My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 652

Vol 5 Chapter 652: Nine Tribulation Stars Broke Out

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Chapter 652

The six great ancestors even sacrificed the "holy body", Lin Chen is still invincible!

His life, fighting spirit, and all turned into orange glory continue to pass, but there is no panic in his eyes, like a fighting cheetah, secretly waiting for a chance to kill!

The shocking battle only lasted until the fourth minute, and an orange halo exploded from Lin Chen's body!


Longlihua turned the dragon roar, and the fighting spirit fell into nine disasters. Shining through the ages, Kyushu! Lin Chen, temporarily advancing to the mid-level cultivation of the nineth layer!

"Dark Step Fight!"

As the dragon turned around, Lin Chen clung to Ning Qingxuan with his left hand, and stepped behind him. The dark robbery was like a dark mang with a fight and a star shift. With the flash of the Purple Phoenix wings, to avoid the bombardment of the three great ancestors!

"True meteor stars!"

The ancestors of the Wang family and Wang Wushuangs holy body flowed to Chilian Xingxia, stepping out to crush the Baili Mountain and River, standing like a galaxy, condensing the endless star with one finger, and spiraling to shoot above Lin Chens head!

"Blood sacrifice dragon ghost!"

Jian Yin threw both hands, sacrificed the sword with blood, and struck out with a blue sword, like a ghost dragon snake, stabbed straight and disconnected the sky!

"Fire Phoenix destroys the world!"

The ancestor of Chi Xiao was slightly pale, and the Eternal Fire Sacred Body condensed by his battle of vitality launched two flowing red flames and turned into a fire phoenix to Lin Chen!

In addition, nine elder princes still did not plan to let Lin Chen go, and cooperated with the attack of the six great ancestors to block Lin Chen's retreat!

"Before you always attacked, it's up to me!"

With the power of the talent of "Death and Death", Lin Chen broke through the mid-ninth layer temporarily, and he was full of confidence, and there was a sneer in the corner of his mouth! A turn offensive!

The blood-stained arm slammed a knife sharply, mirrored the moon, and rushed into the sky!

"Speed Mirror! Speed Moon!"

The extremely fast flashes of two knives retreat, many attacks, the exposed arms of the green bars explode the dragon power that destroys the galaxy, and the knives are suddenly drawn out, and the ultimate return is started again!

The azure blue moon shines brightly like a crescent moon, shining on the entire Far East area!

"Jingyue and God!"

Sigh~! Hey~!

A chopping of the moonlight that shines in the heavens and the earth came out from the blade of the sword. Wherever it passed, the universe was reversed, dividing the heavens and earth, vertically slashing all the obstacles, and instantly destroying the body offensive of the Six Great Patriarchs, six people The expression is terrifying, and the time to retreat is lost!

The strongest form of "Mirror Moon", "Mirror Moon"!

The unstoppable moon awn disappeared in a flash, and the extreme east area withered in the light.

The penetration power of 25% splits the fighting strength of the six ancestors, and three people spit blood and are injured!

An elder in the early and middle stages of Jiuzhong was affected by the sword, and he was killed and disabled! Floating a large number of attribute light balls!

Click~ Click~ boom!

When the earth's veins split apart, and a rift rift that stretched for thousands of miles appeared, everyone was horrified!

Those Taishang elders who were not affected by Dao Qi's aftertaste all showed a fearful look after the rest of their lives!

It's just that the sword qi Yu Yun is so terrifying. If this knife falls in the soul home area, I am afraid that the tens of millions of "True God" people will become the souls under his sword.

Lin Chen took away the attributed lightballs of the two fallen nine emperor warlords, and was about to go to kill the target locked by his "desperate life and death" talent.

Bang ~!

Six rounds of large formations rose from the vast void, and some swords were energetic. Some Thunder Shadows are like dragons, howling sky, turned into infinite Thunder Snake, Thunder Jiao, Thunder Dragon vertical and horizontal void!

Some golden lights, star bursts, star charts, like a galaxy hanging upside down! Some of the flames rolled over, and the flames directed at Jiuxiao, like a pillar of fire standing in the sky!

Six rounds of large formations were pushed forward, and in the center of the large formations stood many warlords of the false **** family!

"His! It's a big family!"

"This group of lunatics is really dead! Even such a big killer has been moved out!"

Many top war emperors couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. The war emperors of the six false **** families, who had previously evacuated the battlefield, were preparing their respective protection clan arrays, which was all about fighting life and death here with Lin Chen!

Nine Taishang elders returned to their guardian clan in great succession

laugh! Lin Chen's arm soared blood, his face pale, and the orange glory accelerated.

"No, Zhan Lan Mingyue is an eighth-order knife. After that, I should be bitten by a bite!"

Putting away the'zhanglanmingyue', Lin Chen launched the'Limited Returning', and his mental strength was swept away. The six ancestors were injured by the'Jingyueqishen' and could not move for a while. This was his only chance. !

"As long as the big formation is broken, the accelerated cooling of the super-dimensional transmission is almost the same.

Lin Chen's palms are running in endless sky-tribulation warfare, and the nine-color energy vortex rotates like a roulette, forming a group of brightly-shining nine-color stars, gorgeous, psychedelic, and colorful, like the most dazzling starlight in the sky!

The palm of his hand threw his hands away, and the nine-color stars left their hands, turning into a nine-color aurora falling towards the six rounds that blocked them in front!

The waves of destruction within the Nine-Color Aurora are enough to crush the heavens and the earth, making any Ninth Warlord embarrassed!

Nine Tribulation Stars!

On Lin Chens journey to Shenzhou, the source of the fighting spirit recovered just right. Although the Jiujiaoxing this time did not have the blessing of Jinglintianxia, Lin Chens cultivation practice has temporarily entered the mid-ninth mid-term.

The "Nine Tribulation Stars" this time will be second only to the last detonation in Lingzhou!

Sigh~! Bang!

The moment when the Nine Tribulation Stars crashed into the Great Array, they exploded violently, and tens of thousands of energy waves surged into the sky, and a nine-color beam of light was turned in the center, tearing all the protection clan large array!

When the aftermath of energy was in full bloom, countless pseudo-believers wailed and ran away, and were overturned by the exploding air wave!

Many of the top war emperors who came here to watch the battle are also ghostly and fleeing wildly. This power is even more perverted than the previous one!


The energy fluctuations that overturned the heavens and the earth went straight to Jiuxiao, and the nine-color beam of light continued to rotate and bloom, and the overflowing energy destroyed the fluctuations, enough to make any warlord under the five catastrophes numb!

The space is broken, the airflow is drained, and the energy fluctuations constantly lift the surface, splitting into blocks of high veins, the Soul House area, and continuous collapse!

All buildings and towns, like tofu blocks, were destroyed in an instant and turned into powder!

Soul home area, destroyed once!

The sectarian messengers of the Holy Realm, who watched the battles from all walks of life, displayed their magical powers to protect themselves and resist the aftermath of energy.

"Where did this kid come from so many cards, the eighth-order knife broken by Sheng Yun, and the repairs of the mid-nineth layer can explode in a blow comparable to the second robbery and battle emperor!"

"This trick is even more splendid, and the power is approaching the peak of the second robbery and the emperor. Gee, if the old man guessed right, should this child's true strength be less than the five-fold war emperor?"

The eyes of the strong men of all roads are getting hotter, and they are also hesitant!