My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 630

Vol 5 Chapter 630: Lin Chen Will Die?

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Chapter 630 !

The talent of "Death and Death"!

This strongest heads-up talent is Lin Chen's last bottom line. If it is not at the end, it will never touch!

Burning vitality battle, who can know what will happen in this process? If failure fails to defeat the target within the time limit, then only death!

The three nine-fold war emperors joined forces, intending to delay time to kill him Lin Chen, he simply could not kill three opponents at the same time, under the cover of each other, it was very difficult to kill one!

[Please ask the host to choose the target to launch the desperate life and death talent.

The system pops up a lock box, which requires Lin Chen to pick a target!

"Then the one on the left!"

Lin Chen chose the white ancestor of the soul family. His injury was the heaviest and his strength was the early stage of the Ninth Layer. It was Lin Chens most promising target!

[Successful selection of targets, cost 500,000 talent points, the desperate life and death talent starts to start, cooling time: 15 days. According to the calculation of the host's current strength, launching a fatal life and death will increase the comprehensive strength by 100 times, and every 30 seconds, it will increase the comprehensive combat power by 20 times. The base upgrade is still calculated based on the host's base combat power, which can be added to the godslayer's talent.

Bang ~! boom!

Like a wave exploding on the sea, orange rays burst suddenly from Lin Chen's body, dominating all living beings, as the hegemon expedition, beyond life and death!

All the injuries in Lin Chen's body were restored to their original condition, but with it, an orange flame instantly ignited all the strength of Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's cultivation practice, suddenly pulled up a large section, threatened the audience, broke through the shackles of the eighth middle stage, and entered the eighth stage of the latter stage of cultivation!

His dragon power has increased by a few points, but still has not reached the level of 9 million dragon power, the spiritual realm is about to break through the later stage of Tongtian Realm!

With short hair flying, Lin Chen's eyes turned into a pair of orange-colored flowing pupils, a touch of pale, and began to flow on his black hair!

"This, this is?"

The criminal war and Shen Lianyun cast their terrifying eyes, and Lin Chen's vitality burned at a rapid speed!

The Emperor Jiuzhong who was present was also aware of Lin Chen's changes, and he set off a tremendous wave in his heart.

A light screen pops up!

[System Tip: This talent cannot be cancelled. The host's life will continue to come to an end with the launch of the desperate life and death talent. The only way to release it is to kill the target!


Lin Chen shattered the void of hundreds of miles with one foot, burst into a beam of moonlight, and rushed to the three people at the speed of blinking.

"not good!"

The soul burial was shocked, a shaking magic snake wand, Wandao Chilian black snake burst out, and Lin Chen raised his hand with a knife!

Tear ~! boom!

A knife of "Speed Mirror", the bright water mirror rotates at a very fast speed, and a knife breaks thousands of black snakes. The 25% penetration power makes the rotating water mirror split the soul-deviled magic snake stick into a shocking rift!

Soul burial hurriedly put away his magic snake wand, which is a seventh-order top-grade inferior weapon, rare in Kyushu. If it is damaged here, it is equivalent to a life-saving card!

Boom~! The terrible pure power was roaring and rolling, violently driven from Lin Chen's arm, the air wave exploded and swept the eight wastelands!

It was another cross-cut, directly on the body of the soul burial, he turned out a red barrier with one hand, torn off by the blade!

The figure of Lin Chen is like a dragon whirling around, holding a knife in both hands and splitting it down vertically.

Lin Chen made three more cuts, slashing diagonally! Let's go back and forth with the lightning that changes rapidly, and finally the fourth sword of "Speed Moon" blasts the soul into life! The property light ball rolling down the sky!

"Tongyue Finger!"

"Barbarian Dragon Twist!"

A huge fingerprint was crushed to Lin Chen, and the vast majestic knife whirld away, like a wild dragon twisting!

Lin Chen held the knife with one hand, his arms swayed, and two "moons of speed" rose into the sky, splitting their attacks!


The penetration power of 25% made a dull drink in the throat of the two, the breath was weak, the figure suddenly retreated, and the eyes were shocked!

Today's Lin Chen is more brutal, more terrifying and more domineering than before!

Suddenly, a bunch of purple flame moonlight flickered at a rapid speed, and rushed towards the ancestor in white!

His eyes are full of crazy killing intentions!

When the ancestor in white saw him, his expression changed greatly, and he suddenly fought against the sword!

clang! clang! clang! boom! Sigh~!

The sword light struck, the sword shadow touched back and forth, and the sword light sword shadow killed each other, leaving the sky full of sword shadow sword marks, like the moonlight after rhyme, spilled over the sky!

The ancestors in white were defeated and vomited blood constantly. At first, they had the power to parry, but in the future it was only hundreds of rounds, and they were completely beaten by Lin Chen!

"Hurry up, hurry up! Die to me!"

Lin Chen's heart was so anxious that he was filled with violent and murderous intentions from time to time! The ancestors in white almost used all their strengths, and countless life-saving cards accumulated over 100,000 years were revealed!

Regardless of the immortality, treasure, secret method, and forbidden tricks, all greeted Lin Chen, he still cannot stop him!

And Lin Chen's Ultimate Guiyuan's time and time again shows that there is no flaw in the number of talent points!

If you don't kill the other party, he will be the one who died!

This is Lin Chen's closest time to death. He can clearly feel that his heart's exhausted vitality and the energy of the fighting wheel are letting him exceed the limit of strength again and again!

At the same time, it is gradually moving towards silence and collapse! This feeling of exchanging life for power is completely free of the joy and invincibility of the "God-killer talent", only the anxiety of anxiety and the almost mad urge to kill!

Bang ~! Boom!

A sky-black beam of light suddenly burst into the direction of Lin Chen, forcing him to forcibly run the "Shouzhi Realm" and "Sancun Tribulation" to resist, and was still flying thousands of miles, falling into the ground, spitting blood violently!

Click~ Snapped! The gold and silver imperial armor was officially broken, and Lin Chen forcibly stepped into the void, leaping into the sky!

Regardless of the college's strongman or the Baijia Alliance, when he cast his eyes on Lin Chen, there was a shock that was hard to conceal!

His breath is already quite close to the Nine Heavy Warlord! Pure power has already exceeded 9 million dragon power! The revealed spiritual fluctuations have a sense of palpitations that destroy all things!

However, at this time, Lin Chen was full of white hair!

Although he is a teenager, he is already a teenager!

This is a side effect of the Desperate Life and Death talent, which can only be recovered by killing the target, otherwise it will continue to burn vitality and eventually lead to the end of life!

As far as his eyes can see, the darkness of the distance between the distant voids continues to permeate, forming a tens of thousands of huge shadows of combat spirits, and flying around the body with countless shadows.

The ancestors in Tsing Yi and the white ancestors of the Soul Family float to the side of Black Mist.

The black snake shadows fluttering and fluttering dangerously screamed. In the shadow of the Black Abyss's arrogance of war, it is like breeding an infinite black snake.

"Gaga, Lin Chen, you can force the old man to use this trick, you are proud of yourself! This is the miracle of the snake that the supreme true **** of the soul family has given to the old man.

The soul-burial student in the "Snake of the Thousand Snakes" laughed loudly, and the laughter was infiltrating!

Countless strong people feel scalp numbness!

What a terrible breath!

Now the soul burial is almost equal to Shen Lianyun!