My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 645

Vol 5 Chapter 645: Kyushu's Strongest Body Method

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Chapter 645 Kyushu's strongest body!

Determined in his heart, Lin Chen was grateful to Luo Weier-"Thank you for notifying me."

Luo Weier shook his head, "These are trivial things, but are you really going?"

Lin Chen nodded and turned to Yang Qing'er.

"Miss Qing'er, I'll trouble you to take the panacea made by my avatar back to Yangfu."

Yang Qing'er had a complex look and nodded seriously: "Well, I will!"

The Purple Phoenix wings flapped, Lin Chen pulled Luo Weier, and suddenly turned into a streamer of the sky, disappearing into everyone's vision.

Bai Yizi and others wanted to stop it, but they were helpless and could only watch Lin Chen leave. His heart was both shocking and regretful!

This time, I am afraid that Lin Chen will be hard to come back! The background of the six major families is far beyond the specifications of the civil war in Lingzhou, let alone Lin Chen has only one person!

"Does the ray of hope that Kyushu was finally born, will it die here."

The purple yarn woman murmured to herself, and the next moment she urged arithmetic, she still shook her head and smiled bitterly.

"Unseen, this man's life is still nothing."

"It seems that his destiny does not exist in this day."


Lin Chen launched the ultimate moment plus five changes, and led Luo Weier at full speed! No two hours will arrive from Lingzhou to Tianzhou!

Arriving in Tianzhou, Luo Weier leads the way and finds the top space channel for Shen Chen for Lin Chen!

Lin Chen and Luo Wei'er live alone in the space ship, inside the room, even though they are anxious, worrying about Ning Qingxuan, Lin Chen still forces himself to calm down!

"If you count the time, you should be able to catch up. I must seize the time to improve my strength!"

In a flash, Lin Chen turned on the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 5.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: The fourth stage of the Battle Royal Realm-the essence of mid-level fighting spirit: 39583 million points.

Ultimate Strength: 4.8 million Dragon Power (Blessing of Divine Power: 5.99 million)-Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 268.5 million points.

Intermediate mental strength: 50950 points (early stage of Tongtianjing)

Intermediate skill essence: 12.65 million points-Intermediate rune energy: 17.66 million points.

Heavenly value: 15.58 million points-Talent points: 18.55 million points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 180,000 points in fire, 150,000 in soil, 160,000 in wood, 180,000 in gold, and 210,000 in water. Thunder system 150,000 points, wind system 140,000 points, light system 100,000 points, dark system 120,000 points.

Qigong status bar (whether open) or blood vessel status bar (whether open)

Passive Talents: (Blue Rank) 100% steel bar, (Blue Rank) double acacia, (Blue Rank) 200% life growth, (Blue Rank) Divine Power 100%, (Blue Rank) Emperor Destruction,

Active Talents: (Blue Level) Thief Omen, (Blue Level) Super Dimensional Transmission, (Blue Level) Fatal Bloodthirst, (Purple Level) Ultimate Moment, (Purple Level) Ultimate Return, (Purple Level) King's Land (Cooldown) : 14 days), (one-time orange level) God-killer 1 (fragment 1/3), (quasi-orange level) desperate life and death (7 days),

Character Rune: Slowness 5th, Penetration 5th, Recharge 5th, Phantom 5th-Talent Combination: Fatal Bloodthirsty-Super Dimensional Teleportation-King's Land.

Hold blank attribute: 19660 points (can be converted into any attribute value at will).

Holding treasures:...

"System, I want to use the latest talent box to register a desperate life and death talent!"

When the ancestor of the Soul Family was exterminated, Lin Chen obtained an orange crystal treasure box and opened a new talent combo box. Now, he wants to register a desperate life and death!

[Registration is completed, the hosts talent combination skills are: Fatal Bloodthirsty-Super Dimensional Transmission-Junling World-Fatal Life and Death.

Lin Chen's attitude can be seen in this talent registration! The next battle will be more difficult than any other. If you want to maximize your strength, you can only rely on the talent of "Death and Death"!

"The system, integrate all the exercises I have now! In addition, add 3 million points of intermediate exercises to merge together!"

[The host holds at this stage: 54 low-level best-practice exercises, 29 high-level middle-level purples, 4 low-grade high-level purples, and 1 high-grade middle-level purple. All fusion will consume 560,000 days of value and start fusion .

Lin Chen looked forward to his heart, he did not intend to let go of any opportunity to improve his strength!

These exercises, or the spoils from the dead soul family strongman, the falling Baijia strongman, and the skills obtained from the falling power attribute light ball, are all concentrated in one fusion!

[Boom~! Ding ~!

The system fusion furnace is beating, Lin Chen is looking forward to it!

Any one of the purple-level advanced combat skills can enhance his combat power! The purple-level advanced combat skills that he merged are almost all attack combat skills. This time, at least a purple-level advanced top grade can be produced?

[Successful fusion, the host obtains the purple order advanced Needs combat skills: "Infinite Dark Step", one step dark, one step shuttle. Unlimited darkness, unlimited shuttle.

Lin Chen stunned in the secret room!

How do you do the best of the purple order?

Lin Chen's mind was trembling, and the Purple Tier Intermediate Body Method was placed in Kyushu.

There are probably only a few families that have one or two collections in the middle class of Purple Order.

The Purple Tier High Grade inferior body method may only exist within the inheritance of the sacred stele in the town, and the Purple Tier High Grade Best? There is simply no way for this class of body style!

If it werent for Lin Chens collection of so many purple-level exercises, all of them are fine works, and with 3 million points of merit, they may not be able to integrate such superlative exercises!

"The strongest body style! There is no doubt that this is the strongest body style in mainland Kyushu!"

Lin Chen, who was so excited, almost jumped and issued a command quickly!

"System, I want to learn "Infinite Dark Step"!"

[Hint: According to the hosts existing intermediate skills, you can only learn "Infinite Dark Step" to a proficiency of 30%. Are you sure you want to learn?

hiss! Lin Chen took a breath! He still has more than 9 million intermediate-level exercises!

Is it only enough to learn 30%? The purple top-grade premium is really amazing!

"Ok, all study "Infinite Dark Step"!"

The order was issued, the memory was fused, and Lin Chen fell into a closed state with all his heart!

Looking at Lin Chen's profile, Luo Wei'er lost his expression in the secret room, and his heart throbbed slightly.

He really did not hesitate to go to the six real **** family, what a boldness!

In today's Kyushu, under the Holy Land, I am afraid no one can do it! No one dared to do it!

This will go, or will never return.

"I really envy the young lady named Ning Qingxuan...can make you so persistent..."

Luo Weier murmured, stretched out his jade hand and touched Lin Chen's profile quietly. The blue eyes dimmed and stepped aside, not daring to disturb.

Time flies, after Lin Chen merges the learning and memory of "Infinite Dark Step", his heart is extremely amazing and shocking!

Infinite dark steps, the best operation with dark lines of combat, has the characteristics of twisting space, use this feature to implement the limit speed across space!

At the same time, using the characteristics of the dark fighting spirit, each step of the body method can make the space around him twist like a vortex, and any close creatures will fall into the twisted space, thus affecting the battle situation!

"What a horrible way of doing things. If you use this kind of approach to fight close, your opponents are invincible! Moreover, the speed alone is only 30% proficiency. More than once!"