My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 642

Vol 5 Chapter 642: Fight Hard.

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Chapter 642

Even Lin Chen himself felt afraid for a while, his expression was so dignified!

"Unexpectedly, the Soul Family was laid out from the beginning. No wonder that none of these powerful ancestors were in the Soul Family Headquarters. It turned out that they had been receiving instructions from the Soul Family Pseudo-God, lurking in Kyushu, and did not miss any possibility. The possibility of eroding Kyushu!"

Only one step away! Soul family is really only the last step, it took over the entire Lingzhou!

Who would have expected that this was the most critical step, and met a Lin Chen who was born out of nowhere!

Once let them take over Lingzhou, the speed of those false gods attacking Kyushu will be greatly improved!

An unprecedented sense of crisis came to mind, Lin Chen felt the dangerous danger hidden in the dark of Kyushu, far beyond his imagination!

Lingzhou alone is already so dangerous. No one knows how much they have done and how many dangerous chess pieces have been eroding Kyushu in the dark during these years when the pseudo-gods coveted Kyushu!

How many Kyushu powerhouses have been reduced to false gods, these threats lurking in the dark are all unknown!

"Oh, by the way, why did the eternal flame come to you, Ruoyan?"

Suddenly, Lin Chen turned curiously to Bai Ruoyan.

She smiled with a smile-"In fact, this is completely unexpected by the Bai family. I saw the confidential information of the Bai family and happened to know the place where the torch was born, but I did not know the Bai family's plan."

"After being separated from you on the Abyss Island that day, I was investigating the remains of the torch flame. As a result, the spirit of the torch flame judged my qualifications at a glance. It seemed that I thought that I could absorb the seeds of the torch flame in a very short time. Cultivating inwards to Yuanzun Realm dragged me into the territory of the torch, suppressed my will, and took over my memory."

Recalling this, Bai Ruoyan can still show some palpitations. At that time, she really thought she was dead...

"We have all explained this, and we are also part of Lingzhou! Killing us will not do you much good!"

The ancestor of the Bai family trembles. When begging for mercy, it is full of fear, but the moment he lowered his head, he showed a madness!

"As long as I can leave the Torch Realm, I will have a chance to wait for the Soul Family to condense its strength and regroup, and I have a ray of life in the Bai Family!"

Suddenly, Bai Ruoyan sneered.

"Although the will of the torch is useless in your body, I can still feel your killing intention. Patriarch, you have no chance, give up. Of course, I will not kill you, but I will make you real Be part of Lingzhou!"

Bai Ruoyan flicked his sleeves, and the sky slowly descended to an altar burning with a milky white flame!

Bai Yan fluttered, and above the altar, bursting an endless chain of flames through the Bai family!

Sigh~! Sigh~!

White mist rises, the torch burns, and the strong men of the Bai family appear in horror!

"no, do not want!"

The screams of the ancestors of the Bai family echoed within the territory of the torch, and the will of the torch in their bodies was expanded countless times, and they instantly enveloped their spirit and the life wheel of fighting spirit!

In less than a quarter of an hour, the remaining ten battle emperors of the official Bai family, all kneeling on one knee!

"Keep the Lord!"

This time the will of the torch has expanded countless times and completely replaced their intellect. From now on, they are like other Lingzhou families, completely obedient to Bai Ruoyan!

All their actions will be dominated by Bai Ruoyan's beliefs. This kind of behavior is even more terrifying than the brainwashing of the Soul Family False God, and there will be no hesitation in letting them die!

But if they are placed in the ordinary, they are generally the same as usual, but they will completely obey Bai Ruoyan on the concept of action.

"In the Torch Realm, the power of the torch can be maximized, and it is easy to strengthen control."

Bai Ruoyan smiled, Lin Chen sighed!

The eternal flame is indeed magical, this opportunity, even you have no chance!

Except that the Holy Flame is fused into the body personally, there is no way to force it to be used by any soul. Bai Ruoyan's future is full of infinite possibilities, maybe it can surpass the ancient Baisheng!

Everyone sighed! The Lingzhou War finally ended!

Only this result, they dare not even think about it!

This is comparable to the casualties and results they originally planned, and there is no comparison at all!

In this war, the colleges injuries were minimal, with only 37 people injured and only one person fell.

Only three war emperors fell on the side of the league, and the high-end combat power also did not die.

The only mid-eighth elder Taishang elder who tried to stop the criminal battle, avoided Lin Chens killing at the last moment of the talent of "desperate life and death". The high-end combat power is the strongest of the soul family.

The only ancestor of Tsing Yi in the Alliance, who belonged to the Murong family, was involved in the siege of Lin Chen at the beginning. His injuries were a bit serious. Even if Bai Ruoyan helped, he might have to recuperate for decades or decades.

But overall, Lingzhou's ancient aristocratic fighting power has not lost much! The dead are the people of the Bai family and the soul family, as well as the war emperors who stood up to resist when the holy fire controlled the major families!

"I really dreamed that I couldn't have such a result!"

After Shen Lianyun left the torch, he sighed from the bottom of his heart. At the beginning, all the strongmen of the college had already made psychological preparations. Shen Lianyun even thought that perhaps half of the people who could survive!

In the outside world, the powerful people who called for orders saw the enemies who were still fighting against each other in the previous moment, but the next moment they became partners who shake hands and make peace. This must not make them a little confused!

However, it can be solved, naturally the best!

After leaving the flame zone, Lin Chen, who returned to the Sea of All Souls, urged the blue dragon to take away all the attribute light **** scattered in the void with the body of the blue dragon. This is the attribute light that he killed when he launched the **** killer talent. ball!

Although there is no growth type attribute, and the dropped attribute light ball has also weakened a part, but the number is still huge, and Lin Chen's attribute value ushered in a wave of hurricane!

"Oh, you guys. Now is not the time to sigh!"

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled at the same time as the attributes were booming.

At this moment, a beautiful shadow bumped into Lin Chen's arms, nephrite was in her arms, and when the lady looked up at him, she burst into tears and her eyes flickered.

"In the future, stop putting yourself in danger..."

Always holding the tender Shangguan Bihan, he took the initiative to hug Lin Chen for the first time and sobbed in his arms.

"Well, it's the last time..."

Lin Chen stroked her soft hair and calmed her emotions. The heart is complicated, and the most difficult thing in the world is to be blessed by beauty.

It took a long time for Shangguan Bihan to show shame and loosen Lin Chen's waist. The powerful people around him looked at someone with an I understand look. He blushed old and coughed.

Then, Lin Chen pointed to the vertical'black line' in the void and smiled-"This thing may have to wait for us to solve it."

Everyone has recovered from the dream ending, and his expression has become dignified again!

"What are you going to do?"

Shen Lianyun spoke first, Lin Chen nodded.

"Strike. Strike hard. Everyone's attack is concentrated on one point. First bombard the entrance of the space boundary,"

Everyone's face is stunned!

hit? How can I fight this?