My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 639

Vol 5 Chapter 639: Capricious And Boring

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Chapter 639

Treating frankly in the spiritual world, of course, Lin Chen's thoughts and concerns are exhausted.

But Mr. Lu said it well: as the so-called rain and dew are soaked, the elder brother is full, the younger brother has not opened the meat yet!

Bai Ruoyan was ashamed and startled, just when someone Lin wanted to overthrow the beauties of Fa-rectification.

Bang ~! boom!

The earth-shattering shock swayed into the void, and I saw a space crack in the territory of the torch, and a crowd of people broke in!

"Boy Lin Chen, where are you! You squeak without dying!"

"Lord Lin Chen, we are here to save you!"

"The Alliance demon girl, dare to capture our handsome man, what is your skill in bullying a young man! I have the ability to charge me!"

Powerful people from all walks broke into the territory of the torch.

Suddenly, when everyone saw the scene in front of them, they were stunned!

Someone Lin's eyes were red, and he hugged the behind-the-scenes commander of the Baijia Alliance. Seeing that look, he was about to tear the other's clothes...


The silence on the dead side! The atmosphere froze in silence, both eyes widened and dumbfounded!


Very **** embarrassing!

Most of the people who broke into the Sacred Fire Realm were the super arrogance inherited by Tiange Academy and the Holy Stele. They all came in with certain determination and faith!

What happened to Nima? They are fighting and fighting outside. In this torch flame, there is a beautiful woman in arms holding a gun ready to go into battle? A meal?

day! Then they are so desperate to dry their hair outside!

"Well, that's what, today's weather is very good, I suddenly wanted to find a beautiful girl to hug, and it happened that there were only two of us in this torch. It's a good saying, hug is healthier, right."

Someone Lin scratched his head embarrassedly, this is too bad!

What can Brother Chen do? He hasn't opened it yet! day!

"Little guy, watch out for this woman!"

Vice Dean Shen Lianyun suddenly drunk!

The surrounding people immediately waited in strict order, but this was the messenger behind the Baijia Alliance. Without killing her, Lingzhou will never be peaceful!

Lin Chen quickly waved his hand-"Don't be excited, listen to me!"

Lin Chen made a very simple remark about the future of the dragon. From the origin of the torch to the fact that the spirit of the torch was killed, everyone heard dumbfounded!

They also suspected that Lin Chen was brainwashed by this woman!

However, judging from the outside world, this credibility is extremely high!

The reason why everyone can break in is because the outside Baijia Alliance "treason"!

No, to be precise, it should be to give up the offense and change the goal!

They did not continue to attack the strong players on the side of the Tiange Academy. All the strong men of the ancient family turned their targets to the remaining few strong men of the Bai family and the soul family. Only then did they empty their hands to break the door of the flame.

"That is to say, the spirit of the holy fire is dead, and now the eternal flame of Lingzhou exists in the body of Bai Ruoyan girl?"

"Unexpectedly, you two still have this situation!"

Everyone was amazed that this encounter was really amazing!

"Well, yes. In addition, because of the will of the torch seed, I can control all the powerful Lingzhou outsiders, or everyone will not have time to spare."

Bai Ruoyan smiled slightly, but in fact she hadn't said everything.

The reason why everyone was able to break in was that when Lin Chen hugged her, there was a confusion in her heart, so that everyone had an opportunity.

Under normal conditions, the late Emperor Jiuzhong could not forcefully open the door of the flame!

Countless strong men looked at Bai Ruoyan extremely enviously, that is one of the nine roots of the eternal flame!

It is already a great gift for ordinary people to get a seed of torch, not to mention monopolizing the source of eternal torch! This is equivalent to continuously being nourished by the torch, which is placed in the entire Kyushu, and there is no chance to enjoy it!

The source of the torch is too mysterious, and even the legendary "sage" cannot be forcibly refined. Such divine things are related to the secret of the birth of Kyushu, and contain infinite mysteries. Even in the age of the ancient hundred saints, no one can Accept it for yourself.

However, the torch gathers spirits, and the torch and will of the torch itself are integrated into the human race's body. This kind of good thing may be only once in history!

There is no doubt that Bai Ruoyan, who has the eternal flame, is placed on the entire mainland of Kyushu, and her potential may be no less than Lin Chen!

How can this not be envied, Kyushu alone with such potential and opportunity!

But Bai Ruoyan's heart is full of endless tenderness and warmth. During the suppression by the will of the torch, the memories of both sides are completely shared.

She also knows how much Lin Chen desperately wants for herself. This so-called opportunity is perhaps not worth mentioning compared to the importance of this teenager in her heart.

"Let's go out first and slaughter all the false god's running dogs!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the fierce light was revealed!

Although his "God-killer" talent time limit has ended, the cultivation base has been restored to the peak of the triple war emperor in the mid-term, but it is now comparable to before.

With Bai Ruoyan present, all the ancient families in Lingzhou are now on Lin Chen's side!

The rest of the soul family is the commander of the bare rod! Play more and less? This is Lin Chen's favorite thing!

"No, it's fine here."

Bai Ruoyan smiled, his sleeve robe flicked lightly, the door of the Holy Fire Realm continued to open, and the milky white sea of fire spread all over the sky, shining down!

Within the range of being burned by the fire, all the creatures, whether it is the strong commander or the soul family, the Bai family, and the ancient family alliance, are all sent to the flame!

Bang ~! The Holy Light descended and waited for those people to enter the territory of the Holy Flame. Many powerful people on the side of the college were stunned!

This is too scary! If this is suddenly transferred to the opponent's home battle, this is a deadly threat!

Every time the mobilization of the Holy Flame Realm consumes a great deal, if not, the Spirit of the Holy Flame has been used frequently for a long time, but for Bai Ruoyan, as long as he can help Lin Chen, this so-called consumption is just overwhelming.

Because he is the most important.

"How is this going?"

"What do you mean by this? Is it possible to be an enemy of my soul family, and an enemy of my soul family's true ancestor?"

The only two left nine soul war emperor ancestors and three Taishang elders left Bai Ruoyan coldly.

"Lord, this, what the **** is going on!"

The Bai Family's powerful emperor cried and howled, and he didn't understand it. He would be attacked by the Lord.

Any strong man controlled by the will of the torch will remain absolutely loyal to the command of the eternal torch!

"Oh, your soul family, is not as important as his hair."

Bai Ruoyan smiled lightly, Yun Danfeng was light, and it didn't matter.

Hearing this remark, many powerful people's envious eyes on Lin Chen envyed him so much that they could be favored by such a proud girl, which is a blessing for saving the world in his last life!

Lin immediately raised his chest and raised his head, raised his collar, his hands on his hips, and his face was very violent and arrogant. It seems that everyone can't wait to beat this bitch!

Look at it, Brother Chen's stomach is good! I thought I could not eat soft rice? If you have a handsome face, you have to rely on strength and talent. Even if you eat soft rice, you will eat hard!

Can eat hard and soft! Don't be obsessed with brothers, having strength and looking handsome is just wayward and boring!