My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 646

Vol 5 Chapter 646: The Divine Land Of The World Net

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Chapter 646

Lin Chen couldn't imagine what level of speed he could achieve to 100% perfection!

However, the more powerful the body, the more horrible the consumption. This "Infinite Dark Step" is only suitable for use at critical moments!

With this method, Lin Chen is even more powerful, and his combat power has truly increased several times!


One of KyushuMingzhou.

On top of the dead gate, a black robe stood proudly.

The black robe's gaze recovered from the endless void and muttered to himself.

"Linzhou Linchen could not have imagined that in just one year, he could step into the Warlord Realm from the Yuanzun Realm and kill the Warlord Jiuzhong. This person is worthy of training and he will be the inheritor of our race!"

The black robe figure showed a rare laugh, and the sleeve robe flicked lightly. The dead door that no one dared to break through in 100,000 years burst open!

"Who is it, daring to break into my holy land, this is where Hades live..."

"No! The breath on you is a demon race!"

When the vast figures of the two great shores emerged, their expressions changed dramatically!

"Oh, every small sage saint, also dare to pretend in front of this seat, sage saint, hand over the head of the demon clan Tianyu, spare you not to die!"

The black robe shouted coldly, shaking the whole dead gate, the space collapsed, and the light twisted and cracked!


Seven days later, the ShenzhouEast East area, the Soul Family Territory.

Countless people of God are cheering, and after more than a month, the True God Mountain is repaired, and the great True God comes to Shenzhou again!

Today, there is another beautiful lady who is fortunate enough to receive the care of the true God, lower her blessings, and pray for all beings!

These events have spurred countless strongmen to flock to the Far East of Shenzhou again!

There are far more powerful people gathered this time than last time! Because most of the strong men received dark line news, this time the layout is directed at the legendary demon Lin Chen!

He dared to come to death!

Although the possibility of his coming is not high, I heard that this child had split the mountain before, ruined the ritual, and pounded the soul home headquarters!

No one wants to miss this potentially terrifying drama, so apart from the false **** family, many top powerhouses in China are paying attention to this grand event!

Inside the restaurant, many powerful people from China hide in the world.

"It's disgusting fun, and so many years have passed on this so-called ritual!"

A charming lady sitting in the center of the restaurant did not conceal her dislike of this true god's favoring ceremony.

"Hush, fox girl, speak carefully."

"Be careful! The old lady still hopes that the little guy will come again. If he doesnt come, the old lady will look down on him! How can peoples integrity be like the waste of your headed tortoise from day to night, you dare to hack at a young age? This broken mountain, if the old lady is tens of thousands of years younger, you have to pursue this kid."

The charming lady gave a few glances at the old men and middle-aged men beside her, and did not hide the disgust in her eyes. The latter only smiled bitterly.

At the same time, another white-haired old man sitting at the inner edge of the restaurant was surprised.

"Oh, I didn't expect to see this lineup for the first time in China!"

With his cultivation practice, he can explore the breath that caught his attention, at least dozens!

And one is stronger than the other, all are the top strong in the false **** family!

"Senior Silver, do you think that kid will come?"

The young talents in front of the white-haired man asked curiously.

Before waiting for the white-haired old man to answer, a disdainful young sneer immediately sounded-"He dare to be a fart! If he dares to come, I will eat this table, stool and chair on the spot!"

The speaker is Mo Zixiao, who was previously beaten by Lin Chen to be maimed!

The two Tianjiao talents in front of the white-haired man immediately frowned, and suddenly stood up, with a look of anger!

"Why? I'm not convinced! I'm from the Mo family. Do you dare to try it?"

Mo Zixiao grinned, and the white-haired old man raised his hand, motioned the two to be quiet, and turned to look at Mo Zixiao calmly.

"Young people, needless to say is too full, this kind of thing, no one may say."

The last word fixed seemed to turn into an infinite spiritual storm, violently rushing towards Mo Zixiao, who suddenly froze in place. Foaming in my mouth before two breaths!

"Master Zixiao!"

A war emperor's old servant came over and picked up Mo Zixiao. When he was about to scold, his pupils shuddered!

The strength of this white-haired man is terrifying!

Extreme horror! Perhaps only the ancestors of their Mo family can be compared!

Those two young talents are equally wicked! Life fluctuations of not more than two thousand years old, but it is already a war emperor realm!

"You, who are you..."

The old servant swallowed and shivered.

The white-haired old man tasting the tea, his fingers facing the sky, pointing upwards.

"We, from above."


At the peak of the two lofts, a group of figures stood proudly.

These figures are men and women, some are young and beautiful, and some are handsome, such as the fairy in the palace.

Some are like a monarch coming, not angry and self-proclaimed, the eyebrows of the wisdom of the mountains and rivers are revealed, some are extraordinary, and the beauty is beautiful, and some people have only one eye, and the pupil flows through the glory of time and space!

"Is this the mainland of Kyushu? I never thought it would be so ruined."

The young man in a green shirt is wearing a sword, charming and charming, but he can't help but shake his head and smile.

"Unexpectedly, even your Sky Sword Palace is here."

The purple gauze is picturesque, and the beauty is slim, and it is better than the clear water and autumn cold, like the light breeze of late autumn.

"This has shocked the talents of the Holy Realm, and the talent is far higher than ours."

The son of the fan smiled lightly, but there was an arrogance that surpassed all living beings between the eyebrows!

A Tsing Yi girl with Erlang's legs aside whispered, "Cut, more than a few of you? How can it be so simple, you just want to play under the name of a sectarian messenger and want to play in the lower realm."

"Several prisoners of the Holy Prison, even daring to act in the realm, dare to be called the true God?"

The middle-aged man with a sword around his waist sneered, and the young boy beside him glanced at him indifferently.

"Don't make trouble, don't forget the purpose of our action this time, don't alarm them, and rely on your own ability to solicit the genius, if you can't solicit, don't have extra branches."

"These guys have an affair with the demon clan, which provokes them. If you do, it will cause trouble for the sect behind us."

These extraordinary and meteorological characters, like the dragon and phoenix kings among the people, are the messengers sent by the Holy Realm sect that was shocked when Lin Chen was emperor!

They originally came to Shenzhou, and they didn't know who they were looking for, but Lin Chen's legends were one after another, one by one, more horrifying, which completely made them completely lock in their goals. The Heavenly Pride they are looking for is this one!

But at the moment, they do not want Lin Chen to go to Shenzhou, because the orders they received were not to interfere with the Kyushu forces, nor to offend the criminals running out of the holy prisons!

Because behind them, they have an inextricable relationship with the demon clan!

In the past, there was a powerful demon clan who had a world of strength, infiltrated the 19th Holy Prison of Holy Realm, and attacked the Holy Prison!