My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 634

Vol 5 Chapter 634: Who Are You?

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Chapter 634 !

"Lin Chen be careful! She is the master behind the Baijia Alliance! It has been a year of fighting with our academy, don't admit the wrong person!"

Shen Lianyun sang a voice, and the alliance's strongman and soul family ancestor immediately stood in front of Shen Lianyun, daring not give her any chance to help Lin Chen!

Shen Lianyun's deep drink made Lin Chen's heart sink suddenly! If Sister Yan is behind the Baijia Alliance? Have been fighting with the Academy for a year?

"No, brother Lin Chen. I did this for a reason."

Suddenly, Bai Ruoyan gently pursed her lips and said seriously.

Lin Chen was stunned!

Bai Ruoyan said softly, "Brother Lin Chen, believe me. As long as you come over me, I will tell you the truth about everything, and your friends, as long as they surrender, I promise not to hurt them all. Human life. Even...if you want..."

Bai Ruoyan's cheeks were stained with Hongxia, and she smiled happily-"As long as you want, your sister is willing to be your woman, let you become the overlord of this Lingzhou, let you come to dominate Lingzhou, as long as you pass your sister's Come by."

As soon as this statement came out, the expression of many powerful players in the audience suddenly changed!

How did this ruthless woman change her look?

Lin Chen, who has always been thinking vigorously, fell into struggle and hesitation for the first time this time!

"Sister, I...what are you doing for what? What can you do? Tell me, if I can help you, I will support you."

The many elders of the college had a dignified face, and some elders immediately shouted-"Student Lin Chen, don't believe this girl's ghost!"

"Lin Chen, you are Lingzhou's last hope! The old man put the entire Yan family on you, don't be confused!"

If Lin Chen casts into the enemy camp, then Lingzhou is really over!

"Stupid Lin Chen! What's in your head!"

At this time, the coquettish voice of women's fighting spirit came from the horizon!

Two beautiful shadows stand on the horizon, one is Yang Qinger, and the other is Shangguan Bihan!

She did not listen to Lin Chen's advice and ran back to Lingzhou alone!

"Did you go all the way from the wilderness to the present, wouldn't your mind be of any use, think about what choice you should make now! Don't forget that Teacher Leng Yueqi and Sister Man Qing haven't woke up yet Well, everyone in the college, all of us, are waiting to come back to Lingzhou!"

Shangguan Bihan's Jiaoqi came again, Lin Chen was shocked, and his eyes flicked past the harsh colors.

"Sister Ruoyan, tell me the reason, and then, the person who took you surrendered."

Lin Chen sighed and drank!

"Brother Lin Chen, I beg you, don't force me. If you come over by your sister's side, I promise not to hurt your hair, and your partner, they will not hurt their lives."

Bai Ruoyan begged, but Lin Chen's voice thundered like a dull thunder!

"Then why didn't you just come out!"

"Why do you hide during the war, since you know it is me, why do you watch me being forced to a dead end, life is going to die, you haven't appeared, why, only to show up now!"

Lin Chen's expression appeared a bit of pain, his teeth bit his lips, and blood dripped.

"You are not her."

Walking out of the wilderness, if Sister Yan and herself have experienced life and death several times, they have both life-saving grace and more than ordinary feelings.

Both of them regard each other as the most cherished person. If it is really Bai Ruoyan, when she uses the Desperate Life and Death talent, she cannot fail to appear!

With Lin Chen's mind, it only takes a moment to think about it, but at the beginning he refused to accept reality.

There is nothing more painful in the world than facing the enemy of your love for life and death.

"Cut, haven't you induced it. The human race's emotions are really elusive. I've also pondered the expressions and emotions that this body once revealed, let's kill them."

"Bai Ruoyan" put away all the expressions and became extremely indifferent and calm.

"Sure enough, isn't Ruyan Yan, then let me take a look at what you are!"

Lin Chen urged'Golden Eyes Twins' with lightning, and locked his eyes on'White Ruoyan'.

"On the breath, it is indeed Ruoyan sister, but Xiuwei and spiritual essence are like a different person!"

Under the insight of the'Golden Eyes Twins', Lin Chen saw an immortal flame burning in Bai Ruoyan's body. This fire is overbearing and has all the energy to create or destroy the world, such as the origin of everything, the beginning of the world !

"Holy flame seed? No! It is countless times stronger than the flame seed! What kind of energy is this?"

Lin Chen slammed coldly. The energy in Bai Ruoyan's body was very similar to the torch, but it was countless times stronger than any kind of torch energy he had seen!

Bai Ruoyan's eyes narrowed, the rippled pressure shattered Lin Chen's exploration, the light in the pupil shivered, Lin Chen stepped back dozens of steps, his eyes stung, and the'golden pupil twins' were lifted.

"Your eyes make me very uncomfortable. Moreover, your breath has a special impact on me. If you don't kill you, it will be very troublesome. The trick just now, you must have no chance to use it a second time. Alright!"

Bai Ruoyan was cold, and he did his tricks, and there were thousands of fires all over the place!

The glory of the torch bathed in every strong of the Baijia Alliance, the fighting energy they had previously consumed constantly replenished, and the energy of the torch that was more violent and leaping appeared, and the strength was even more three points!

Roar ~~!

The war emperors of countless alliances burst out with a violent yell, deterring the clouds!

"Thank you Lord for your awesomeness!"

The strong men of the college side were shocked, and all the other emperors of the other side became more difficult!

This sudden change made the war situation that once thought there was a chance to change again. Jing Yu and others only got into the war situation again!

The strength of the two ancestors at the beginning of the nineth heavy layer that Shen Lianyun faced soared, and the battle became extremely fierce!

"Vice dean, I will help you!"

From the criminal battle to Shen Lianyun's battle circle, Lin Chen was at the last moment of'desperate life and death', killing the two eightfold war emperors of the soul family, so that he did not delay his opponent.

When the criminal battle came out, he immediately supported Shen Lianyun, and the battle of the six nine-fold war emperors suddenly became the main core battlefield of the chaotic battle circle!

"It's the power of the torch..."

This increase in hands-on cultivation allowed Lin Chen to determine his mind once again.

At the same time, he has realized that the current Bai Ruoyan is not his'Sister Ruoyan'!

In a trance, Lin Chen's mind flashed through the scene where he played when he participated in the arithmetic competition at the Tianlingbang Conference.

"It turned out that the picture of the calculation was actually true."

Lin Chen exhaled, his expression dignified.

"It was originally intended to keep the guys who guard against the soul family, but I didn't expect you could kill them all."

"Bai Ruoyan" lightly laughed, Qian Ying moved a little, like the fire shuttle to Lin Chen!