My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 647

Vol 5 Chapter 647: In The Next Linchen What Is Your Job.

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Chapter 647

The strong man of the demon clan selected the poorest, most brutal and strongest prisoners from the holy prison to take away, and also released countless criminals in the holy prison!

To this day, the Holy Realm is still afraid of what happened on that day, and the demon clan strongman who sneaked into the Holy Prison!

"The ceremonial favor began."

Purple Gauze frowned slightly, obviously, she was also quite repulsive for this ceremony.

The so-called'True God's favor' is just to satisfy the personal hobby of these holy criminals! Where are the blessings of the true God, all fooling around the world!

A palace sedan emerged from the void and carried all the way to the True God Mountain after restoration.


The audience was boiling, and hundreds of millions of false **** believers cheered and shouted among the crowd!

In the palace chair, Ning Qingxuan wore a Yunxia dress, wearing a star crown, embellished with beads and jade, elegant and refined, and his expression was plain, as if he had already expected his own ending.

"Being able to meet you, I have seen the dawn in my short life, Lin Chen, you must not come..."

Ning Qingxuan slowly closed her eyes, two lines of tears fell silently from the corners of her eyes, she was very clear, how many powerful lineups have been placed here by the soul family and others, Lin Chen is strong, he is just A boy of the same age a few years younger than himself!

This day Luodiwang, how can he get through. Ning Qingxuan even prayed, Lin Chen should never come!

But deep down in his heart, Ning Qingxuan had the last hint of hope... This self-contradictory emotion and thought, even she did not understand...

Outside the palace chair, above an ancient bridge, the girl chased her sister's figure but was stopped.

"Let me go! You let me go!"

The girl in Tsing Yi stubbornly resisted, tears flashing at the corners of her eyes.

"Miss Ning Qingxue, the owner has orders, you can't cross the border."

The two Ning parents stopped her without expression, and even released a ray of war to suppress Ning Qingxue!

"You, you! Why, you are all mad, and all are mad! What kind of care ritual is this, it is clearly the life of my sister!"

Ning Qingxue's eyes were filled with tears, and she kept shouting, and the two elders said indifferently, indifferently.

"Miss Qingxue, you are still young, you don't understand some things."

"This is a ceremonial favor of the true god. Miss Qingxuan can get the favor of the true god. That is the blessing from my Ning family!"

The two elders only knew that this was the order of the house owner, and after completing this matter, they would go up and down the whole family and lift the chickens and dogs to heaven!

Ning Qingxue's eyes were crimson and his voice was hoarse-"I don't understand? I only know that you are dogs!"

It is said that the believers in the vicinity of Ning Qingxue turned to Ning Qingxue, their eyes were very dark and low, and the two elders were shocked!

"Yes, Miss Qingxue, you are still too young to understand the nature of the matter, offended."

One of the elders, without a word, took Ning Qingxue and took her forcibly!

On top of a mountain, a Tsing Yi man in the Battle Royal Realm clenched his hands into fists and snarled at the head of the Ning family!

"Why are you doing this to my daughter! We are not without choices, are we!"

"We bowed down and tried our best for the Ning family. Why did you want to get such an effect? You did not agree to us. As long as you make enough contributions for the Ning family, Qing Xuan can choose independently!"

The beautiful woman in a skirt stands beside the man in Tsing Yi, her silver teeth nibble and question the head of the Ning family, Ning Yuntian!

"Choice? Our Ning family doesn't need to choose. What do you say about the choice, is that the little devil in Lingzhou failed?"

Ning Yuntian sneered at the corner of her mouth and turned to the two of them-"You really think that the little devil can resist the great True God, Master, and your daughter can get the True God's favor, she will also thank the True God from the heart!"

"Thank you for your head! Ning Yuntian, are you still a person! Can't you see how my daughter was crying before! Do you see how happy she is now!"

The man in Tsing Yi took Ning Yuntian's clothes and his eyes were red, pointing at the palace roar with a scream!

"Our family has made contributions to Ning's family since birth, why our daughter doesn't even have the freedom that Ning's family deserves, Ning Yuntian, this is what you are heading..."

Boom~! Ning Yuntian released Xiu Wei, on the contrary, he suppressed the men in Tsing Yi. The elders behind Ning Yuntian fell down with their palms, and the couple were suppressed to the ground!

"Ning Yuntian, when the dog does not end well!"

Tsing Yi man growls and growls!

"Being a dog to God is better than being a man."

Ning Yuntian raised the collar and sneered.

"Two shameless things, betrayed me, and directly discarded their cultivation behavior afterwards, so as to avoid any threat to my Ning family afterwards. After today, my Ning family will usher in a brand-new change! "

Ning Yuntian flicked her sleeves and the beautiful woman in a skirt sobbed in a low voice.

"Qingxuan, mother is sorry for you..."


In the endless void, several figures stand on the sky.

"Huh! There is no movement now, it seems that this kid is also a personal essence, and he intends to let this little nizi fizzle out."

"We laid out such a large lineup, and the news spread wildly, he naturally dare not come."

"I'll wait for the team, any one or even the late nine emperors will fall here, let alone a young kid."

"Look at the end, if the boy doesn't show up after the woman's death, we have to plan well how to attack Lingzhou!"


Before the True God Mountain, Gong Jiao stopped.

The elegant lady in Yunxia's long dress walked slowly out of it, which surprised many false **** servants.

In the past, the women who accepted the care ceremonies were either upset, fleeing to resist, or tearing, but they were the first time she was as calm and unpretentious as she was.

When the creepy iron coffin was launched, the audience cheered!

A man in a yellow robe, a member of a false servant of the gods, slowly stood out, facing the people in front of the crowd of people in front of Shenshan Square and proclaimed.

"Everyone, today, the blessing of the True God is coming, let us sincerely wish this lucky person!"

In the boiling sea of people, the moment quieted down, everyone looked sincere, folded their hands together, and prayed for the true God.

"Did he not come..."

Ning Qingxuan looked around unconsciously and saw that the vision had not yet appeared, and a big rock in his heart was suddenly put down, but somehow, another sad feeling of loss appeared in his heart.

Outside the Shenshan Square, the group of messengers of the Holy Realm sect standing proudly on the top of the pavilion suddenly changed their faces! Eyes fixed on the True God Mountain!

In front of the True God Mountain, the moment the prayer ceremony ended, hundreds of millions of false gods opened their eyes.

What caught everyone's eyes was a silver robe that rolled up and down, and appeared without warning at the ceremony stage!

Ning Qingxuan looked back abruptly, and the familiar teenager came to her with a smile as usual, and she suddenly froze in place!

"Who are you! How dare you offend the great God's care ritual!"

The false **** servants burst into anger and win the young man with the desire to fight!

The laughter of the youth, such as thunder, rushed through the horizon of the whole Soul House area.

"What's your job in Linchen?"