My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 627

Vol 5 Chapter 627: Lin Chen Who Is On The Brink

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Chapter 627

The five-color dragon gun splits and kills the pure tens of thousands of dragon-shaped Tianhe, wringing the endless gunlight, dominating the world, and fighting for thousands of miles!

"Ba JianChan!"The tremendous energy sword weapon condenses, the whole body is burning with the flames of fighting gas, and the white warlord is chopped in turn, splitting the sky!

"Everything is buried in the golem!"

The fingerprints changed suddenly, and Soul Burial Heaven was wrapped with endless chains. It turned into a golem like Sen Leng.

"Dark wolf bite!"

The blood wolf swallowed and attacked Lin Chen in a single bite, and the speed was so fast that he slammed into Lin Chen's guns!

The full bombardment of the three major nine emperors and warlords, even when Lin Chen was in the state of killing the gods and the ultimate moment, launched two major attack runes, and was still thrown back!

The attacks of the three men tore Lin Chen's guns and attacked Lin Chen with extra strength!

The Purple Order advanced combat skills are also available for the Nine Heavy Battle King! Even though it is still far inferior to Lin Chen's high-end purple top grade "Hundred Gun Fighting Emperor", the power is still not to be underestimated!

This is the thorny existence of this series, their background is no less than Lin Chen!

"Two tricks if you can't do it!"

Lin Chen's nine types of sky-trigger fighting spirit have evolved and the nine-faced warriors have been ready to go. Before the previous three types of sky-triggered fighting spirits have been relieved, he immediately uses the other three!

"Type 91. Blood Shura!"

Lin Chen's qi and blood ignited fiercely, and the pure power of fierce extinction was like a barbarian dragon.

This type 91 is a short super blow of burning qi and blood!

Raise the gun and slash the gun, sweeping the eight wastelands, splitting a blood awn, the whole body is condensed with the water robbery and the fighting spirit is like a mad dragon going to the sea.

The Blood Mansions Center also releases all the hidden robbery fighting spirit, wherever it passes, the space is distorted and everything is drained!

Bang~! Blood Mang crushed the aftermath of the attack of the three big nineth-level war emperors, which made the three men soaring, and between them, another wave of assault!

"Blood Moon Killing Emperor!"

"Ascend the thirteen swords!"

"Evil Dragon Scream!"


"The Ultimate Return! Type 92 Shura Nine Kills!"

Nine shots swiftly turned into Nine Heavy Heavens, and one shot is a heavy heaven!

"Senrow Wanxing Mirror!"

The star-studded ancient mirror that shines on the stars shines through the world, such as the column of extinction light shining between the flips!

"Ten dragons must point the star dragon!"

The celestial dragon embellished by the whole body of the stars is lifelike, and it is so turbulent!

"Ice Breath Moon Arrow!"

The bow of the half moon, the arrow of the ice sky, and the bow string filled with soaring shots, frozen thousands of miles of mountains and rivers, blasted to Lin Chen!

"Type 93cut the skycut the sky!"

Lin Chen was like the Shura God of War coming, covered in blood, and in the hands of the five dragon dynasty guns even wielded ten shots, each shot divided the world and split the sky! Head to the front to kill the three big nine warlord!

Even so, Lin Chen's offensive is still broken! In his eyes, hysterical madness and turbulence flashed, and endless tremendous warfare emerged. If one move was not enough, then two and three moves! Ten tricks!

war! war! war! The momentum of Jiu Xiao's infinite warfare was turned into a killing intention, and he climbed from Lin Chen's body at a rapid speed.

This is a pure killing intention belonging to the Shura family. How could it appear on Lin Chen?

"Type 94 Shura Extinct!"

Nine Tribulation Warriors urged,'Golden Eyes Twins' found the weakest point of the attack potential, Lin Chen shot out like a dragon, infinite killing intention, anger, fighting intention, condensed into a peerless blow, like a falling star ! Pierced the attack of the three big nine warlords!

"Huo Luo Gai stars!"

"Yongye Three Thousand Swords!"

"Magic Emperor controls the world!"

"Type 95Brilliant silence!"


boom! boom! Bang! Sigh~! Tear!

An unprecedented shocking battle broke out from the battle circle of four people! Unstoppable, unstoppable!

The four men fought all the way from the sky to the continental plate, the sky dome split, the earth collapsed, and tears opened countless abyss!

Lin Chen was mad, the limit Guiyuan continued to exert, and the mad attack kept on, and the slashing momentum cultivated from the Shrine of the 100th Emperor Hall climbed to the extreme!

Millions of miles away, everyone fled like crazy, and even the highest battle circle Shen Lianyun and the confrontation of the four Nine Heavy Emperors were affected, and the battle was once stopped!

Whether it is the Ninth Warlord or the First Warlord, they are all looking at the four people with horror at this time, which is simply desperate!

The ancestors of Tsing Yi of the Baijia Alliance, let alone, the two ancestors of the Soul Family are definitely desperate! They are bound to get Lin Chen's destiny, and they have no intention of leaving their hands at all.

Lin Chen is also playing with his life, and even has it!

"This kid is so strong? Even the soul burials have drawn the cards?"

The pupils of the two mid-nine soul family ancestors who had previously delayed Shen Lianyun tremble, and their expressions are shocked!

Soul burial is the fourth ancestor of their soul family, second only to the existence of Chixiao ancestor! The first strongman under the late nineth layer!

Not only can Lin Chen fight with him to such a degree, but he can also push the other two's cards one by one. This kind of combat power is far beyond the expectations of all of them!

"What a terrible strength! His strength far exceeds us two!"

The battle between Fang Ling and Jing Yu was once affected by Lin Chen's battle and forcibly collapsed, with unprecedented shock in his eyes!

Both sides are shaking at Lin Chen's combat power! This young man is the first monster in Kyushu history!

Go crazy! It's all crazy!

Whether it is Lin Chen or the three nine-fold war emperors, they are all in their hands and all the cards are out!

It can be described as a terrifying battle, madness!

"Princess Lin Chen is really lucky for me in Kyushu! If he is a descendant of a false god, I dare not imagine that we have to face such an opponent!"

The son in white waved his sleeves and shook back a quadruple war emperor, staring at the void that was millions of miles away.

"Damn, I thought I could fight him with Xiuwei at first, but now it looks like a fight! He can kill Laozi with just one finger!"

The young man with the red axe, who was entangled with the two quartet emperors, couldn't help but be shocked with a stern sentence! Heads-up three Nine Heavy Emperors, and they turned upside down, this is not at all in the same order as them!

"No one in the young generation of Kyushu can surpass him."

The indifferent black-edged swordsman commented on Lin Chen with a word like gold, without concealing the shock in his eyes!

I don't know how many rounds the match was made, the two sides collided, and quickly separated, according to one side.

All three were injured, but only a slight wound was killed, and the most serious ancestor in white clothes folded only one arm.

Compared to three people, Lin Chen's injury is a bit scary!

He was bathed in blood, his eyes were cold and cold, his right arm holding the gun was dripping with blood, three sword marks on his right leg, a claw mark on his chest, and the gold and silver imperial armor had been broken into 70%!

There are several shocking blood holes on his left shoulder, and the blood of the war emperor flashes continuously on the top of his head. The purple wing on the back is split with dozens of cracks and blood stains!

If it weren't for the "fatal bloodthirsty" talent, Lin Chen's injury was even more serious!

Dead end! Compared with the injuries of the three people, Lin Chen's state is really forced to a dead end!