My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 640

Vol 5 Chapter 640: Fully Receive Attribute Light Ball

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Chapter 640, Full Collection of Property Light Balls!

"Sister Ruoyan, fight!"

Lin Chen stood behind Bai Ruoyan and gave a bullish order. Seeing everyone's mouth twitching!

One day ago they admired Lin Chen, how much they wanted to beat him at this moment!


Bai Ruoyan smiled, this scene was like Bai Ruoyan sheltering Lin Chen who had not yet grown.

Bang ~!

Bai Ruoyan's sleeve robe lightly flicked, and his fingertips were connected, and many milky white flames quickly condensed into countless energy fingers, falling from the sky!

The criminal war and others quickly withdrew and only handed it to Bai Ruoyan.

The expressions of the two soul ancestors suddenly changed! Even Lin Chen couldn't help but marvel at this kind of offensive, which was even stronger than the Holy Spirit!

It took the Holy Fire Spirit only about a year to get the body. The human cultivation and control of human beings are just just learned, and they are not proficient.

But for Bai Ruoyan, it is different. Even if Xiu is soaring, she can perfectly control her own strength!

Because she is the master of this body!


The pillar of holy fire spreads across the sky and turns into an infinite chain of flames, and the overwhelming lock cage leaves, so that the strong family such as the soul family have no chance of retreating, only to struggle!

"Good strength, I may still have a chance in the outside world, but even in this torch, I am not her opponent."

Shen Lianyun shook her head and marveled that it was only after more than 20 rounds that the Soul Family's high-level collective fell into the disadvantage and was not an opponent at all!

"The general trend is gone!"

The senior of the Soul Family gritted their teeth and were about to tear a roll of space jade jade. Lin Chen's eyes snapped sharply. These guys wanted to run!

"You have no chance!"

Bai Ruoyan seemed to have expected that the green onion and jade finger flicked, and a strand of white awns tore through the void, and the jade jade that space shattered instantly!


Bai Ruoyan pressed down with another palm, and the energy situation in the territory of the torch suddenly changed into a flame palm of hundreds of thousands of feet, slamming down!

Shen Lianyun's figure flickered, like a moment of splitting light, flashing to both sides, with Bai Ruoyan shot together!

The strongest two people on the scene joined forces, and there were two alliance ancestors from the early nineth layer and three criminal warfare assistants.

In less than two hundred rounds, the other party was completely injured!

"Damn, you forced the old man! The old man had no plans to go out alive since he entered the enemy formation!"

A ninth-middle-aged ancestor of the Soul Family slammed, and the life wheel of vitality in his body turned at a rapid speed.

The emperor's expression changed slightly and exploded?

The self-explosion of a mid-level warlord of the Nineth Heavy Duty, even in the latter half of the nineth heavy duty, must temporarily avoid the edge! If it is affected, it will be injured or disabled, or it will fall!

"You have no chance, Holy Flame Seal!"

Bai Ruoyan gave a cold cry, jade hand gently, tens of thousands of white awns flashed like needlepoints, emerged out of thin air, and the cone thorns were shot into the body of the soul family.


The white awn is printed, and the fire pattern is outlined and engraved into the bodies of the five soul families. After doing this, Bai Ruoyan's pretty face was slightly pale, and Lin Chen rushed to her next to support her.

Bai Ruoyan shook his head and smiled, "It's just a little expensive, no need to worry,"

The fighting spirit of the Soul Patriarch's riot suddenly disappeared, and the five people were unbelievable. Their fighting spirit was sealed by 90%!

Only in the realm of the torch, the power of the eternal torch can be maximized, and Bai Ruoyan can do so. Seal two mid-nine heavyweights and three eight-fold war emperors. Apart from Bai Ruoyan, only the sage can do this kind of handwriting!

Now as long as the Seventh Warlord and above can threaten the five of them!

Sigh~! The space freezes, Shen Lianyun controls five people with one hand, the space is blocked, so that they have no chance to explode!

"Relax, leave it to me next!"

Someone Lin smiled and Bai Ruoyan nodded, standing quietly behind him.

Many of the strong families of the Bai family saw the last five of the soul family were arrested, and their faces suddenly changed into shock! They were trapped in heavy encirclement, but wanted to escape but could not escape the flame!

Lin Chen stepped into the air and hovered in front of the five people in the Soul Family. When they saw this young man again, they looked frightened!

"Someone don't do it, go to be a dog, do you regret it now?"

Lin Chen's expression was cold and ruthless, questioning the five.

Every pseudo-god family, the top strongman was once a strong man from all sides in Kyushu. Because of the pseudo-god, a family was formed. Actually, they did not have any connection before they formed the family.

"How can a boy in the Imperial Realm in your area resist the great God of the True God!"

"Ha ha ha ha! What if you killed me and so on, we failed. The layout of our own true god, the will of the true god, will come to Kyushu in the near future, and you Lin Chen is the first person to die!"

The two old ancestors of the Soul family laughed hysterically, not afraid of death!

"Then I'll wait for them! A group of criminals in the Holy World Prison, dare to call the true gods, they dare to come to Kyushu, I Linmou hammered their dog heads! And you, go to **** to indemnify the women you made into items Go!"

Lin Chen slammed down with a fierce palm! Smash all the heaven cover of the five!

[Stolen Omen Talent is successfully launched, consuming 110,000 talent points, gaining: 800,000 talent points, 700,000 rune energy, 500,000 skill essence, 10,000 ignition energy, 10 million fighting spirit essence .

Five people were killed by a slap in the palm, and Lin Chen also launched the genius of genius.

The five people fell and their bodies were suspended into the void. Even if they were cultivated to be sealed, they were still the ninth and eighth warlords, and with Lin Chens current power, it was difficult to break their bodies.

However, Lin Chen directly summoned the Qinglong and swallowed the body of the five warlords. This is the body of the eighth warlord and the nineth warlord, and there are not many people in Kyushu!

Seeing the last five of the Soul Family fall, everyone sighed and sighed again!

Who would have thought that this long-lasting war in Lingzhou would end with this ending in the end!

Around the five people, the endless attributes of light are transformed into a place, dazzling and brilliant. There is also an orange beam and nine amethyst treasure chests!

This time is different from before, Lin Chen, who launched the talent of killing the gods, is unable to obtain the attribute light ball of the growth class. All you can get are non-growth attributes such as merit, rune energy, and talent points, and they are still somewhat weakened.

However, the growth attributes such as element attributes and essence of fighting spirit have not dropped.

But now his God-killer talent has been lifted. These dropped attribute light spheres are all the complete attributes dropped by the 9th and 8th Battle Emperor after the fall!

Lin Chen absorbs all, one does not stay!

[Gain 36 million points of essence of war energy, 15 million points of blood energy, 90,000 points of rune energy, 80,000 points of Heavenly Dao, 80,000 points of talent, 50,000 points of merit, 1500 points of wind energy, 980 Lightning energy, 400 dark energy, 1400 ignition energy, 490 spiritual energy, 500 blank attributes...]

[Open 9 amethyst treasure chests and get:...]

[Open an orange crystal treasure chest, get: talent combo box.

This terrifying attribute value directly made Lin Chen stunned, and the essence of intermediate combat spirit was transformed into infinite energy and injected into the combat life wheel!

Lin Chen's cultivation practice began to hurricane!