My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 648

Vol 5 Chapter 648: Desperate Lineup

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Chapter 648, Desperate Lineup!

The sectarian messengers of the Holy Realm could not help moving one by one, the expression was horrified!

"How is it possible! How can this child escape my investigation and enter here without any trace?"

"Could it be that space jumping technique?"

"The 21-year-old Quartet?"

"It really is him! Lingzhou Linchen! He is the boy we are looking for on this trip!"

"He actually came!"

No one expected that this child would appear in this way!

At the Shenshan Mountain ceremony platform, many false gods were stunned. This was actually Lin Chen!

Lin Chen lifted the seal of Ning Qingxuan's fighting spirit with a wave of his hand, and Lin Chen smiled.

At this moment, the elegant and indifferent Ning Qingxuan could no longer suppress the emotions in his heart, took off the star crown, rushed to Lin Chen desperately, and burst into tears, but there was no way to hide his joy.

"You are stupid, why are you here, do you know how many people here want your life!"

"There are too many people who want me to die, there is no shortage of these guys, but there is only one Miss Ning Qingxuan, isn't it."

Lin Shao patted Ning Qingxuan's incense shoulders, smashing the false **** servant who wanted to attack between hands, "Relax, I said it. There are more people in his false **** family today, I If you want to return you to freedom, you will definitely be taken away!"


Ning Qingxuan wept with joy and nodded happily, as long as he can live and die with Lin Chen at this moment, everything does not matter!

"It's Lin Chen! He's really here, he's here to pick up sister Qingxuan!"

Ning Qingxue, who was taken away, was shocked, and ecstasy appeared on her pretty face, shouting desperately!

"Brother Lin Chen, come on!"

Bang ~!

The six breaths of heaven and earth appeared on the side of the sky, and the six arrows of blood of fighting spirit flew into Lin Chen's direction instantly!

"Seven changes, the ultimate moment!"

Lin Chen's breath soared, and stepped into the middle of the sixth layer for a short time! Behind the purple phoenix wings spread, arms Ning Qingxuan, between the dark robbery and the flow of fighting, stepping step by step, such as stepping on a gang fight, twisting time and space!

brush! brush! brush!

Lin Chen's figure, continually flashing in the sky and space, his every step is extremely fast, turning a dark vortex under his feet, twisting the space, flashing several times without warning, each step spans 20,000 miles away!

The battle spirit and blood arrows followed closely and kept tracking, completely locking Lin Chen's spiritual breath!

"Bahuangzhi! Bahuangzhi!"

Lin Chen's fingertips touched, the two major attack runes launched, the dragon force poured into a dragon-shaped energy, eight kinds of wild energy penetrated the void, and merged into energy fingers, instantaneously exploded those traced qi and blood arrows!

Sigh~! boom! boom! boom!

A series of explosions resounded through the sky, five blood arrows shattered, but another burst into the air, running through Lin Chen's left leg, blood raging!

Lin Chen frowned, and started the Mu Ling Jing Yuan Fa treatment.

"Something wrong, this blood arrow is melting into my body!"

Lin Chen's expression condensed, and that blood of war spirit merged into his whole body, and even his spiritual breath, locked up tightly!

[Consumption of 300,000 talent points, is accelerating the recovery of super-dimensional transmission cooling time, expected to take: 25 minutes.

At the moment when the system light screen popped up, the overwhelming battle emperor's high-order battle emperor breath swept through the sky, and a large number of battle emperor figures appeared, with more than 400 people!

"What a fine and profound mysterious body technique, even in our sword palace belongs to the first-class body technique level!"

"His mentality is very strong, and it works a little bit. There are actually nine trends of the Heavenly Tribulation Warfare turned into the Heavenly Tribulation Warfare. This kind of mentality has not even been held by our sect!"

"From the fourth-level post-cultivation to the sixth-level mid-level, the best secret method! This child is full of secrets, it's amazing!"

The messengers of the sects of all sects in the world couldn't help but marvel. Their background is not comparable to that of the warlords of Kyushu. At a glance, they can see a lot of Lin Chen's background!

"What should we do, do we have to take action to rescue this kid secretly? This kid only used the secret method before he was in the mid-sixth level. There are a lot of seven- and eight-level warlords here, even the little ones of our denomination can't handle it. Not to mention that there are nearly twenty Nine Heavy Warlords!"

"Let's wait and see how it changes, this level of the game is certainly not comparable to the little guys in our denomination. If not, we will not come in person to see what other cards he has."

"You can't do it in secret. Have you forgotten the instructions in the palace!"

At the time when these Holy World sect messengers were too quarrelsome, the six figures in the void appeared on the sky!

Wang Family, Ancestor of Wang Wushuang!

Sword Master, Ancestor Jian Yin!

Mo Family, Mo Ling Ancestor!

Long Family, Ancestor of Long Can!

Lei Family, Lei Xiao Ancestor!

Soul Home, Soul Chixiao Ancestor!

The ancestors of the six false gods!

They are all real Nineth-level powerhouses, one after another, almost invincible characters, old monsters who have never lived forever!

Countless people of false gods pin their hopes on the six of them, but they directly obey the ancestors of the major real gods. With his hands, this sinner who offends the true **** will definitely die!

"Lin Chen, I didn't think you dare to come!"

The old man with a red eyebrow, Soul Chixiao sneered, his eyes locked on Lin Chen tens of thousands of miles away.

"Here we have the blood and arrows of fighting spirit, we can't run away! Let him fall in Shenzhou this time!"

One-armed old man sneered, Jian Family Patriarch, Jian Yin!

The green sword behind him is unsheathed! A seventh-grade top-grade inferior sword, Qingyun Potian sword!

"The Lei family, surrounded this son. This person is the one named by our true **** of the Lei family to be judged. He will kill him at all costs!"

The ancestor of the Lei family, Lei Xiao shook suddenly, shouted thunderously, shocked thousands of miles!

Behind the six great ancestors, two to three figures were taken, all of them are the elders of the family of the pseudo-shenshi family, one mid-nine heavy, and one or two early nine emperors!

Even if it hurts the soul burial and other people, the strength of the soul family is still the strongest in the audience!

From this point of view, there are 15 people in the nineth battle emperor!

A lineup enough to make anyone desperate!

Not to mention the large number of seven-fold war emperor and dozens of eight-fold war emperor, this is really out of the nest!

The six false gods have only one death order, and at any cost, destroy Lin Chen!

They knew that Lin Chen had a weird space teleportation technique, so at the beginning, the six men jointly issued the soul lock blood arrow. Lin Chen has already marked their marks on his body. No matter where he flees to Kyushu, he will be false. Found by the family!

Lin Chen faced the strong players in the audience, without fear, and looked directly at the six ancestors! Holding the beautiful woman in her arms, the energy that urges San Chongjie to pour into her body and protect her tightly.

The sense of oppression is terrifying. If you dont have the talent to kill the gods, just come to one or two eightfold war emperors, and you can threaten Lin Chen, not to mention the 15 nine warlords! This lineup is really scary!

"You are really strong enough, but today I am leaving, no one can stop me!"

Lin Chen smiled abruptly, and thought of the system to issue commands one after another!

"System, mobilize the God-killing talent!"

[In the realm where the God Killer talent can be detected, the host is hostile to the host: 413 in the Warlord Realm and 15 in the Nine Heavy Warlords. The Godkiller talent starts.