My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 633

Vol 5 Chapter 633: Bai Ruoyan Lin Chen.

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Chapter 633, Bai Ruoyan Lin Chen.

As the nine-color beam standing between the heavens and the earth continued to rotate, the breath of destruction that caused the rotation to frighten all the powerful men to face!

"Huh, fortunately I have the talent of super-dimensional teleportation. The final talent of King's Land has almost increased the power of the Nine Tribulation Stars by several grades! It is not a category that can be detached by body method."

Even Lin Chen himself felt a lingering fear, the energy explosion continued to dissipate between heaven and earth after half an hour.

All the strong men's eyes were unsettled, and they saw the center of the nine-color light column in full bloom, which was a deep abyss.

boom! boom! boom!

A touch of earth's core energy was ejected from the ground, lava exploded into a torrent of fire, and a shocking deep pit appeared in front of everyone's eyes, making people tremble!

Seeing no end at all! The deep pit seemed to be hit by some annihilation disasters. It penetrated the ground and even leaked a little bit of nuclear energy.

The vast giant pit is only explored by fighting spirit, and its range is estimated to be more than 800,000 miles, which may be far more than that!

Countless strong scalp numb! When they looked at Lin Chen's eyes, they seemed to see the most terrible and powerful demon in the world!

"Okay, so fierce! His Excellency Lin Chen is still hiding this hand, I dare not imagine it!"

"My God! This Nima is not an attack that can be carried out at the level of Warlord Realm!"

"He was shocked when he was able to use the eighth-order knife, but compared to this trick, using the eighth-order knife is just like playing!"

Many super monsters show their magical powers, and when they see the unprecedented pit, they are trembling a few times!

If it wasn't for Lin Chen's previous fight against the three, the four's battle circle was far from the melee circle.

In addition, all of them immediately followed Lin Chen's warning and evacuated ahead of time. I am afraid that with the presence of the person, no one can escape from the explosion of that star!

Even a little energy aftermath is enough to crush them into nothingness! Just like the burial of the soul just now, there is no bones left, and there is no scum to die!

Even if there are more than eight warlords on the scene, including the remaining Taishang elders and two ancestors, Shen Lianyun of the soul family, if they are involved in the nine-color beam, I am afraid there is a very high chance that the whole army will be wiped out, and The soul is buried, the bones are gone!

"This little guy, how many secrets are there... It's been more than a year, and his transformation has changed so dramatically!"

Shen Lianyun's eyes flickered and stared at Lin Chen on the other side, only to marvel at the heart!

Only a few low-level war emperors were able to evacuate this young boy from his native land and leave his hometown.

Today is just a rush of spring, summer, autumn and winter, but he has returned strong, standing on top of Kyushu! Even himself can only look up at his back!

Throughout ancient and modern times, no one can match him one in ten thousand!

Those strong people who came to accept the call were admired by the five-body cast, which was ecstatic and shocking! They thought that Lin Chen's vitality, which was passing by quickly, was already planning to die!

The whole of the opponent's alliance is even more terrified. In fact, their losses are not great, but there are only two six-level warlords and a few low-level warlords. The real loss is the soul family, and the Bai family!

More than half of the number of warlords damaged by the Bai family, except for a few high-level families, the whole army was annihilated!

The remaining seniors of the Soul Family are hesitant and struggling.

"This, this kid still has this big killer..."

"Are you going to retreat? This child's vitality was almost burned out just now, and now he is like a good man!"

The emaciated man headed suddenly sighed suddenly!

"He can't have a second time! This kind of attack can't come at any cost. This time we received a death order, even if all the people died in battle, we must take it down! If we don't see its head, we will Buried in Lingzhou!"

I saw that the thin man suddenly turned his head and sipped!

"My soul family paid the price of the lives of the two ancestors. If you have watched the drama for so long, if you don't shoot it, I am afraid that Lingzhou will have to give in."

As soon as the words fell, the void, which was tens of thousands of miles away from Linchen, caused a dramatic space ripple.

Hearing this sentence, Lin Chen, who was about to take away the light ball of the sky, slammed the five-color dragon gun into his hand and waited for it!

His injury has fully recovered, but the rune energy has been completely exhausted!

Its destiny life and death talent also entered a cooling state, if there is another strong person comparable to the soul burial, then the next everything is still unknown!

"Are you coming out, the leader of the alliance!"

Lin Chen held his breath, even Shen Lianyun also showed a dignified meaning. Although the man's cultivation is not very strong, she can control many of the strong men present and even give them the energy to temporarily increase their strength! Extremely powerful!

"It is worthy of the people your soul family wants, and it really is full of variables."

Kong Gu Youlan's elegant voice echoed to the sky, Lin Chen's heart suddenly moved!

How is this sound so familiar?

The woman's posture is tender and lenient, Lian Bu taps into the void, and the white dress is like snow, like a fluttering cloud.

The beautiful woman's hair is embellished with pearl embellishment, the bun is ase, the Meiruo autumn mountain is light, the beautiful eye is blue and the embellishment is bright, the red lips are red if the cherry, and the jade quality is fresh. That world-famous appearance is like all the scenery in the world is bleak!

If there is a fairy in the world, it might be like this.

In the plain eyes of the beautiful lady, there is a round of firemarks, hidden in the immortal civilization shining through the ages.

Lin Chen was struck by lightning! Stay in place!

Sister Ruoyan?

Lin Chen never dreamed that the people he cared about day and night would meet again in this way, this scene and identity!

"Sister Yan, you, are you okay..."

Lin Chen, who did not respond, walked towards her subconsciously. Bai Ruoyan Dai frowned, her jade hand lightly printed in the void!

Sigh~! The thin white hair of the thin hairspring sneaks into the void, and bombards Lin Chen's body!

clang! The gun front was blocked, almost Lin Chen's body instinctively made a defensive posture, and was still slammed back by a palm! When the corner of the mouth is bleeding, the eyes are full of incredible!

If Sister Yan is not Yuan Zunjing? How can she have such a strong strength!

"What's going on, what happened to Sister Yan? Didn't she recognize me? What the **** is this?"

"Since the abyss of the Abyss Island, if the sister Yan's cultivation should be only about Yuan Zunjing's triple, how long has it been since, directly chasing the Nine Heavy Warlord?

Numerous doubts flashed through Lin Chen's heart, and his look into White Ruoyan was full of incredible!

"Sister Yan, it's me! Lin Chen! Can't you recognize me? What happened to you, why did you launch the war in Lingzhou? Is it because of the soul family, or do they threaten you and threaten you?"

Lin Chen hurriedly shouted, still did not realize what was going on!

Sister Ruoyan, who cares about him day and night, what happened in her experience?