My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 626

Vol 5 Chapter 626: The Situation Changes

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Chapter 626

Lin Chen fought with three people at the same time, leaving only barely parry, it is extremely difficult to kill them!

The most terrifying thing is that of these three nine-fold war emperors, two of them are the ancestors of the Soul Family. They are going to kill Lin Chen at all costs!

The two Ninth Warlords who want to kill themselves regardless of everything are even more terrible than the strong men of the same level!

"It's not enough to rely on the talents of killing the gods, I have to take it to another level!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the meaning of crazy turbulence flashed! Being beaten down like this, there is no chance to fight back!

"This kid's fighting experience is old-fashioned, not inferior to many old monsters we have fought."

Another white war emperor stepped back to the air, although Lin Chen was slightly injured by the hit, but still has the power of a battle.

"Will attack with full force, don't give him a chance to breathe, his secret trick will not last long, I don't believe that he can still maintain his best condition!"

The three of them stood side by side, and the old man in the cloak said in a deep voice. For Lin Chen, their trip is bound to come!

"If she shoots, we must be able to win this in a very short time!"

The old man in the cloak glanced in a certain direction, and sighed in his heart. The other party still couldn't believe their soul home, always beware of their backwaters!

Bang ~!

At this moment, the terrifying momentum spread from the southeast side, and a group of figures and green dragons flapping the purple phoenix wings on both sides broke into the battlefield with great force!


The old man in the cloak was shocked and lost his voice, which could be sensed by his cultivation base. The sudden 39-person strength was extremely impressive, enough to affect the entire battle situation!

"I'm leaning, you guys are too slow! How come you're here now, no more, people on my side are about to take a break!"

Lin Chen smiled heartily, the voice of fighting spirit shook the sky.

"Your Excellency Lin Chen, your request has been completed, and the people in the area near Lingzhou have all been safely transferred!"

The seven-layer late warlord in front of the team laughed.


"A strong breath! This child is really shocking!"

The eyes of Sword Emperor Fang Ling and Sword Emperor Jingyu slammed into Lin Chen, and they could feel that Lin Chen today is more terrifying than before!

"It's worthy to dare to kill the whole battle around Lingzhou, he really still has the cards!"

From the perspective of the two, it is natural to see that today's Lin Chen is not weaker than them only in fighting strength, not to mention that he is comparable to the strength of physical refining in the later eighth layer.

They have seen Lin Chen's combat power, far exceeding the same level! With his overall strength today, he can at least fight against the Nineth Battle Emperor! Even the two of them may not be opponents!

"Hahaha! Let me wait and see how strong the emperors of Lingzhou are!"

Many of the powerful emperors of War Emperor Realm laughed with great pride, and turned into a streamer. They joined different war situations, and the emperors of Yan Family and Academy were even more ecstatic! They did not expect Lin Chen to bring back so many powerful men!

Ten of the five-fold warlord, ten of the six-fold warlord, eight of the seven-fold warlord, and two more of the eight-fold warlord, and their strength is extremely strong!

And those young sacred stele inheritors, their combat power is equally good, everyone's combat power is directly chasing the fivefold war emperor!

Jing Yu and Fang Ling seemed to have spirits, the two and Lin Chen were separated by a million miles, but they met with one eye, and the two sides understood the mind, and the two directly turned a corner, flashing the battle towards the highest end!

The look of the Eightfold Battle Emperors of the Soul Family and the Bai Family Alliance changes suddenly!

"Fang Ling? Jing Yu! These two dead guys!"

Soul family elder Taizhang recognized the two, the always indifferent Shuanghuang, and at the moment broke the sky and burst into a hearty and bold laugh!

"Soul family's stooges? Hahaha! Well done!"

"Unexpectedly, there are unexpected gains on this trip. It turned out to be you stupid gods. You came here. Today, we are going to see what skills you have to intervene in the state of Lingzhou! Take over the sword!"

Choke~! The sword came out of the sheath, Long Yin and Long Xiao! The two mid-level sword emperors and sword emperors joined the battle circle of the eightfold warlords on both sides, and the battle was a huge change in an instant!

The 9 Yaejo Emperors of the Soul Family and the Baijia Alliance will immediately divide 5 people to deal with the two. The battle situation has stabilized instantly. The 4 Yaejo Emperors of the Academy and the Yan Family glanced at the two!

Now it's back to four-to-four! Instead, the college has an advantage!

Fang Ling and Jing Yu, as the old opponents who fought for countless years, are both the best opponents and the best partners. The two's swordsmanship and swordsmanship match together as if they are seamless and seamless!

In addition, the sword emperor and the sword emperor are better than the strong men of the same level, and the top eightfold war emperor has blocked the criminal battle. Of the five people who blocked the two, only two are the middle-level cultivation of the eighth layer!

This battle has stirred up earth-shattering momentum! The battle between the swords and the two emperors became the most terrifying battle after the three major battle circles!

The situation reversed instantly, from the suppression of the Baijia Alliance at the beginning, to the current even rivalry, and even a faint academy here to suppress the trend of the Soul and Baijia Alliance!

There are 236 warlords on one side and 124 warlords on the other, but now with the strong man called by Lin Chen, there are 163 warlords!

The most important thing is that these 39 war emperors are all elites in the elite, and each can be defeated by the five war emperors!

Moreover, there are also Dragon King of Long Kun and Lin Chen, plus his four avatars!

Each of its avatars is extremely strong. After the reinforcements are added, the pressure of the avatars is suddenly reduced. You can try to help those warlords who are suppressed by the number!

Counting Long Kun and Dragon Emperor and the four avatars, there are 169 war emperors on this side of the academy!

"Damn! I don't think this kid has this hand!"

The ancestors of Tsing Yi of the Baijia Alliance are desperately corrupted. He is about to take action, and the ancestors of the Soul Family are awe-inspiring!

"Wait a minute! Don't mess with yourself. Although the reinforcements of this son are strong, they will not overwhelm us. The current situation is only balanced. As long as we help us take this son, any one of us can reverse the situation!"

The ancestor of Tsing Yi heard the words, and after calming down his mind, his eyes turned to Lin Chen!

The old man in white swallowed a panacea, and the wound gradually healed.

The old man in his cloak uncovered his black robe cloak, his face was thin, and there were scars like a centipede left on his left face!

"Boy, I didn't expect you to keep such a hand. The old man should pay a price to force you to take it! I have seen my soul-killers, all dead, today, you are no exception!"

The soul burial gave a grin, Lin Chen smiled indifferently, and said awe-inspiringly.

"Relax, from now on, see who falls first!!"

Lin Chen squeezed the Wulong dynasty gun sharply, and continued to launch the Ultimate Time and Extreme Return to the Elemental. His shoulders were shocked. The pure and terrifying killing momentum shocked the surrounding space to crack, just like shaking the sun and the moon!

The three of them suddenly dispersed, Lin Chen shot his gun directly, the dragon power was flying like ten million dragons, the roaring dragon power strength screamed between his arms, the light robbery and fighting spirit condensed the gunpoint, and slammed down !

"90-style Shura cut the sun and the moon!"

Thunder and light linger, fire and robbery are like dragons, and finally converge on the light and robbery! The five-color dragon gun splits and kills the pure dragon pattern Tianhe, and strikes towards the three!