My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 632

Vol 5 Chapter 632: The Strongest Blow In History

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Chapter 632 The strongest blow in history!

"System, mobilize the world!"

[The system receives it and launches a combination of talents: King is in the world and starts to enter the state of talent accumulation energy: 0 points.


The horrible sonic boom blasted the void, and Lin Chen's figure suddenly turned a corner. He gave up his soul and buried his life and attacked many of the soul's high-level!

"Withdraw all!"

Lin Chen was a roar again, disregarding the harm caused by the "Zhanlan Mingyue" counterattack, the orange brilliance flowing through the body continued to pass, and almost every second, Linchen was getting stronger! But every second, he began to enter the door of death!

"Oops? What the **** did this kid do!"

Soul burial is not good, and suddenly swept towards Lin Chen.

When the elders of the academy evacuated, the Baijia Alliance and the Warlord of the Soul Family wanted to win the battle, but Lin Chen was like a mad dragon, attacking them all! The faces of the emperors changed in shock!

"Get time for Lin Chen!"

As if seeing through some of Lin Chen's thoughts, Shen Lianyun sent a voice, and Jing Yu and Fang Ling even tortured the war and immediately delayed their opponents!


Arms swayed, dragon force exploded, and a sword-like blaze flew out of the air, Lin Chen frantically cast "Extreme Return", and continued to use "Speed Moon"!

Extreme attack speed combined with extreme strength, the moon and the moon are slashing across the battlefield, slaughter! Unilaterally torture all the powerful soul family!

With Lin Chens current strength, even under the eighth battle against the emperor, he is simply not qualified to take over his attack, let alone the "Speed Moon" he uses with all his strength!

Almost three breaths, the war emperor below the eighth level of the soul family, all fell!

None are alive!

The system light screen pops up crazy, accumulating energy! The talent of Jinglingtianxia is constantly accumulating energy!

In addition, when Lin Chen's four avatars acted in the ontology, they were psyched and rushed towards the Baijia Zhanhuang who were the closest to the avatars!

Desperate people such as Bai Yunsheng emerged desperate, and before they had time to retreat, they were bombarded into a scum by a swordman!

The dragon emperor cooperated with the avatar to attack together, and the Bai family suffered unprecedented hits!

As long as it is not the five-fold war emperor, basically did not come out in the hands of the avatar!

One punch hit the sky, the space exploded, and Lin Chens soul was not violently cursed!

"The **** thing is still getting stronger! It's faster than before!"

After killing the emperor under the eighth level, Lin Chen rushed to the three opponents of the criminal battle.

"Speed Moon!"

Lin Chen made a sharp cut, and the extreme speed was extremely fast! Even the early criminal battles of the Ninth Chongzhong can only vaguely see a moonlight passing by!

"not good!"

The three men retreated, Lin Chen made five swords in a row, and Ultimate Guiyuan used it twice!

When Yuemang flashed in succession, when the two soul families died in the eighth battle and the imperial imperial death, they were directly cut into pieces, leaving only one Murong family's eighth ancestors who successfully retreated!

Lin Chen's whole body radiated with orange brilliance, and his legs vaguely began to become transparent!

"Time is running out!"

Lin Chen suddenly turned around, and rushed towards the direction of the white robe ancestor!

Seeing Lin Chen's aggressive attack, the Tsing Yi ancestors of the Baijia Alliance quickly retreated! Patriarch Pao, who was seriously injured, had no chance to run!

Lin Chen was about to make a knife, and with a click, his bones broke! Lin Chen looked a little bit painful!

The bones and meridians of the right arm are completely broken! Lin Chen's excessive use of this eighth-order knife was repulsed by the blue moon!

Even with the incomplete eighth-order sacrificial tool, Lin Chen still has no choice but to try his best, and even his true power has failed to exert much.

"Since you can't use a knife, try this!"

Lightning away the "Azure Blue Moon" and return to the knife box, Lin Chen swiveled with one hand, urged by the Nine Tribulation War Bodies, and the original fighting spirit of the fighting life wheel was quickly lost!

Bang ~!

At this moment, Lin Chen's repair suddenly broke through the critical point, and temporarily entered the early stage of the nineth layer!

Its a Death and Life talent!

From the time of launch to the present, Lin Chen has passed nearly 13 minutes, and the continued surge in repairs finally let him break through that bottleneck!

Nine Tribulation's fighting spirit condensed into the stars twinkling, and the palm of his hand was filled with and destroying the fluctuations of the fighting spirit of the heavens and the earth.

The space suddenly cracked a dark shadow, and the vast and vast'Snake Serpent Body' where the soul was buried stood in front of the white robe ancestor, and punched Lin Chen with a punch!

"Who wants to kill my soul family? Go to death, Lin Chen!"

[Junlin World Talent has been activated, 960,000 energy conversions will increase the host's next attack.

"Grass your uncle's ancestor! Damn it is your group of false gods!"

The palm of his hand threw out the "Nine Tribulation Stars", and turned into a nine-color starlight gliding to the direction of the soul's burial, Lin Chen broke his mouth and scolded!

The moment the "Nine Tribulation Stars" came out, the power skyrocketed countless times!

960,000 points of energy! Compared to Lin Chens last 180,000 points of energy, this time the king is in the world, and he has hit countless levels!

And this time, it was Lin Chens unprecedented talent superposition state!

The ultimate moment of the purple order + orange order killing **** + quasi-orange order desperate life and death + purple order king coming to the world!

In Yu Linchen's previous experience, there will not be any attack, and it can be equal to one-tenth of this time! !

All the warlords of more than eight folds separated by millions of miles, and millions of miles away, were like ghosts. The energy of the nine-color stars that fell into the mainland plate made them feel the instinctive fear of going deep into the bone marrow!

escape! !

Whether it is the strong of the Soul family, or the Baijia Alliance, Tiange Academy, or the strong of the call! In everyone's heart, only this concept remains!

Run wild!

But the burial of the soul and the ancestor of the white robe in front of the Jiujiao stars have no chance to escape! And Lin Chen!

No matter how fast he is, he can't escape the explosion range of "Nine Tribulations"!

"Fortunately, I still have the last hand!

Lin Chen issued an order.

"System, start the super-dimensional transmission, and send it to the space orientation 2!"

[Initiating the super-dimensional transmission, consuming 110,000 talent points, and transmitting to the No. 2 space position.

The moment before the explosion of the Nine Tribulation Stars, Lin Chen disappeared without warning!

Bang~! Bang ~~!

When the Nine-Color Sky Tribulation was detonated, a vast cloud of energy mushrooms rushed into the sky, hundreds of thousands of feet, and kept rising to the sky until the sky outside Lingzhou.

Lingzhou shakes!

The entire continental plate is undergoing a severe earthquake! The space forms a continuous vortex, the light is dim and twisted, and the light is absorbed near the center of the explosion, turning into nothingness!

Boom~! When the explosion took off, the heaven and earth seemed to fall into chaos. A nine-color beam of light propped up the heaven and earth and continued to rotate from the energy center of the explosion.

Lin Chen's figure appeared outside the sea of all spirits, and the original orange body disappeared, and it was restored to its original state!

The white hair returned to its original state, and the lost vitality was reintegrated into Lin Chen's body. He recovered as before, panting.

[The host kills and locks the target, and the destiny life and death talent is successfully removed.

Lin Chen's cultivation practice has returned to the eighth mid-term peak maintained by the God-killer's talent status!