My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 637

Vol 5 Chapter 637: Perish Together

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Chapter 637

The white and perfect naked body is Bai Ruoyan's spiritual origin. Here, it was her spiritual world.

"I have learned how to control the cultivation and body of the human race, plus your danger, I may not be able to suppress you, so your spiritual origin, I don't need, die!"

The voice of the blurry figure's opening is still Bai Ruoyan's voice, and it is a series of fists, Lin Chen backs his back, and his spirit form keeps retreating.

"You are the torch?"

Lin Chen's eyes fixed on the blurry figure and asked coldly.

And Lin Chen can probably speculate that the blurred figure is the spiritual will of the source of the torch!

This is Sister Yan's spiritual world. Since it can exist here, maybe solve it, if Sister Yan is still saved!

"This seat used to be the Holy Fire, but it has been gathered for countless years. You will become the most perfect embellishment for this seat. After you get your body, this seat will be the most perfect creature in this world, hahaha! Let's die!"

The Spirit of the Holy Fire did not wipe out Bai Ruoyan's spirit and memory, otherwise Bai Ruoyan's spiritual consciousness would not sleep here, but disappear completely.

Because the Spirit of the Holy Fire is the first gathering of spirits, it has a complete physique, and it does not have a complete body, and it does not know how to control the human body and control the fighting spirit.

Therefore, it must rely on Bai Ruoyan's mental strength and memory to quickly familiarize himself with the human body and control his own fighting strength.

After it succeeded in gathering spirits, it had not yet possessed seven emotions and six desires, and no other concepts of opposite sex, so it had never understood why Bai Ruoyan's body would resist itself because of Lin Chen. This was because it was not fully formed.

If Bai Ruoyan's mental power is erased, in addition to its original spiritual wisdom, all other knowledge about fighting spirit, body, and the world will be like a newborn baby, knowing nothing, including the human body must rely on everything It is familiar with itself.

These steps will be very troublesome, and it may take more than ten years to become familiar!

Therefore, the Spirit of the Holy Fire did not obliterate Bai Ruoyan's spirit and memory. On the contrary, it had to use these to help himself become a better person and decided to merge his own consciousness with Bai Ruoyan's spiritual power. Instead of obliterating her mental power, she forced her home.

Bai Ruoyan's spirit and consciousness still exist, but the energy of the Holy Fire Spirit is too powerful, she has been completely suppressed!

But now it is different. The basis it needs to master has been derived from Bai Ruoyan's spirit and memory. In the face of Lin Chen, the means it will take is to kill! Completely kill! Seize Lin Chen's body!

"If you are in the outside world, I really can't help you, but if you dare to pull me into the spiritual world, that's death!"

Suddenly, Lin Chen's spiritual form laughed wildly!


In the void and chaotic circle of the outside world, the Dragon Emperor's heart resembled a spirit, withdrew to the direction of the four avatars, and when all their weapons were taken away, the four avatars exploded violently and turned into nothingness!

"Friend Lin Chen's avatar disappeared!"

"Oops, wouldn't he be in a bad situation?"

"If the Lord Lin Chen fell, wouldn't we just run for nothing?"

"No, he is not so easy to die!"

Many strong men from the school party and the call to order were frightened by the disappearance of Lin Chen's avatar. Among the inheritors of the sacred stele in the town, the pair of beautiful and charming sisters were rather calm and firmly believed in Lin Chen.

"No matter what, you have to break through the door of the flame zone and rescue the little guy! If he is dead, we won't be useless. This space boundary has to be solved by him!"


Within the torch, Bai Ruoyan's splendid body and Lin Chen were attached to each other. A round of milky white flames were burning around the two, and the flames of burning spiritual power were continuously burning!

At this time, the foreheads are close to each other, both eyes are closed, and the spiritual consciousness is caught in Bai Ruoyan's spiritual world.

In the spiritual world;

Lin Chen was repressed again and again, and his mental consumption gradually weakened, almost overdrawn!

"This is the hole card you said? Ha! Unbearable, really unbearable!"

The Spirit of the Holy Fire laughed arrogantly, watching Lin Chen's mental energy consumption become more and more serious, and his spiritual fluctuations appeared a touch of human greed!

"I don't know what level this seat can achieve when it is integrated with your body!"

Only Lin Chen, who insisted hard, kept his eyes firm from start to finish without any shaking!

boom! After the explosion of mental waves, after being retreated by a punch, Lin Chen's spiritual form became more illusory and transparent!

"Just now, die!"

The Spirit of the Holy Fire rushed to Lin Chen, bursting out a rare greedy grin!

Boom! Lin Chen's spiritual form violently circulated a burst of purple brilliance, and his spiritual power recovered to its peak in just a moment!

At this moment, Lin Chen violently punched again, punching back the spirit of the Holy Flame, tens of steps back in a row, and the expression was joking.

But the spirit of the flame has changed greatly!

"Well, what's the situation?"

Lin Chen shook his finger and jokingly smiled-"Eternal Flame, you are just an incomplete guy, and you are so close to the handsome man, you are a little bit worse!"

What Lin Chen uses is naturally the Limited Return talent!

Lin Chen being pulled into the spiritual world does not mean that the system is not in his control. As long as Lin Chen is still alive, the system will follow his consciousness all the time, and all his system functions can still be activated!

The Ultimate Guiyuan talent can instantly fill Lin Chen's spiritual power. As long as the talent is sufficient, the Holy Fire Spirit wants to wipe out Lin Chen's spiritual consciousness, which is a completely unrealistic problem!

However, this is only one of Lin Chen's strategies!

Tear ~! A burst of spiritual flash broke apart, and four spiritual beams of air descended at the same time, disillusioning four spiritual forms!

It is Lin Chen's Phantom Rune! The avatars created by Phantom Runes are not limited to flesh, mental consciousness, and they are no problem!

However, Lin Chen's four avatars did not have the spiritual power of the mid-peak peak of Tongtian Realm, only the early phase of Tongtian Realm. Because this level of spiritual power is held by Lin Chen, who is in the power of activating the God-killer!

Five spiritual bodies including Lin Chen rushed to the Holy Spirit!

At this moment, the Spirit of the Holy Fire finally realized the seriousness of the problem, and it wanted to withdraw from the spiritual world!

"not that simple!"

Lin Chen's body shot with a palm, and the gray runes turned into lightning lasers, and the rune energy was suddenly reduced by 800,000 points!

His'Level 5 Slow Rune' is still valid in the spiritual world!

Sigh~! The gray grates burst, and the spirit of the holy fire is restrained in place!

Being hit by a slow rune in the spiritual world means that the mental consciousness becomes extremely slow, and it is extremely difficult to make a thinking response! Very slow!

Bang ~!

Lin Chen's body punched through the spiritual form of the Holy Fire Spirit and penetrated thoroughly!

"Think, I don't still have this...I are better, but I won't let you succeed, this seat can still let the whole flame to explode, let you return to chaos!"

I saw that the spirit of the torch screamed and wanted to explode the torch.

It is to destroy Lin Chen's spiritual power together with his body, and destroy it together!