My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 641

Vol 5 Chapter 641: Be Yourself

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Chapter 641

Lin Chen's cultivation is rising every day! Unimpeded advancement to the triple late stage!

However, it hasn't stopped! Lin Chen, who entered the late stage of the triple, has become more and more horrifying, and there is no momentum to stop!

Bang ~~!

A radiant nine-color radiance bloomed from Lin Chen's body. Lin Chen not only advanced into the triple late stage, but also stepped into the quadruple early cultivation practice!

The war emperors who witnessed this moment were all air-conditioned!

In this war emperor's territory, it takes hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation, and even longer to cross the boundaries, Lin Chen actually broke through within a few breaths!

Lin Chen's fighting spirit is steadily stepping into the mid-quadruple and late-quadruple!

Finally, stop in front of the gate of the five-fold repair, leaving only the last line!

In terms of pure power, Lin Chen stepped into the 4.8 million dragon power mark, thanks to the blessing of the divine power talent, and stepped into the limit of 5.99 million dragon power!

Four consecutive levels!

Before Lin Chen, killing Emperor Zhan was just like killing chickens, and there was no such horrible improvement!

Even, Lin Chen personally copied the soul of the soul family, plus the killing of a large number of soul family quadruple, quintuple, and sixfold war emperor, but only from the late double into the triple mid-cultivation!

"Now I use the Sevenfold to add the full body, maybe I can work around with the eighth early stage. There is only one step away from the Fivefold Battle Emperor, and then I will kill one or two more than the Eightfold Battle Emperor. Rebuild for!"

Lin Chen was extremely excited, as long as he stepped into the five-fold war emperor, facing the war emperor above the eighth layer, without the help of talents such as **** killers, he also had the possibility of a war!

When Lin Chen turned around, everyone in the college looked at Lin Chen like a ghost!

Lin Chen scratched his head and smiled embarrassedly but not politely-"That man, who may look handsome, has no bottleneck in cultivation, etc.? I also broke through accidentally."

Nima! Is this still human language?

Accidentally broke? Why didn't you go to heaven without care?

Brother Chen, you are your own!

From the mid-to-triple stage to the late-to-four-stage period, this breakthrough is terrifying! What kind of medicine did you take to improve this?

But it must have a refining process when taking the Elixir!

They are the first time they have seen the four realms of Lin Chen who have rubbed in less than a quarter of an hour!

"It's worthy of being the only Orange Order Academy in our college, it's really a monster..."

The criminal war shook his head. This breakthrough method is too terrifying. Once you watch it, you will stimulate your heart once...

Everyone looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

This way of breaking through cultivation is simply mocking the result of their retreat and practice for thousands of years...

Bai Ruoyan concealed her lips and smiled softly, Bi eyes turned like water tenderness, and she was more willing to see Lin Chen's growth than she was a breakthrough.

"So, what should these guys do."

Lin Chen turned to the Bai family and others, and now there are only 10 war emperors left in the Bai family! There is only one left in the Eightfold Battle Emperor, two in the Seventh Battle Emperor, and the remaining seven are all the cultivation bases under the Fiveth Battle Emperor!

"Lord! Our loyalty to you can be learned!"

The ancestor of the Bai family knelt down at Bai Ruoyan, and wept.

"Don't call me Lord, you have your own heart. My will of the flame has no effect on you, and you are not really under my control."

Bai Ruoyan's face was cold and frost, she was once a member of the Bai family, but this family who did not hesitate to give her a hand, she had no feelings!

If it werent for Lin Chen, she was now just a checkmate in a city of all spirits in the desert!

The ancestor of the Bai family suddenly shocked, a little fear and panic appeared in his expression!

Lin Chen was puzzled-"What's going on, Ruoyan sister."

"The Spirit of the Holy Fire has known this problem for a long time, but it was deliberately not blunt. All the strongmen of the Alliance have surrendered to me. Only the Bai people are just doing the show. Although the will of the Holy Fire is in their bodies, they have no effect at all. , They just surrendered to me on the surface, in fact they have other plans."

Bai Ruoyan smiled lightly, and when he looked at the Bai family, his eyes grew colder.

"No one in Lingzhou is able to get rid of the will of the torch. Of course, except for your mind, brother Lin Chen. Once, I read the secrets of Bai Family colluding with the ancient families of other big states, so I was banished by Bai Family. It seems that the reason why the Bai family was not controlled by the will of the torch may be because of the assistance of other big states."

Bai Ruoyan's words made everyone realize!

Lin Chen squeezed his fists, hehe smiled and said-"Everyone of the Bai family, I believe that you are all handsome people who know the current affairs. It is my Lin who sentenced you to talk about it, or say it now. Remember, don't choose the wrong~ "

The old ancestors of the Bai family twitched their faces, sweating and sweating.

"Ancestor, let's recognize it! The general trend is gone!"

"Yes ancestor! At this moment, it is impossible for us to run out, there is no chance to explode, just recognize it!"

The remaining elders of the Bai family cried. After struggling and thinking, the ancestors of the Bai family seemed to be decades old and finally spoke slowly to tell the truth!

As soon as the truth came out, everyone including Lin Chen was shocked at the same place, and at the same time, cold sweat was pinched in his heart!

It turned out that the ancient family of the Bai family colluded with other big states at that time was no one else, it was the Shenzhou soul family!

The Shenzhou Soul Family took the initiative to find the Bai Family, and claimed that the eternal torch flame of Lingzhou in Kyushu has shown a very weak will and spiritual wisdom, and even the seeds of the torch are planted with its will.

The origin of the torch attempts to gather spirits and become a new intelligent life!

This news was first known by the Soul Family, and the Soul Family took the initiative to join hands with the extremely ambitious Bai Family.

The Soul Family can help everyone in the Bai Family not be controlled by the will in the seed of the flame, and let the Bai family actively find the trace of the flame, and help the flame to condense the wisdom and become a new life form.

The Soul Family is very clear that it is impossible to attack a big state with a hard attack. Unless the "True God" behind it comes, it is impossible to shake the heritage of many ancient families in Lingzhou!

They knew that if the torch was born, it would surely bring devastating disaster to Lingzhou!

The most important thing is that the will of the torch can control all the powerful people who have absorbed the seeds of the torch in the entire Lingzhou. This is equivalent to controlling the torch, that is, all the ancient families in the entire Lingzhou!

So at the beginning, the Soul Family was playing ghosts in the dark, using the Bai Family as their claws, to help the entire Lingzhou, and to stir the entire state with the Holy Spirit!

Originally, according to the original plan, now Lingzhou has been reduced to the world controlled by the torch, but there has been an extraordinary number of Lin Chen!

His "Creation Nine Tribulation" can eliminate the will of the Holy Flame, leading to the most critical and tricky Tiange Academy and Yan Family, but did not win it!

This change caused Tiange Academy to call upon graduate students scattered in Kyushu in battles. Those Tianjiao students who once walked out of the college returned and turned into the strength of the college, forming a reluctance. Contend with the power of the alliance!

After the torch had taken control of Lingzhou, the Soul Family collectively dispatched to suppress the eternal torch and take over Lingzhou! But the existence of Lin Chen has become the only variable of this major disaster!

After understanding the coming and going, many college strongmen have cast their gratitude on Lin Chen!

If it were not for this child, I am afraid that Lingzhou might have become a puppet of a false **** family!