My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 631

Vol 5 Chapter 631: There Is A Trick

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Chapter 631

"It turned out to be the ten thousand snake holy body, and the ancestral ancestor even exhibited this trick!"

"Our soul family, at present, only the ancestors of Chixiao and ancestors who are buried are favored by the great True God!"

The high-level war emperors of the Soul Family are all the huge'Snake Body' with their envious eyes.

This so-called holy body is nothing more than a prototype of the holy body nourished by a ray of holy energy, but it is difficult to give birth to this series of existence with the background of the mainland of Kyushu. reason!

But the burden of urging this Ten Thousand Serpent Body will be extremely heavy and will fall into a long period of weakness in the future!

Lin Chen's expression flashed in a trance, and then snapped his teeth!

No matter if the opponent draws any cards today, even if the Holy Land comes, it can only be a battle!

"As long as the white ancestor is killed first, I will be able to release my desperate life and death, and I have a chance!"

Lin Chen slammed the knife sharply, and the blade chopped it out vertically, Azure Blue Moon throbbing with a whisper, and the world fell into a dim reincarnation for an instant!

The majestic dragon force that shattered the starfall burst and burst, and 9 million dragon force was poured on one blow. Lin Chen slashed openly!

"With this knife, I will bet all of me! Jingyue is the god!"

The moment the war knife splits out, a touch of moonlight turns into a dangling mirror, and the dwelling mirror turns into a horizontal bevel in the blink of an eye! Like a mirror, like a moonlight, a glow that bursts through the sky!

Many high-level Souls look horrified!

"This is the sword that Li Shengsheng used on his forearm to repel the false **** that day?"

"Jingyue is the god! It is the most powerful trick of Li Mingsheng's predecessor, Jingmingyue, and Jingyue is the god!"

The super arrogance of the inheritors of the sacred stele are excited to cry!

At the moment when Lin Chen made the sword, the spiritual storm of the void above his head roared, and a spiritual virtual image standing 100,000 feet high flashed out, and a spiritual roar that shattered the universe suddenly burst out!

A spiritual shock that swept the world and destroyed it!

Lin Chen used almost all the cards, talents, runes, pure power, spiritual power, and the body of the Sky Tribulation, all played!

All the attacks, all rushed to the ancestor of the white robe, the expression of the soul is buried in the grave, Lin Chen's last blow of the desperate outbreak, even he has to deal with it!

"Don't keep your hand, take it! His vitality is coming to an end, and he is exhausted!"

The soul burial was deep in drinking sounds, the magnificent black river like Tianhe was blasted out like thousands of black snakes, and the infinite black snakes turned into thousands of acres of huge killing ghosts. Lin Chen's'Mirror Moon Rising God'!

The ancestor of Tsing Yi once again condenses the vastness of the golden light, and punches down into the void! The old man in the white robe of the soul family relied on the severely injured body, and the swordsmanship was revived, and a sword was struck out, and the sword light was like a dragon falling into the world!

"Slow rune!"

When all the attacks are about to collide, Lin Chen's last remaining 3.49 million runic energy is all played!

The gray-white rung exploded out of thin air, solidifying the space where the three were!

Sigh~~! boom!

The terrifying attack was head-on and rammed, tens of thousands of squares rolled up the devastating storm, the earth shook, and the aftermath of the energy, everything was turned into powder!

Many strong men seem to know in advance, retreating and retreating, crazy retreat, this is completely a battle of the nineth layer of the late battle emperor desperately against the bomb!

Although the power of the explosive explosion is extremely strong, the actual Lin Chens'Mirror Moon and God' and the spiritual impact are only a moment. Both the three offensives have been cut through, the spiritual impact has dissipated, and 25% of the penetration power will be the final Energy after rhythm disappears!

Jingyue, who had the utmost power, slashed his head towards Baipao Patriarch!

At this time, he was still trapped by the slow rune, and the fighting was running like a turtle, with little power to escape!

Just when Lin Chen thought that he had succeeded, the space shattered, a frosty breath broke through the shackles of the slow runes, and the rolling snakes condensed into an energetic arm pounded on Lin Chen's'Mirror Moon' God Above!

Tear ~!

Jingyue cut off the energy arm, and the soul buried in the body of Ten Thousand Snakes vomited blood and was injured, but it reduced a lot of power!

The ancestor of the white robe just broke away from some of the slow rune shackles, and his body was biased!

Sigh~! Poof!

Lightly chopped off the man's rhyme to split his arm, blood hurricane, the attribute light ball rolled between, although seriously injured, but did not die!


Lin Chen's heart fell into the bottom! If the opponent does not die, it is his turn to die!

The battle situation can be described as ever-changing, and the system light screen pops up without warning, which has restored Lin Chen's injury to some extent!

[The fatal bloodthirst is successfully launched, consuming 16,500 talent points, and has obtained 30% of the healing effect from the actual damage.

[The host triggers a combination of talents to start the hand style, you can use the combination of talents: super-dimensional transmission-Junlin world.

From struggling to catching a glimmer of hope, Lin Chen only passed less than one-fifth of his breath and snarled violently!

"Talent Combination Super Dimensional Transmission!"

Buzz~! The light of the space flashed, Lin Chen's figure was almost tens of thousands of miles, and appeared directly behind the ancestor of the white robe!


In the orange pupil's rotating eyes, Lin Chen slashed with a knife and chopped straight to the ancestor of the white robe!

Sigh~! The space is cracked, a sword light penetrates through, and clang! Suddenly blocked Lin Chen's "blue moon"!

Is that the ancestor of Tsing Yi of the Baijia Alliance?

boom! The seventh-order advanced sword in his hand was smashed into pieces by the blue moon, and turned into scattered sky and scattered scattered light. The sword lingering rhythm blasted the two of them. Although Bai Pao's ancestor was injured by the sword gas, he was still not dead!

Lin Chen's pupils shrunk! The soles of the foot pushed into the void, and turned into a purple flame moonlight, jumping like a star pill, chasing after the victory, almost madly killing the two!

Bang ~! With the barb of majesty like the sun, the moon, and the sky, another energy fist of the ten thousand snake body hammered Lin Chen in the direction!

When Lin Chen gritted his teeth, the water robbery turned around, and the shadow of the sword was like a moon. He opened a water mirror and urged the "three inch robbery". After the water mirror removed part of the opponent's attack power, it shattered violently. Thousands of miles!

"It has long been known that your kid has a strange and improbable space jumping secret. This information, Laozi has spread to everyone. Do you think my soul family will be unprepared?"

The blood of the mouth of the soul burial was grinning, and they even included Lin Chen's "super-dimensional transmission"! These old foxes who have lived for endless years are hard bones!

Lin Chen was blown away with a punch, and the corner of his mouth was bleeding. At this time, Lin Chen's breath became more and more arrogant, but the flesh and blood of the whole body began to flow out an orange brilliance, and the body slowly disappeared!

Lin Chen is disappearing! The desperate life and death talent lasts longer and stronger, but it is also closer to death!

There is no time!

"Everyone! All retreat!"

Lin Chen slammed the sounds to the ears of every college strong and even the strong who accepted the call!

They stunned first, then gritted their teeth fiercely, and retreated quickly!

"Dare to shoot Sister Yue Qi and Man Qing, fuck, I want to pull this group of eight kings even if I explode today!"

Angered, Lin Chen's murderous intentions violently, purple phoenix wings flapping, rushing towards the soul burial!

At this time, the light screen popped up by the system was like a pot of cold water splashing on Lin Chen who had almost lost his mind!

[Talent combination skills: Kings come to the world. Does the host use it?

Lin Chen was stunned!

He hasn't reached the dead end yet, he still has a trick!