My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 635

Vol 5 Chapter 635: The Giant Fire Gate.

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Chapter 635

"This young body fits me better than this body now, and I want to take him!"

A hint of thought crossed in my heart, and Bai Ruoyan slammed a sneer with a sneer!

With five fingers clenched, Lin Chen slammed out with a blast!

Dang ~!

In front of the jade hand lightly printed on the gun body, the soft and boneless white hand showed the energy that penetrated the galaxy and shot Lin Chen back again and again!

"Type 91. Blood Shura!"

Looking at the familiar face, Lin Chen gritted his teeth, condensed qi and blood, and exploded in pure power, spurting a shot!

At the same time, Lin Chen's four avatars act quickly!

The previous warlords who killed the Soul Family have dropped a lot of attribute light balls. Although there is no drop in the growth class attribute because of the God-killer talent, at least there are a lot of talent points and rune energy!

Right now, what he lacks most is rune energy!

[Get 19,000 points of merit, 13800 points of rune energy, 13200 points of talent points, 850 points of blank attributes, 14850 points of rune energy, 15000 points of heavenly Dao...]

[Open 13 amethyst treasure chests, the host obtains: 250,000 talent points, 300,000 intermediate rune energy, 100,000 heavenly value...]

When the system light screen is mad, two divine lights intertwined vertically!

boom! boom! boom!

The two fought in a fight, and the fight was violent. At first, Lin Chen was pressed downwind. When the avatar collected the attribute light ball, the two runes of "penetration" and "charge" were blessed, and Lin Chen regained it instantly. Take the initiative and fight together!

After a brief battle, Lin Chen already knew that the current strength of'Bai Ruoyan' is between the early and middle stages of the Nineth Layer. Because of the Holy Fire, the combat power is comparable to the middle stage of the Nineth Layer.

Dang ~! One shot swept away'Bai Ruoyan', Lin Chen's Zijin pupil caught a trace of a gap, and while sweeping out a mental wave, after pulling Bai Ruoyan, a dark dragon palm snapped towards her heart!

However, the moment the dark dragon palm was about to touch, Lin Chen struggled, clenched her teeth and opened her palm, her palm bombarded on her left shoulder!

Lin Chen could not bear the killer, but the other party was not necessarily!

In the middle of the left shoulder, Bai Ruoyan's fingers were awesome

Tear ~! A ray of white mangoes shuttled to Lin Chen's cheeks, and there was a trace of blood even though he had the defense of "San Chong Jie"!

"Huh? I'm clearly aiming at the neck, how can I..."

Bai Ruoyan frowned, Lin Chen was shot again and again!

Jade's hand shook gently, flowing the colorful afterglow of the holy flame, blocking the top of the head in a cross shape. When Lin Chen's gun was received, 25% of the power penetrated, and her jade hand was numb!

Bang ~! Thunder-like rage penetrated through, Lin Chen swept a "Shadow Wind Demon Leg" towards Bai Ruoyan's head!

But when she saw the beautiful woman's side face, Lin Chen still couldn't get down to the killer, and the side of the leg shadow actually emptied at close range! One leg punctured a mountain range in the space below!

"go to hell!"

The scallion and jade fingers flickered with a touch of milky white flaming fire. As Lin Chen hesitated, "Bai Ruoyan" was awe-inspiring, and his **** pierced Lin Chen's heart!

The jade finger was about to penetrate Lin Chen's heart, a severe headache swayed in his mind, and a hidden mental will emerged.

Bai Ruoyan showed a painful color, with **** biased, penetrating Lin Chen's "three inch robbery" defense and piercing his chest! But it deviated from the heart!

There was bleeding in the corner of Lin Chen's mouth, but at this moment, when he saw the pain that was revealed by the people in front of him, as well as gazing at the complexity and the tenderness as usual, Lin Chen called out subconsciously!

"Sister Ruoyan!"

As if it was just a moment of chaos in time and space, "Bai Ruoyan" regained his previous indifference.

Lin Chen blocked a shot, and this palm was the first time the killing intention appeared but did not fire!

Bang~! The two retreated and Lin Chen flicked the Purple Phoenix Wing again.

The two sides are fighting again, but the fighting atmosphere is extremely strange!

Not only Shen Lianyun, even the criminal warfare, Fang Ling and other eightfold war emperors can clearly see that the battle between Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan is full of flaws!

It is completely full of flaws, and there is no sign of real desperation!

However, since they are full of flaws, there is no sign of desperate fighting, the two are constantly injured, but no one can help anyone!

Weird! Very weird! Lin Chen, not to mention, everyone can clearly feel that Bai Ruoyan completely killed Lin Chen!

But every time she attacks, she always fails to hit the point at the most crucial moment!

This extremely low-level mistake, it is impossible to be annoying for any Yuanzun realm, but it will appear on a nine-fold war emperor?

Either, Bai Ruoyan didn't want to kill, or she was hesitating!

But she has already moved her murder intention, can't hesitate?

Why is that? Can't she kill Lin Chen?

The white and slender jade hand patted the gun body, and the two sides retreated again. At this time, Lin Chen was already covered in blood, seriously injured, and constantly running the wood spirit essence recovery.

Bai Ruoyan's eyebrows are lightly wrinkled, and Lin Chen's combat power has increased with the passage of time.

She raised her slightly trembling palm, and Qian Yan was puzzled and puzzled. What surprised her was that she had never killed Lin Chen?

"No! Every blow, I sent out with the intention of killing. It was the body itself that was refusing to kill him. Only in the face of this kid, the body resisted killing him..."

"Bai Ruoyan" frowned, muttering to himself-"Human emotions are really incomprehensible. Is this person so important to you? It's nothing more than being together for a while, it's impossible, you can still resist I will not succeed?"

"Fuck! Since the body itself is resisting to kill this person, then I will make his body my slave and become my next body!"

Bai Ruoyan's expression became more cold and indifferent!

Lin Chen, who was full of Golden Eyes Twins, suddenly felt a creepy crisis, and countless death luck haunted himself!

He clearly saw that the endless power of the torch and the civilization created in Bai Ruoyan's body, his expression changed greatly, he flew back suddenly, and he shouted to everyone!

"The situation has changed, quickly withdraw!"

Bang ~!

As soon as the words fell, Bai Ruoyan blasted dozens of milky white flame chains in the void, which was extremely fast, like jumping space, which locked Lin Chen's whole body!

The change appeared, the top war circles of both sides stopped fighting, and evacuated back suddenly, looking suspiciously!

When the Dragon Force exploded, Lin Chen urged 8.99 million Dragon Forces and the Golden Tribulation War Body, and waved his fists violently, and the air of Gengjin wrapped the strength of smashing the mountains and rivers, but he did not shake the flame chain at all!


The majestic and magnificent breath of the great shore passes from the endless void, the milky white flames ignite, and a simple and vicissitudes high door is opened from the sea of fire, and the white flames are burning all over the body, like an immortal sacred mark!