My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 629

Vol 5 Chapter 629: The Strongest State Ever

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Chapter 629 The strongest state ever!

"Old Souls, try this!"

Holding the "Azure Blue Moon", the moment when the water robbery warfare was launched, Lin Chen operated a specific meridian route, and the azure blue Moon suddenly throbbed with a soft voice.

This feeling, it is too familiar!

Its master will use this skill to kill all the heroes in the world, all the evil spirits, and all the demons! Become a bright moon and shine forever!

The silence that has passed through countless years, now, it will be radiated with the same light again!

At this moment, Zhan Lanmingyue no longer rejects Lin Chen, as if he is one with him!

"Mirror MingyueMirror of Attack!"

Lin Chen held Azure Blue Moon in both hands, and at the moment of the sword, the Azure Blue Moon no longer rejected himself!

The horizontal knife cuts out, the blade cuts through the transparent snow blade light, and the faint water robbery fighting gas flows above the knife light, rotating at a rapid speed, rushing to the direction of three people!

Mirror of attack! The blessing of the knife, the mirror of the water robbery, this knife cut out by the blue moon, can be called seamless, perfect one!

Watching from a distance, it seems that a round moon-shaped water mirror is flying and slashing, hitting three people!

"Don't be afraid, fight hard!"

The soul-burial life suddenly drank, lightning probing hands, tens of thousands of chains of combat condensed into the giant palm of the energy of the ruined and glorious birth and death, thousands of acres in size, head-on hit the bright moon mirror!

The ancestor in white clothes and the old man in Qingpao gritted his teeth, and his fighting spirit condensed into a heavenly river.

Bang ~! boom!

The moon mirror is oscillating, the water robbery knife is overflowing, under the cyclic cutting, it is just a breath, the three offensives are all rebounding, and the moon mirror continues to split into the soul!

"What? This is, what combat skill is this!"


Infinite warfare turned into a chain of warfare, blasted from the body of the soul buried, and finally condensed into a skeleton armor, shot by his own energy palm, and then slashed down by the bright moon water mirror, the skull armor Burst out!

The other two suddenly retreated, and were forced to retreat by their own attacks. Their eyes were shocked. With such a profound prowess, they had never seen it and heard it!

Mirror Mingyue is not an invincible skill. In the face of attacks of the same level and high level, Attack Mirror can only bounce back part of its power, but it cannot fully rebound, and it will consume the energy of Attack Mirror itself.


The soul burial was vomiting blood, and the embarrassed figure fell out of the sky! A large number of attribute light **** roll out, but all are non-growth attributes.

[The Fatal Bloodthirst talent was successfully launched, and has received 26% damage treatment from the actual damage caused.

Lin Chen's injury recovered a little bit, depriving him of his vitality!

Lin Chen ecstatic! He didn't expect this knife to be so perfect, and Zhanlan Mingyue actually cooperated with him at the last minute! Makes the power of Attack Mirror tend to his most perfect attack at this stage!

"Come again! Attacking the bright!"

Lin Chen was slashing towards the soul, and a very pale moon pattern flew out!

The two flashed one by one, blocking the face of the soul burial, punching with a punch to the void. The old man in white lifted his sword and slashed down, then cut a waist, and the sword was like a wave!

Sigh~! boom! boom!

A series of energy explosions rolled up an energy storm covering thousands of miles, and the aftermath tore the crystal wall of space in the thousands of miles, and the two were blown away by Lin Chen!

Lin Chen chased by victory, stepped on his toes, the torn purple phoenix wings flashed across the other side, and when the golden pupil twins urged, Dao Ruoxinghe turned upside down, facing the two in a crosscutting burst, and slashed past!

"Speed Moon!"

The sky and earth seemed to be shrouded by the moonlight for a moment, and it seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye without leaving any stunning, but it brought death and extinction!

Only the few strong players above the eighth level can understand the horror of this knife, and from time to time, they cast a terrifying look in the direction of Lin Chen!

Those war emperors who do not know what is happening, do not even have the qualification to know this trick The Moon of Speed!

However, the two did not fall. At this time, standing in front of them was the soul burial, his old palm against a green snake stick!

The whole body of the snake's rod is green and black, and the "blue moon" facing Lin Chen reveals the snake letter, as if it were a creature!

"Magic Staff, I can't think of the soul burial being forced out of this hole card!"

The other two ancestors of the Soul Family were slightly air-conditioned!

This is one of the top 7th-class inferior weapons of their soul family. Only the soul fighters of the soul family who are present possess this class of weapons!

"I don't think you're forced to this point, kid!"

Holding the magic snake stick in his hand, the soul burial lightly knocked on it, the strength seemed to be not great, but there were more than a dozen ripples spreading like ripples, and attacked Lin Chen!

The blue moon in Lin Chen's hands waved, and a water robbery knife strangled the black ripples into nothingness!

The face of the soul burial becomes hysterical and unbearable-"The magic wand has forced the old man out, you can die wherever you go!"

Bang ~!

The weapon was sturdy, and the darkness was like an abyss. A dozen black snakes emerged from the magic wand and surrounded Lin Chen with lightning, and flew towards him!

Lin Chen's expression changed slightly, under the peep of the golden pupil twins, these black snakes came with huge toxins, and bruises would be poisoned!

"Mirror MingyueShouzhi Mirror!"

The sky-blue azure shadows swirled around Lin Chen's side, forming countless bright water mirrors to resist the black snake's sudden swept, and then bounced them away!

Two black snakes bite out a crack, and then condensed into another one out of thin air, bursting into the gap of Lin Chen's offensive, he urged Three Inch Tribulation violently, the colorful energy coating covered Lin Chens whole body!

The black snake snapped Lin Chen with his mouth open, and his fangs penetrated most of the defense of the "Three-Inch Tribulation". Lin Chen turned sharply and slashed! The knife splits the black snake!

boom! boom! Tear! Bang ~!

Dozens of rounds of fierce fighting between the two sides, followed by the old man in the green robe and the ancestor in white clothes joined the battle circle, the battle intensified! Lin Chen is playing unilaterally fast!

From launching the God-killer talent to the present, Lin Chen has used the ultimate limit return 56 times!

Because it is the eightfold cultivation practice, every time the ultimate return to the yuan will consume about 100,000 talent points!

Just the talent point, Lin Chen has more than 3 million points left!

"Speed Moon!"

"Speed Mirror!"


The last knife split the sky, the vast and bright moonlight split the fierce offensive, and the flash of light disappeared, and the three retreated again, all of which were injured to varying degrees. The white ancestor of the soul family was almost seriously injured!

The light of the Magic Snake that was buried in the soul shuddered a few times, and the glory was lost.

Obviously, under the repeated attacks of "Azure Blue Moon", the seventh-grade top-grade inferior weapons will soon be untenable!

When Lin Chen was so determined that he wanted to take advantage of victory to pursue.


Lin Chen shook his body, spit out a large piece of blood without warning, his face pale as paper, two blood stains flowed out of his nose, his eyes a little trance.

Lin Chen's body has been cut into a serious internal injury by the sharp knife qi after rhyme!

"Lord Lin Chen! You can't use that knife anymore! You will die if you use it again!"

Suddenly, the'King Emperor' Jingyu suddenly shouted the sound, and rang in Lin Chen's ear!

"Absolutely not! If you close the knife now, no one can stop these three pharaohs!"

Lin Chen gritted his teeth fiercely, and continued to hold the Azure Blue Moon tightly.

However, although Lin Chen is crazy, he is not stupid. He is now arbitrarily going on his own. If the enemy can kill him, he doesnt know.

"Damn it, you **** forced me!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the madness of fighting for nine days and ten days flashed!

"System, launch a desperate talent for life and death!"

The strongest singled talent born!

The ultimate moment + God killer + desperate life and death + eighth order knife blue moon!

Unprecedented firepower is on! The strongest match in history?