My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 650

Vol 5 Chapter 650: War On Both Sides.

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Chapter 650, Battle on both sides.

On the mainland of Kyushu, the wind is surging.

At the moment when Lin Chen detonated the "God-killer" talent in the extreme east of Shenzhou, Mingzhou ushered in a big change!

Qianzhou, the capital city of Ming Dynasty. All the residents and the strong were shocked and looked up at the sky!

The dragons dance wildly, and the dragons cover the sky!

The vast earth dragon, the red lotus flame dragon, the shadow pterosaur, the Wanzai Xuanqing dragon, etc., countless dragon clan, gathered in the capital city of Mingzhou, because today is the "Shenshu Conference" of Mingzhou, the highest specification in the entire Kyushu Conference site!

Located in the scene of the conference, a rose in a black dress beautifully blooming in the dark night, dying of the country, the beautiful lady Dai frowned slightly, murmured to herself when gazing at the void.

"Dare to break in during the conference, this group of dragons may be bad."

Peerless beauty, it was Yan Qianyun. She left the sky tower specially to come to participate in this spiritual calculation meeting, but she did not expect to encounter the Dragon Race!

"Dragons of the Arid State, why do you come to my Mingzhou Shensuan Conference?"

For the first two Qingpao elders, they walked in the air, passing a rare bit of fierceness in Twilight's eyes!

The mathematician is good at deducing the heavens and taking precautions. However, no one of the top mathematicians expected this action of the Dragon Clan. Among them, there must be a problem!

The head of a red lotus dragon is suspended in the air, and it is transformed into a half-human form. The dragon head is a human body, and the dragon scales are like lava volcanoes, exuding a hot dragon breath at all times.

The Red Lotus Yanlong smiled playfully.

"We want a hundred mathematicians, of course, it's better to be a woman."

As soon as this remark came out, all the fortune tellers suddenly stood up angrily!

"What do you mean by this move!"

"Huh! The wolf ambition of the Dragon Clan, you want to find something, we Mingzhou are not afraid of you!"

There are quite a few old monsters present. These guys are obviously bad comers and have no intention of talking sincerely!

"It seems that we have no more talk."

In the void, the old man in red slowly stepping out of the long corner of his forehead, and many of the strong mathematicians present suddenly shrank their pupils!

On the mainland of Kyushu, every beast that can be completely transformed into a human form is basically a real old monster! Survived from ancient times to now!

Unexpectedly, the other party even dispatched such a strong man!

The problem is, no one knows, why do the Dragons want so many mathematicians?

Suddenly, a red lotus dragon drew his eyes sharply, staring at Yan Qianyun in the venue!

"Father, haha, this woman can, I want her!"

When the Yanlong laughed and roared, the atmosphere of the audience was on the verge!

A war as inferior to the extreme east region of Shenzhou, completely started from Mingzhou!

Shenzhou's extremely east area, the Soul Family Territory.

In the high sky, several silhouettes staggered back and forth, and a thunder burst.

boom! Bang ~!

The six elder ancestors flashed away as six streamers, Lin Chen was instantly blocked!

"Bahuangzhi! Attacking Mirror!"

The fingertips are connected, the eight-color flood energy fingers are embellished, and the knife is like a dragon and a man, and the mirror of the moon is cut!

"Seven Thorns Plum Blossom Show!"

"Thunder Tiger Crack! Fierce Sky Slash!"

The Thunder Tiger exploded, the fiery fire knife gang across the sky, the sword mandrel like an inch of light, a sword with thorns, and a faint plum blossom sword mark!

"The Mirror of ShouThe Moon of Shou!"

The moonlight is bright, surrounded by the shadow of the sword, turning to the mirror of the water robbery and fighting. After rebounding and attacking, the moonlight will split the sky!

Lin Dao's "Mirror Bright Moon" fired in full power between the flashes of the sword!

Lin Chen fought while protecting Ning Qingxuan, who was surrounded by his waist.

But fortunately, Ning Qingxuan did not panic at all, and Lin Chen always protected her with a "three inch robbery".

"It's amazing... why I don't have any sense of crisis, so at ease..."

Qian eyes closed tightly, Ning Qingxuan couldn't help but hug a bit, as if he was by Lin Chen's side, there was endless sense of security, nowhere in the world was safer than staying by his side.

Before even a moment, when even and gentle breathing came out, Ning Qingxuan fell asleep peacefully?

In this destiny dominated by a pseudo-god, since becoming a Tiangang realm, very few Ning Qingxuan can truly rest mentally. It can be said that she may not have been truly recuperated for several years.

But now in the battle whirlpool, Lin Chen's opponent is the six peak powerhouses of mainland Kyushu. She actually fell asleep in such a short time?

In the same way, we can also see how much burden this young girl who should have lost her life in her youth is bearing during this time!

"Get a good night's sleep. After waking up, it's the moment when I honour my promise to you!"

Lin Chen, who quickly retreated in the fierce battle, flashed a soft smile on his face that was blooming in the killing and fierce fighting, and then a more fierce fighting intention emerged, slashing with a knife, which could penetrate the rune and continue to launch!

Lin Chen's strong combat power shocked the audience! The six ancestors fighting alone?

These are the six top peak powerhouses who can deal with them at the same time without falling down. In today's Kyushu, under the Holy Land, perhaps no one can do it!

Bang! boom! boom!

The two ancestors who retreated Wang Wushuang and Lei Xiao with a single knife, Lei Mang bent like a moon, and the flames of Chi Yan's fist were raged!

Lin Chen slashed across with a sharp knife, and Ming Jingru's knife slashed open the offensive. This is from the elders of Taishang from the early and mid-nine layers of the nineth heavyweight, obviously, they also began to join the scuffle!

Although this offensive cannot completely threaten Lin Chen, it can delay his offensive! For the six great ancestors

Sigh~! The space cracked, and the old palms protruded like eagle claws, and the five fingers flowing the burning red flames of the burning mountain boiled to Lin Chen's rear neck!

He stepped into the air and twisted, "Infinitely Dark Step", the opponent's figure was suddenly trapped in the twisted space, and the offensive was not successful.

When Lin Chen moved tens of thousands of miles, the ancestor of Chi Xiao gritted his teeth fiercely, vigorously urged his body, like the shuttle of the mans, chasing down!

Lin Chen turned around and wandered back and forth, violently slashing the attack of the mirror, cutting the blood of his opponents palm with five fingers!

"Xilong is born!"

"Yuncang is a must!"

Emptying the mighty sword and mansions from all directions, the fighting spirit dragon was crushed from the head, and the dragon broke the sky!

Thousands of golden lights shine, and they merge into a giant of fighting spirit, violently brandishing his golden fists and beating Lin Chen! Cone-shaped finger-mandatory rotating spikes, point to the right of Lin Chen!

The fighting spirit flew like a thunderbolt, and turned into a thunder dapeng rush! The elders of Taishang in the early and middle stages of each road cooperate with the ancestors to show their magical powers and block Lin Chens various retreats!

The unprecedented offensive has shaken the world, and a million miles away is like a world-destroying disaster. The light is dim and the sky is dim! All offensives are formed in an instant!

"Bahuangzhi! Attacking Ming!"

The eight-color energy fingers are connected at a rapid speed, and a stroke of'Ming of Attack' splits the sky, then the blade turns, and the'Mirror of Attack' splits out!

boom! boom! boom! Bang!

The sky was dim and dark, Lin Chen killed each person with one knife, and the area in the extreme east of Shenzhou was so dark!

Even though his two fists lost to his four hands, his offensive did not weaken, but intensified!

He was bathed in blood, and the azure blue sword flew all the way up and down, like a round of bright moon. Lin Chen is like Shura coming again, fighting more than a dozen nine-fold war emperors alone!

He was in the arms of a beautiful woman, but he fell asleep peacefully, without being hurt at all, like a flower on the other shore blooming from hell.

At the same time, a shadow in white, quietly hidden in the dark, moved instantly. The Ning Qingxue was taken away, and the two elder warlords were smashed by his palm!

The location of Yunqiao, Ning Jia Ning Yuntian and others are still watching the fierce battle of the sky.

"His mother, this Lin Chen little devil still wants to hinder when my Ning family!"

"This child dares to anger the divine power, to death!"

The two elders of the Ning family could not help but scold, but Ning Yuntian fell into unprecedented contemplation!

What kind of person is Ning Yuntian, the arrogance of his contemporaries at that time was overwhelmed by him. On his mind, potential, and strength, he was the pinnacle of contemporaries. It is precisely because of this that he can become the most in the history of the Ning family. Young homeowner!

But at the moment, Ning Yuntian was completely in deep dignity!

Very scared!

Really think about it!

When I thought about the Ning family's difference, Lin Chen was only a Yuanzun realm, so he dared to come to their Ning family to be a person. They wanted Ning Qingxuan to show their edge and have the courage to know others. Talent!

But at the time, Ning Yuntian still felt that he had a very far distance from the legendary "True God" family!

But now, just over a year later, he not only made a triple breakthrough from Yuanzun Realm to Warlord Realm, but also a quadruple late Warlord! On Xiuwei is not worse than yourself! The combat power is far beyond!

That was a realm of war emperor realm that could be improved by thousands of years and thousands of years. It was so easily crossed by him that the common sense seemed not to apply to him at all! Strong terrible, terrible against the sky!

Not to mention the high-level combat power of this son alone fighting the entire six True God family! This record is placed in the 100,000-year history of Kyushu, and only he can do it!

If you dont see it with your own eyes, nobody will believe it!

He is just a teenager in his early twenties! Is this something a teenager can do?

If you give this child another ten years? No, five years! What kind of state will he step into in five years?

can not imagine! Ning Yuntian dare not continue to think down!

The only thing he knows is that this time, all the senior members of the Ning family have made an unprecedented wrong decision!

That is, standing on the opposite side of this child!