battle stared in the direction of Lin Chen and Shen Lianyun, frowning, and the figure stepped out to support the two.

Tear ~! A shadow knife ganged across the sky! Then the two masters took the storm and killed the fierce, like a poisonous eagle biting, vicious and vicious!

Roar ~! The thunder gun was pulled out, and the gun body was pulled by the criminal war. The shadow of the gun was heavy and struck out like lightning. It turned into hundreds of thunder snakes, crushing the three parties of the attack, and suddenly shocked!

"Xiaoxiaozhi, get out!"

"Hey, worthy of Tiange Academy, the strong are like clouds."

"Let's let our soul family learn about it today."

"Be careful, this person's marksmanship is extremely powerful!"

Each of the three figures appeared on one side and emerged from the air. They were the two top elders of the Soul Family and a top strongman of the Bai Family Alliance!

"Two late Yazhong and one middle Yazhong, want to stop me in the criminal battle? Look at the gun!"

The two sides battled together, and the high-end combat strength of the college was instantly involved!

In a face-to-face, the academy fell into a disadvantage and was suppressed by the other party with the number of people. The most important thing is the other party's mid-to-high-end combat power. The two sides themselves are in the same state.

Now with the addition of the Soul Family, the number of five-time warlords has increased by more than ten! If it were not for Lin Chens four avatars to join, the mid-to-high-end battle situation would be extremely unbalanced.

The two opponents, the Eightfold Battle Emperor, added up to 12 in total, but there were only 4 in the Academy.

In the criminal battle alone, three top-level eight-level warlords were fighting alone, and the remaining nine siege academies' four eight-level warlords. The top game was barely parry!

But according to the current situation, it won't take long for the college to suffer casualties!

The main battle circle on the other side is even more terrifying!

Shen Lianyun blocked one with four! The two mid-level ancestors of the Soul Family, together with the two early-level ancestors of the Bai Family Alliance, can only compete with her evenly!

Lin Chen is one of the three ancestors of the Soul Family alone! !

Sing~boom~! A slap shot, a fist bump, a dark dragon pattern twisted around the arm, the old man in the cloak stepped back and forth and sipped!

"Be careful, this child's attack can penetrate the combat defense!"