My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 643

Vol 5 Chapter 643: 1. When The Sea Is Introduced.

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Chapter 643, When Leading the Sea.

Shenzhou, in a quaint pavilion. The old man had a pair of red eyebrows, and the majestic stepped out of the sky, overlooking the Ning family below, and said indifferently.

"People, bring it here."

The middle-aged man in Qingpao headed with a fist and respectfully said-"The ancestor of Chixiao has been brought."

"Well, after half a month, I will be sent to the soul house to participate in the ceremony for the care of the true god."

Hearing this sentence, all the senior members of the Ning family were shocked, and they bowed their arms and respectfully thanked.

"Thank you ancestors for appreciation! Thank the true **** for his favor!"

At the moment when the old man with red eyebrows left, in the silhouette of Your Lord Lou, an expressionless and elegant woman, like dusty snow lotus, did not stain a trace of mud, just standing quietly behind everyone.

With her four-fold strength of Yuanzun Realm, she can't escape the control of those present!

A day later, Shenzhou's extreme east area. In the plane of the special void, there are several figures sitting in the dark room.

"Chi Xiao, the Ning Qingxuan you mentioned can be brought here?"

"Yes, our Lord of the True God has already given the order of death. This son is all the enemy of our family of the True God and must not be vague!"

"Oh, everything has been laid out. Now it has been announced to the world. After half a month, the ceremonial care of the true **** will be reopened. Isn't this boy a kind of friendship? Lao Tzu wants to see if he dares to come!"

The old man's silhouette suddenly became cold and slaughtered, "All the cards of the spirits of the soul burial and other people are broken, and no one came back alive! This child is already full of wings! It must be wiped out now!"

"If he dares to come to the Far East of Shenzhou again, I will let him know what cruelty is!"

"This is the first time our six families have joined forces. If you can't even win a young man, then you really have no face to see."

"Hey, your swordsman has a face? If someone can hit the soul family, they will naturally hit your swordsman too. Be careful of the gutter and overturning the ship!"

"Old man Lei, what are you so angry about?"

"It's okay, it's a mess before it starts to deal with the enemy. It's here to join forces, not to quarrel."

The ancestors of the pseudo-god family, which was rare in the past, have all gathered together today!

The extremely east area of Shenzhou is already a Longtan Tiger Cave, and the situation is changing!


Lingzhou Wanlinghai a day ago.

Boom~! Boom~! boom!

Xuntiandi's fighting spirit ran wildly into the entrance of the space boundary, and the endless seawater began to overflow into the void due to the strong attack of energy! Turn into a stream of tornadoes across the sky and fall into the earth!

"It's not enough time to play like this!"

"Yeah, what is Lin Chen thinking? Although our offensive is strong, we can follow this rhythm. At least three months of non-stop attacks are required to force the seawater out!"

"In three months, Lingzhou has long been separated from Kyushu!"

Zhong Qiang was puzzled in his heart and could not see what Lin Chen was thinking. Is this what he said?

"The water is not enough, continue!"

Lin Chen sighed, all the alliances and colleges and the powerful commanders all shot! More than 300 elite warlords joined forces blatantly, and that kind of momentum is not an exaggeration!

boom! boom!

Along with the two shocking sounds, when the emperor's attacks like the Milky Way hung upside down and crashed into the space boundary, finally, the vast sea of water was suddenly spurted, and the momentum was dozens of times stronger than before!

"It is now! Yinglong Yuhai!"

When Lin Chen's eyes lit up, he drunk with a sudden! The green dragons around him spread their wings and flew into tens of thousands of giant dragons. Long Xiao frightened the void and shot thousands of blue columns of light!

After refining the body of the high-level soul family, Qinglong has opened the 750,000th dragon vein and reached 7.5 million dragon power. Only pure power can compete with the Seventh Mid-term Warlord! The real combat power is chasing the seven peaks!

The azure beam of light turned into a huge net that covered the endless seawater as it rolled over, and suddenly pulled out!

The sea water falls like a waterfall and falls into the Wanling Sea!

brush! brush! brush!

The trend of seawater flowing backward from the space boundary is extremely rapid, and it continues to gush out from the space boundary, continuously fills back into the Wanling Sea, and the dry sea for a long time begins to emerge again.

This time, the seawater did not retract, but continued to flow back out, shocking everyone's expression!

It is like turning on the faucet. At this time, the space boundary point, because of the entanglement of the blue dragon breath, constantly throwing out the sea water hidden inside!

"Is this dragon clan the king of the water system among the dragon clan, Tianyu Yinglong?"

"Isn't it right? Tianyu Yinglong doesn't look like this. Isn't this Qinglong?"

"But, you can't be wrong! Being able to control such a wide range of oceans, only Yinglong, the king of water, can do it!"

Everyone was ecstatic, it turned out that Lin Chen wanted to use their massive warlords' attacks to explode the seawater inside the space boundary, and then use Yinglong Shentong to personally control the seawater drainage!

"The sea water has started to drain out, and it will not take long to fill the Wanling Sea, everyone, and then, we will proceed according to the original plan!"

Lin Chen's expression is solemn, things are not so simple!

Starting next, the frequency of eruption energy at this space boundary point will continue to increase, and the current Qinglong can't be completely controlled by it alone!

After all, this is more than ninety percent of Lingzhou's seawater!

Everyone nodded and moved away! More than 300 war emperors turned into infinite streamers and began to withdraw in all directions on the mainland of Lingzhou!

This time, even the Ninefold Warlords such as Shen Lianyun and Bai Ruoyan must also act in person. Next, the seawater of Lingzhou will be restored, otherwise all the seawater will be poured out into an area, which is still a major disaster for Lingzhou!

"Master Lin Chen, we are here to help."

At this time, the two beautiful ladies who stood by Lin Chen stood next to Lin Chen, the sacred inheritance of the sacred monument in town! Those beautiful sister flowers!

They point their fingers a little, the blue light shines, condenses into two vast moon-like energy roulettes, and when they rotate on the sky, each time they share the pressure of Qinglong and control the current more balanced!

Lin Chen is overjoyed! Unexpectedly, there are such unexpected joys!

"My sister and I are all practicing "Wan Rouhua Water Recipe", which happens to be very convenient to control the energy of the water system, which is quite different from the ability of Tianyu Yinglong."

Sister Shui Yueling smiled slightly, and Lin Chen thanked seriously-"Two girls, thank you! I do not like to owe human love. Your original remuneration has doubled. Thank you for your shot!"

The two women smiled at each other and concentrated on assisting Qinglong.

One day later, Wan Ling Hai was completely filled and began to gush!

"Qinglong, break!"

Lin Chen sipped, the Qinglong screamed, and the big blue net bound the endless sea to the other side of the sky!

Bang ~!

A transparent space enchantment channel began to emerge from the void, the ocean began to pour out from the void, and the powerful who called out were awe-inspiring!

I saw that countless seawater formed a column of water across the sky. Under the space boundary laid by the powerful warlords, they led to the original ocean location of each Lingzhou in an orderly manner!