My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 628

Vol 5 Chapter 628: Eighth Order Knife Blue Moon

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Chapter 628, Eighth Order Knife! Blue moon!

No one can help him right now, Lin Chen can only break through this dilemma by himself!

It is extremely difficult to fight attrition with three nine-player emperors! Even if he has Limited Return, the body does not have this capital to allow him to fight forever!

On the other side, the shock of the soul burial and the other two are equally low!

In their confrontation with Lin Chen, the three of them displayed a total of eight purple-level intermediate-level best-of-breed combat skills, and three purple-level advanced inferior-level combat skills, still unable to win this!

They have never seen such a terrible mid-level war emperor! Able to hit this point with them! Even counterattack caused some minor injuries to the three of them!

"What a wicked boy, if you let you grow up wantonly, it will be the enemy of my soul family in time!"

"Without the help of the soul family, today this guy really turned the tide! The old man alone can't stop this lunatic!"

The ancestors in Tsing Yi and the soul-bearing ancestors each had ghost births, but their goals are still the same!

Lin Chen gasped for breath, and the chilling intention in his eyes subsided a little.

"The gap between cultivation and cultivation is too great. Even if there are two major attack runes and the ultimate advantage of mental and psychic skills, plus the help of mental power and pure power, the burden of one dozen and three is still too big! Was exhausted!"

In the previous battle, Lin Chen did not use the 5th-level slow rune during the whole journey. If he wants to block the action of the Ninth Warlord, the rune energy required is too horrible! Lin Chen did not dare to use it easily!

Because it is one-to-three, it can be sealed one, and the other two can also support it!

Strike all the rune energy in one go and seal the three nine-fold war emperors? Lin Chen did not dare to gamble!

If Lin Chen exhausted the rune energy and could not kill more than two opponents, without the blessings of charging and penetrating the two major attack runes, he could only face a nine-fold war emperor at most!

At that time, it is really a dead end! Slow runes are not used, you must kill the enemy once you use them!

Shen Lianyun flashed into a stream of streamer, hoping to help Lin Chen!

Bang ~! Jianguang splits the sky and divides the world, and intercepts to the space near Shen Lianyun. Her silver teeth nibble, her jade hand flips over, shattering the sword light, but her own actions are delayed!

"Associate dean of Tiange Academy, you have no chance. Of course, if you want to break through with us, maybe you can still do it."

The two ancestors of the Soul Family grumbled, surrounded him from left to right, and the two early ancestors of the Baijia Alliance also stood behind her!

Shen Lianyun has no self-disorder, and now she is the only one who can delay the opponent's four top fighting powers.

If you lose your mind and really break through the frustration and get injured, the subsequent battles will be extremely difficult, and you may even lose!

"Little guy, I can only rely on you..."


Lin Chen glanced at the system, and the rune energy of "5.75 million" was left, and he exhaled a little repressively, and put away the five dragon dynasty guns.

Seeing this move, the three war emperors stood in wait and quickly guarded around, this child is not a type of obediently arresting! Before Lin Chen cuts off his life, they will never relax!

"Even if the last 20 styles of the Hundred Spear Fighters are useless, you can only change your life for life!"

Bang ~! A bright moonlight shining on a faint blue light bursts into the sky, and the turbulent world is turbulent. The strong players are all surprised!


I saw Lin Chen holding a bronze knife box. When the knife box was flipped over and opened, a brilliant blue sword was born, and the blade was inlaid with a bright moon, reflecting the glory of the Holy Sun!

"Seventh-tier top quality? No! It's not that simple!"

The soul-burial life was horrified, and they retreated one after another. Even the seventh-tier top-grade best-of-breed weapon, he had not even seen it! There are few in the whole Kyushu!

However, the azure knife that was born at the moment gave him a smell of destruction!

Only those super prides who had passed on the inheritance of the sacred stele of the town boundary, their pupils shrank suddenly!

Among them, there are a few characters who have really seen the power of the holy weapon!

"Just kidding, is he going to use that knife?"

"Impossible! Even if he is the Eightfold Battle Emperor, that knife cannot be controlled by mortals!"

All the super celestials sucked in the air, but the woman in the purple veil, Qian Yan stared closely at Lin Chen.

"The blade is blue and the moon shines brightly. It is the sword of Li Changsheng, the sage of the sword sage. The blue moon is blue! It turns out that the son of Lin Chen got the inheritance of the sword sage.

The woman murmured, and under the eyes of everyone, Lin Chen grabbed the "zhang blue moon"!


The blade groaned softly, whispered out of a knife wave, and fell straight, with a loud bang, splitting the ground into the abyss, dividing the earth!


Zhongqiang took a breath of air! Any casual knife will be inferior to the first battle of the Eighth Layer?

What kind of knife is this?

"Lao Yu, what do you think."

Fang Ling heard suddenly, Jing Yu's cold eyes swept Lin Chen's eyes, and said seriously.

"It should be beyond the seventh-order knife, with the prestige of the saint. However, although the knife body is not damaged, but the sword rhyme is damaged, this knife should be severely damaged. It should be the damaged eighth-order knife!"

"However, even the eighth-order knife, even if I can't control it, this kind of rank has exceeded the scope that the Warlord Realm can hold!"

Jing Yu said very surely that there was a trace of worry in his heart! No one can control this knife!

Lin Chen held the knife, the blue moon shook violently, and continued to roar the mighty and invincible sword, as if it were possible to cut Lin Chen at any time!

"Quiet, be quiet. I just borrowed your power, there is no malice to you..."

Lin Chen communicated the imprint of his own blood in the knife of the "Azure Blue Moon".

In the end, Zhanlan Mingyue no longer resisted Lin Chen, and Guanghua You turned restrained, completely turning into a quaint blue sword!

But it still has a bit of exclusion. The eighth-order holy weapon has already begun to possess spiritual content! Even if it is damaged, it still does not completely submit to Lin Chen, making Lin Chen unable to control it perfectly.

Lin Chen had some ecstasy that he couldn't restrain. Although the knife was not completely surrendered to himself, its flowing sharp edge slightly chopped out a knife, even he felt the fear of digging into the bone marrow!


The emperors shuddered with air! With this holy weapon, the tricky degree of this child has skyrocketed!

"Calm, don't mess up. It's just an incomplete holy weapon, not to mention, this can be controlled by the Emperor Realm. Even if he uses it reluctantly, he can't persevere for too long, he will bite himself sooner or later!"

Soul burying life stabilized the two people around him, he smiled sensibly: "As long as he can't persevere, he will have no power at that time, we just need to kill him!"