My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 651

Vol 5 Chapter 651: Desperate Life And Death And Then Start

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651 Chapter 651!

"If he falls here, it is the best. If this son does not die, I will wait for Ning's family in the future, I am afraid I have to live in his shadow..."

While Ning Yuntian contemplates the possibility of the Ning family's future, the elders who suppressed Ning Qingxuan's parents, his pupils flashed a flash of fire.

Several of them quietly took Ning Qingxuan away from the second elder, without disturbing Ning Yuntian and others.



Yun Tian tears, Lin Chen flashes back quickly, urging Zi Jin Tong, eyes narrowed.

"It will be exhausted in this way, and those guys secretly don't know what weapon they are preparing. All the emperors below the nineth layer have to disappear, and they have to work hard to kill them!"

More than a dozen nine-fold war emperors' turns offensive, combined with the offensive of the six ancestors, are terrifying!

If Lin Chen had learned "Infinite Dark Step", the speed of the Purple Phoenix Wings combined with the body's ability and prosperity would not be able to withstand such a rapid offensive by the previous speed alone!

In addition, the sword qi that Zhanlan Mingyue counteracted gradually increased the hidden dangers in the body. This is the second time Lin Chen uses this knife, and he will still be injured.


At this time, six completely different breaths, such as hundreds of millions of volcanic eruptions, shocked the entire Far East region!

Six vast shores of warlike body like the sun, the moon, and the sky, or the sword flow, cutting the void, or the red flame rolling, burning the mountain and boiling the sea, or the thunder, and countless thunder and lightning as a side of the thunder world!

The six ancestors used the holy body that their true god gave them! Just like that ten thousand snake body!

"Boy, I will wait for six people to launch the Eucharist against you at the same time. You are also the first person in Kyushu, die!"

Between Chi Xiao's ancestors sneer, the hot waves of turmoil spread like a pop in all directions!

The top powerhouses watching from all directions are either dignified or unbelievable!

"It turned out to be the legendary holy body?"

"No wonder the old ghost of Chixiao disappeared in Kyushu at that time, and when he appeared again, the old ancestor of Chixiao who was the soul family, it turned out that the old ghost was directed at this holy body!

"I said how could a few powerful families of true gods be suddenly created at night at the end of ancient times, because of this!"

"Those existences can actually create the Eucharist. It seems that they have to think clearly. This opportunity is unique..."

While marveling at the powerful in all directions, the messengers from the sect of the Holy Realm all flicked their lips in disdain.

"What kind of **** body is nothing more than a physique contaminated with a little saint's breath. It has a touch of heaven and earth. Even the lowest level of the prototype body is no more than one thousand percent of garbage."

"It's just from the late Jiuzhong's late possession of the strength of a battle emperor."

The first emperor battle, this is the division of the Holy Realm. Above the late nineth layer, it takes five disasters to qualify for the impact of the Holy Realm.

The sacred realm is the creation of the world, and it changes its life against the sky.

To break through the boundaries of the Emperor Jiuzhong in the later period, it is necessary to include the "Heaven and Earth Holy Spirit".

Since the ancient Hundred Sacred Wars, Kyushu has cracked and lost countless territories, and the heavenly and earthly sacred gas is rare and even almost extinct.

To such a long time, Kyushu has failed to reproduce the holy land, not even the first and second robbers!

Bang ~!

The soul of Chi Xiao, who launched the holy body, was full of flames, a punch came, and the wind of the box was like a million fire dragons spinning across the sky!

Lin Chen's face changed, and the blue moon in his hand was rotated one by one, the water robbery and fighting spirit flowed like the Tianhe River, and he opened a "mirror mirror" of the moon's water!


When the mirror of the guard was broken, and the fist wind shook Lin Chen, he narrowed his eyes, swept out a wave of spiritual destruction that destroyed mountains and rivers, and the sword light that strangled and strangled with it suddenly collapsed!

Lin Chen stepped in the void, stepped into a twisted black vortex, and the figure flashed in rapid succession, and the blue moon swept out! The six great ancestors urged the "holy body" to strike, pressing step by step!

The Limit Guiyuan talents are urged again and again, and the talents are extremely consumed! Lin Chen's mouth overflowed with blood, and he gritted his teeth!

"You can use Super Dimension Teleport again in about 10 minutes, based on my last state. My vitality can only be sustained for less than 9 minutes and will burn out! I must kill the lock in the 7th minute. aims!"

When he made up his mind, Lin Chen's blade flicked back and forth, pulling back into the system!

The pupil that turned Zijin's light suddenly flashed a madness!

"System, launch a desperate talent for life and death, target locked!"

Lin Chen directly chose the opponent who was killed in the early stage of Jiuzhong. He is a Taishang elder of the Wang family, and he is the easiest one to kill among the dozen or so Jiuzhong battle emperors present!

Although he didn't trigger the talent combo, the cooling time limit for the'Desperate Life and Death' talent has passed, and Lin Chen can launch this talent again!

[Successfully selected the target, cost 700,000 talent points, the desperate life and death talent started, the cooling time: 15 days. According to the calculation of the host's current strength, launching a fatal life and death will increase the overall strength by 100 times, and every 30 seconds, it will increase the overall combat strength by 18 times. The base upgrade is still calculated based on the host's base combat power, which can be added to the godslayer's talent.

The early Emperor Jiuzhong locked by Lin Chen as the target of "Death and Life" jumped into his heart, like falling into an ice cellar, passing through the coldness in an instant!

"This kid locked me? It seems not!"

Sigh~! The air burst, Lin Chen's body was flowing with orange brilliance, holding Ning Qingxuan tightly with one hand!

His pure power is close to 9.39 million, and his fighting strength is close to the initial peak!

This is the second time Lin Chen has launched "Desperate Life and Death". Unlike the previous one, he already has a certain understanding of this talent!

"6 minutes to win! Two minutes to kill the target!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, a slash of warfare was swept across the sky! The sword is like a dragon, dancing through the sky!

"Speed Moon!"

The light of heaven and earth turned into a flash of the bright moon, and the knife evaded the infinite thunder.

"This child's strength can still be improved?"

"How many cards does he have?"

The six great ancestors gathered in a mass, and the millions of miles collapsed into a void. Lin Chen stepped in shock, stricken with rapid disease, stepped in darkness, and the vortex was reversed, and the blue moon shone out again and again!

Sigh~! Bang!

Arrows shuttled, pointing to the light meteor, and fell to Lin Chen's side, almost disturbing his fighting rhythm!

Even in the current war situation, the other nine elders of the false **** family still do not intend to give Lin Chen any gaps. They must cooperate with the six ancestors of the holy body to forcibly suppress themselves!

As strong as the'God-killer' talent plus'Death and Death', Lin Chen is still reluctantly circling under the siege of the top fighting power of the six false **** families, because this is looking at the entire mainland of Kyushu, enough to match the whole of any big state Fighting power!

Equivalent to, this is the fighting power of Lin Chen alone in the whole Dazhou!

Countless elders of the hidden world are stunned!

They asked themselves, if they were allowed to match up with this lineup in person, they would not be able to get out in ten rounds! Not to mention the constant confrontation like Lin Chen for so long!