My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 644

Vol 5 Chapter 644: Single Chuang Shenzhou

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Chapter 644

This is Lin Chens plan to control the ocean with the "Tian Yu Ying Hai" supernatural power, and then use a large number of war emperors to deploy diversion from the void in a fixed space, and finally return the oceans of Lingzhou to the original position, so that they can maximize Reduce troubles and disasters!

With the diversion of Qinglong, the **** of Lingzhou mainland began to recover slowly.

"Hoo! No problem, then just follow the steps and control the diversion of the seawater. It should be no problem."

Lin Chen breathed a sigh of relief, and then the momentum of the sea water erupting from the space boundary will become more and more rapid, but as long as it is controlled, there is basically no problem, not to mention there are two super Tianjiao who are good at controlling the energy of the water system.

"It's time to refine the immortality medicine!"

Lin Chen turned to the strong men who had been called out and smiled indifferently.

"All of you, please hand over your Danfang and herbs that need to be refined."

Lin Chen said, let many powerful people fall into ecstasy!

However, they love and hate, because this time Lin Chen did not give them a desperate opportunity. Their role at most was to cover the retreat of civilians in Lingzhou and a group of mid-to-high-end war emperors.

It is Lin Chen who really kills the enemy and controls the overall situation!

Thirty war emperors handed over Lin Chens prepared Danfang and medicinal herbs in advance, and of the 9 super Tianjiao, only 5 people needed Lin Chens remuneration in the end. After two of them finished playing, they left after saying something casually. , No remuneration.

They acted with their will, and some Tianjiao came here to help Lin Chen, purely only interested in him, not for the immortality. Most of these super-arrogant temperaments are not ordinary people able to figure out!

They would rather let Lin Chen owe this relationship than let him refine the medicine, maybe there will be a chance to use it in the future.

In this regard, Lin Chen only shook his head and smiled.

"Friend Lin Chen, after refining, it can be placed in the Yang Mansion. We are not very anxious."

Everyone is not an ignorant person. Naturally, Lin Chen will not be urged. Refining high-level elixir will be overnight. Their longevity is strong. It is still possible to wait a few years.

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, but did not say anything. After these strong men took their fists and said goodbye, they left.

Next, Lin Chen started the system.

"System, I want to learn these recipes!"

[Target Danfang 35 volumes, including the 7th-level intermediate inferior to the 7th-level advanced premium, all learning, will consume 2.95 million points of merit.

Ask the pharmacist to refine the elixirs. The remedies are provided by the other party. Lin Chen this time is equivalent to directly harvesting 35 remedies with different effects!

The medicinal materials they prepare are generally between two and three pairs requested by Danfang.

Lin Chen is not in a hurry about the medicinal materials. As long as it is not leapfrog medicine, his medicine refining skills can guarantee a success rate of more than 70%.

Within two days, Lin Chen had learned all 35 volumes of Danfang and officially opened the furnace to refine medicine!

The body plus four avatars, like a fish in the process of refining medicine.

However, the unexpected situation began on the fifth day of Lin Chen's medicine!

"Lord Lin Chen, I finally found you!"

A heroic and beautiful Qianying broke into the vicinity of Wanlinghai, panting, and her pretty face was pale!

This beautiful shadow is the sister of Luo Qingyu who has not seen for a long time, Luo Weier!

"Miss Weier, why are you here?"

Lin Chen was curious, and the body took the lead to stop refining medicine and let the avatar take over.

"A big deal happened, Miss Yan Qianyun found her sister, and then asked someone to send me to Lingzhou as quickly as possible, and let me tell you the news!"

Luo Weier handed a letterhead to Lin Chen, and when he opened it, his expression changed suddenly!

The content is very simple: The ceremony for the care of the true gods in the extreme east area of Shenzhou is about to reopen, and the target of care is Ning Qingxuan of the Ning Family in Lingzhou!

Before Lin Chen returned to Lingzhou, Ning Qingxuan was taken away by the Ning family in advance! And it is still the transfer of all high-level officials. This is also the reason why Lin Chen did not find any trace after Lin Chen returned to Lingzhou!

But before the war, Lin Chen had no time to search for Ning Qingxuan, but unexpectedly the news of Ning Qingxuan came immediately after the battle was over!

"Brother Lin Chen, are you sure you want to go?"

Luo Weier said worriedly-"The news from our Luofu night investigation, it is said that the Soul Family was born in the extremely eastern area of Shenzhou, and the five families of the True God Family have all joined together. This ceremonial visit seems to be Set up deliberately to let you go to the net..."

Listening to this, the super-magnificent look of those who stayed suddenly changed!

Set up!

That's right, this care-giving ceremony was used to attract Lin Chen to appear!

As long as he dares to appear in China, the strong man he faces will be all false gods! Even if there are other ancient worlds in Shenzhou, they would never dare to intervene in this matter!

This is a dead end! Lin Chen appeared and died!

"Lord Lin Chen, don't go! This matter is no small matter!"

The young man in white immediately stopped Lin Chen, and even the cold grey swordsman spoke.

"The combined top combat power of the six pseudo-sacred aristocratic families will be comparable to any large state."

The woman with a purple gauze turned to Lin Chen with a solemn expression-"Go, that's death!"

In the face of everyone's obstruction, Lin Chen said resolutely.

"My Lin Chen has something to do, something to do, and the things to be done will definitely not change easily. Since I promised her, I will definitely pick her up from the Ning family. !"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the will to the sky!

He was by no means a swallower, not to mention how cruel and humiliating that true Gods care ritual was, he knew very well!

"Princess Lin Chen! This is no joke. No matter how strong your current potential is, it is impossible to shake the six false gods! That kind of battle of the same specifications is more than you have in the Lingzhou War! "

The young man in white persuaded Lin Chen to shake his head.

"Mr. Lin Chen, do you want to bring your seniors and sister Ruoyan?"

Yang Qing'er stepped forward and asked worriedly.

Lin Chen frowned-"No, now is the most critical moment. The more manpower, the better. Lingzhou has not yet fully recovered. If everyone evacuates at this time, the range of tilt has not been fully adjusted. Once Lingzhou leaves After Kyushu, the consequences are unbearable. I cannot take the possibility of the entire Lingzhou to take risks!"

In this battle, Lin Chen had no choice! He could only break into the Divine East of China alone!

Hearing this, the expressions of the three Super Tianjiao are wonderful!

Single break into the extreme east area of Shenzhou and play against six false **** families?

Is this guy crazy?

Looking at Shangguan Bihan's eyes, Lin Chen was apologetic. In her worried eyes, she was helpless except for the blame.

"The God-killer talent is the last time left, and, together with the six false **** families, I can perfectly play the God-killer talent to an unprecedented level! I alone may not have a chance!"