My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 649

Vol 5 Chapter 649: Block Me From Dying

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Chapter 649

boom! Bang ~!

The fighting spirit stretched across the sky, and millions of miles of clouds were torn apart by the nine-colored fighting spirits flying up from the sky. An unprecedented breath was drawn from Lin Chen's body explosion!

His pure power turned into an infinite dragon-shaped vigorous wandering in the void, like a billion dragons flying in the sky, and howling for nine days!

His spiritual strength, leaning against the sky, overlooking the Eight Wastelands, can move mountains and seas in a single thought, smash the stars! As the vast and deep galaxy hangs upside down, the strong players in the audience shake their hearts, and their fighting intentions collapse!

His fighting spirit turned into a beam of light from the Nine Daotian Tribulation, turning into a roulette wheel. He was mad at the skies. Every time the Nine-Color Fighting Roulette wheel turned, the majestic heavenly calamity was lowered, like the scourge of the world, coming to China!

Ten times, one hundred times, three hundred times, five hundred times, one thousand times, two thousand times!

Lin Chen's power, such as the sky dragon, the straight line!


The strong players in the audience, all open their mouths, stunned in place!

The scene before them completely subverted their cognition! Even the messengers of the sect of the Holy Realm are no exception!

"He, he has broken through the boundaries of the Ninth Warlord!"

"The mid-sixth rushed to the ninth warlord, my God! What the **** is this?"

"I don't know. I didn't see any traces of his exercise skills. It seemed that an unprovoked force suddenly burst out of him!"

"Don't he be the Son of God?"

The messengers of the sect of the Holy Realm were so cold that they were completely messed up!


The aftermath of the fighting spirit that was released a little bit directly broke the earth's veins, splitting the vast abyss, and a spiritual aftermath swept away, smashing the True God Mountain!

For example, the dragon-shaped energy of the transparent dragon is a deterrent to the heroes, and it retreats the countless warlords only by its momentum!

Lin Chen hugged Ning Qingxuan with one hand, and suddenly a bit of void, eight wild fingers launched, three fingers of eight-color energy penetrated the sky, majestic, and pointed at the six ancestors!

"not good!"

Soul Chixiao's expression changed, and with a sharp backhand, the giant finger of the fire burned with red flames and rolled away!

Sigh~! boom!

The energy explosion of the eight colors of the wilderness, the fighting spirit was scattered, the red flames were skyrocketing, the two sides retreated a few steps, and the ancestors showed shock!

When confronted with a young junior, it turned out that the people on their side were retreating?

When Lin Chen stood in the void, his eyes were excited!

"From Xiuwei to pure power, spiritual power, and comprehensive combat power increased by 2103 times! An unprecedented increase, pure power of 9.3 million dragon power, the ninth early warlord Xiuwei, Tongtian realm spiritual power!"

This time the talent of killing the gods is more fierce than last time when he was in Lingzhou!

At the last moment of urging the talent of "Death and Life", Lin Chen entered the early Ninefold cultivation, but it was only a few seconds, but now, it is the beginning of the Nine Heavy Beginning!

Not to mention the spiritual power of Tongtian Realm and the dragon power of more than 9 million! Tongtian Realm has become a spiritual force, and the whole of Kyushu has reached this level, perhaps no more than ten people!

The combination of the three, perfect one!

"Relax, I will take you away."

Lin Chenchong and Ning Qingxuan smiled, and the two had a strong heart, holding hands tightly.

"Shoot, don't let this kid run away!"

Mo Ling of the Mo family froze coldly, and the sword sharply stabbed out from the waist! The flying sword light flutters like snowflakes, gorgeous and blurred, and there is a deadly white mango hidden in the beautiful wheel!


The sword came out like a dragon!

A splash of water moon mirrors flashed in the brilliant blue blade!

With the bright mirror knife light, the sky sword light not only shattered, but also rebounded all the sword light aftertaste to the direction of Mo Ling!


Mo Ling fought against the sword, countless sword lights scattered, and the five great ancestors flicked their sleeves. When the sword light was annihilated, they stared at the knife in Lin Chen's hand and looked dignified!

Eighth-order knifeAzure blue moon!

Even if it is not a complete holy weapon, but its power is only one thousandth is enough to completely threaten them!

"This kid still holds a holy weapon?"

"The old man is going to learn about the power of the holy weapon today. He can play a good part!"

Jian Yin smiled angrily, his whole body was galloping, and Qi Yu struck out! Chongmang across the sky, Jianguangrulong shot!

"Speed Moon! Die!"

The blade of light flashed into a bright moon Xuanzhao, and the ancestors of all parties were shocked, quickly flashed their bodies, showed their magical powers, and hardened Lin Chen's knife!

Lin Chen stepped back quickly, and the infinite dark step stepped out violently, his figure suddenly retreated!

The two eightfold mid-level war emperors roared through the wind, and the soul grabbing hook slammed into Lin Chen's direction!

"Boy, this is not what you can do with a sixfold warlord..."

Tear ~!

A touch of moonlight came, the dragon struck and strangled, the sword light flashed, and the soul grabber broke!

"I am not a sixfold war emperor."

Lin Chen smiled ruthlessly, and the two eight-fold mid-level elders were unbelievable. The body of the war emperor flashed by the flash of the knife collapsed and separated, there was no suspense at all, he died directly, and rolled off a large number of attribute light balls!

"If it weren't for the talent of killing the gods, both of you would be able to stop me."

Lin Chen sneered at will, and swiftly swept away all non-growth attribute light balls!

All the false **** family warlords who wanted to attack suddenly froze in place and their scalp numb! Mouth can not help but breathe air!

Instant kill!

Real instant kill!

Now Lin Chen, with pure power alone, is already at the level of fighting against the Nine Heavy Emperor, and his cultivation and spiritual strength are all at the peak of Kyushu!

Not to mention blessing the two attacking runes and the ultimate moment talent, even the knife in his hand is a genuine eighth-order holy weapon!

God killer talent, full firepower!

At this moment, there is no cultivation practice above the nineth warlord, standing in front of Lin Chen is to find death!

"Stop me!"

Lin Chenshen shouted and slammed the war emperors of all major families!


The war emperors of all walks couldn't help but yell!

We didn't stop you! It's you who rushed over!

The sword was gleaming, and countless war emperors, like ghosts, retreated quickly, and they dared not confront Lin Chen directly!

This is a fart! Under the Ninth Warlord, as long as it goes up, it is a one-shot thing, and even he can't stop it with a knife. How can this be blocked?

Countless pseudo-gods were hit by pond fish in the audience, Lin Chen had no taboos and rampaged! As the Raptors were born, the places they passed were completely one-sided slaughter!

While rushing to kill Lin Chen, he hurried to escape outside the Soul House area!

With each blade of light, there is a warlord who weighs more than six times and falls!

Lin Chen is like a tiger coming into the flock. Unstoppable, unstoppable!

All the believers of false gods stared at the figure in the sky tens of thousands of miles, just like the gods, no one can stop it!

"Even the eighth-order knife can be controlled, this son is really a wizard of evil spirits! It is definitely the top true transmission level in the sect of my own!"

Several sect ambassadors of the Holy Realm tremble in tone. If they can borrow the power of the eighth-order knife, it will be impossible for Lin Chen to really make it out!

"Huh, right, this sword is awesome, and it's not a complete eighth-order holy weapon. It's hard to tell!"

The white-haired old man narrowed his eyes and muttered in a low voice.

Moreover, several messengers from the Holy Realm sect swept a greedy and cruel killing intention from the depths of their pupils!

The eighth-order sacristy is also a rare treasure for them! Even if one hundred pieces of the seventh-tier top-grade treasures are difficult to touch, one-tenth the value of the eighth-tier holy artifact!

"Quickly stop this child, and then start the big battle! This child evildoer can no longer be kept! Use all resources to kill him!"

Soul Chixiao growls! He finally knew why the people like Soul Burial and Death had no life, and did not return from Lingzhou, it was all because of this son!

This kind of terrifying strength, any of the six great ancestors present, on the heads-up, no one can stop him!