My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 636

Vol 5 Chapter 636: Holy Spirit

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Chapter 636

Seeing that vast gate, the strong man on the side of Tiange Academy changed his expression and was shocked!

"Here, this is the gate of the flame zone!"

The Holy Fire Realm is the heaven and earth secret realm of the Lingzhou. It will only be opened automatically within a specified time, and no one can control it, even the saint! Otherwise, in the history of Lingzhou, the Holy Fire has long been controlled by the saints. But this woman can actually control the torch, where is she sacred? Lin Chen swiftly urged the Nine Tribulation Warframe, and his body was violently spinning in the sky. The wind of the gun was like a tornado, barely twisting a few flame chains!

"It's up to this, kid. I originally planned to keep the backs of the soul family guys, so I have to use it on you first!"

Bai Ruoyan sneered, Yu Yu pulled a hand, and pulled Lin Chen into the gate of the torch flame, and she herself, and merged a streamer, into the gate of the torch flame!

"Do not!"

In the distance, Shangguan Bihan and Yang Qing'er's pretty faces changed slightly, and the vice president Shen Lianyun's complexion suddenly sank!

It is still unknown whether you can enter the flame zone again. Moreover, she knows that Lin Chens real cultivation is only the middle of the triple battle. Although he does not know what means he used to temporarily enhance his strength, it is only temporary!

Once the strength increase has passed, Lin Chen's true strength is not her opponent at all!

"The criminal war, we must pay close attention, break their offensive, and can not let Lin Chen have nothing to do!"

Shen Lianyun's expression was extremely cold. At the time of Shen Sheng, her pupils turned a touch of Chi Jinguanghua, which shocked the body of the criminal battle!

The look of the two ancestors of the Soul Family changed, and her breath became even more terrifying!

"It's time to get rid of you!"


Torch Realm.

The familiar heaven and earth came into view once again. This is the Holy Flame Realm that had arrived when Lin Chen was in the Tiangang Realm, and even the Battle Dragon Platform is clearly visible.

Lin Chen's expression is extremely dignified!

"Bai Ruoyan" can open the torch, only one possibility! That is itself, the torch, with absolute control over the torch field!

This fact has fully confirmed the scene that Lin Chen had previously seen in the "Golden Eyes Twins", the source of the holy fire, exists in Bai Ruoyan's body!

The origin of the "eternal flame" is divided into nine parts and is stored in Kyushu, and the seeds of the flame are all derived from the nine sources of the flame.

At this time in Bai Ruoyan's body, it is likely to be one of the nine sources of the torch!


The gun wind was spinning, Lin Chen smashed all the flame chains that bound him.

The white clothes walking in the void slowly emerged, and the indifferent light laughter echoed between the world.

"Here, even the late Emperor Jiuzhong will not be my opponent, your body will be mine!"

Bang ~! The sky is broken!

Between her wigs of sleeves, a giant palm of milky flame fell from the sky, which was more than 100,000 feet, suddenly shot to Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's pupils shrank, and the purple phoenix flapped, turning into a moonlight flashback!

laugh! laugh! The wind breaking sound screamed, like a sonic boom, a series of fire bursts, Lin Chen continued to retreat, and after his dragon power skyrocketed, the speed of the Purple Phoenix wing also skyrocketed several times.

Cooperating with Golden Eyes Twins and his body speed, Lin Chen reluctantly avoided the numerous attacks from Bai Ruoyan, but within the Holy Fire, the worlds energy is endless, and she can use it completely!

boom! Lin Chen broke into the void, turned suddenly and turned into a beam of moonlight towards Bai Ruoyan!

Buzz! The white beam of light bloomed, propped up the sky, and fell on the top of Lin Chen's head. The energy of extinction contained in it, even his face changed, but it was a turning point, barely avoiding it!

Bang! The beam of light exploded the ground, and the shocking abyss spread all the way, and Lin Chen was breathless.

"In this way, I will be exhausted. The space barrier here has been completely blocked, and it is extremely difficult to force it to be broken by Sister Ruoyan. The desperate life and death has fallen into a cooling state. Even if the battle is dead, luck is good enough. , Play the "Junlintianxia" in the combination of talents, and there are not enough enemies here to accumulate energy! Not to mention the use of the second **** killer talent!"

Once the time limit for the God-killer talent has passed, he becomes a real lamb to be slaughtered!

Regardless of whether it is a 5th-level slow rune, or the talent of the King's Land, or the second "God Killer" talent, Lin Chen can't find a chance to defeat his opponent!

Moreover, he himself must not have to die! Even if it is the source control of the torch, she is still Ruoyan!

Suddenly, there were sonic booms, several blade-like milky white flames flashed by, and the dozens of flame chains exploded in the void, locking Lin Chen to death!

Lin Chen's expression changed, and when the flash retreated, the war gun swept a round, stabbing dozens of guns, just opened the flame chain, and the blades crossed his right arms across the legs!

Sigh~! The blood hurricane, Lin Chen's meridian was broken, and when his hands and hamstrings were cut, the giant flame palm grabbed Lin Chen and held Lin Chen!

"Your body is mine!"

When "Bai Ruoyan" sneered, an irreversible will pervades Lin Chen's mind directly!

"Not good! It is the will of the torch in the seed of the torch of that state!"

Lin Chen screamed badly in his heart, the other party had to control himself!

The will of the torch is like the sea of hell, burning in Lin Chen's mental mind for a moment, continuing to invade his spiritual bridge, wanting to force him into slavery!

Boom ~ boom ~! Spiritual bridges continue to explode with massive spiritual fluctuations, such as resisting the invasion of spiritual will.

"The spiritual power in the middle of Tongtian Realm is almost approaching the late stage of Tongtian Realm. How tenacious will it be that it is quite difficult to enslave this spiritual realm! Just enslavement, even if this seat is directly taken away!"

I saw'Bai Ruoyan' hugged Lin Chen, and when the foreheads touched each other, Lin Chen's spiritual consciousness pulled it into a whole new spiritual world!

In this spiritual world, the void space is full of milky flames.

Lin Chen's spiritual form clearly saw that the flames around him had the prestige of origin of creation. But more importantly, with his spiritual realm, he can't hold on for too long in this spiritual world!

"This is Sister Ruoyan's spiritual world now!"

Just when Lin Chen realized the world he was in.

boom! A pillar of fire rises, and the blurry flame figure steps out of the pillar of fire.

When it saw Lin Chen, he punched him suddenly with a punch, and the spiritual flame condensed into a punch storm, and Lin Chen's spiritual form was also not afraid, punching out with a punch in the opposite direction!

boom! The spirit wave exploded, and Lin Chen and this blurry figure with invisible faces blasted dozens of punches in a row! A wave of mental waves exploded from the center of the two!

Lin Chen, who was next to one of the retreats, was about to continue to rush to fight again, and suddenly froze in place!

He found that right under the beam of flame, a snow-white naked shadow was lying quietly, and the curve of her body was like the perfect work of heaven, it was Bai Ruoyan!