My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 653

Vol 5 Chapter 653: Mortal Ning Qingxuan.

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Chapter 653, Mortal, Ning Qingxuan.

If this son can recruit their sect, he must be the top true disciple! But to help him is equivalent to standing on the opposite side of that group of people.

[The host has killed the destiny life and death talent to lock the target, the talent state is released.

The Taishang elder who was locked in by his desperate life-and-death talent fell directly under the'Nine Tribulation Stars'! No bones!

The orange brilliance flowing throughout the body disappeared, and Lin Chen's Xiu Wei temporarily returned to the early stage of the Nineth Layer.

The guardian clan of the six false **** families has been broken, and hundreds of war emperors have fallen!

Among them, more than forty people died under the five-fold warlord, thirty-four people in five-fold warlord, twenty people in six-fold warlord, twelve people in seven-fold warlord, and nine people in eight-fold warlord!

At the beginning of the nineth battle, the three emperors fell! In the middle of the ninth layer, one person died!

Countless wounded!

Lin Chen launched the "Nine Tribulation Stars" with the Nine Heavy Intermediate Cultivation. Under the blessing charge and the rune penetration, the power has completely exceeded the attack scope of the Nine Heavy Battle Emperor!

Lin Chenburuo's dark vortex, a few twists and turns, took away all the attribute light balls.

[The host gains 35000 rune energy, 28500 talent points, 29000 skill essence, 20,000 heavenly value...]

[Get nine amethyst treasure chests, get: 20 Rune Evolution Stones, 150,000 Talent Points, 200,000 Tiandao Value, 200,000 Rune Energy, 2000 Blank Attributes, Purple Rank Active Talent (One-Time) Super Full Counterattack.

In the center, an orange beam of light bloomed, Lin Chen grabbed the orange crystal treasure chest inside!

[Open the Orange Crystal Treasure Chest and obtain: Sky Hidden Rune Fragment (1/3).

[Tianyin Rune: You can enter the Tianyin state within a specified time; all aspects of the host body's breath and any attacks issued can be reduced to a "Tianyin state" without being explored. With cooling time, the higher the level, the lower the cooling time, the higher the applicable level.

The new attribute light screen makes Lin Chen shine!

At this time, the six ancestors gradually recovered part of their injuries and stood up again!

Lin Chen Zijin pupil turned, staring into the distance and thinking.

One thousandth of breath, a voice of fighting spirit in the ear, Lin Chen's expression shocked!

"Brother Lin Chen, go away!"

It seemed as if he had a psychic spirit, and the light and elegant sound transmitted to his ears made Lin Chen turn around and leave, "Infinite Dark Step" even across the void, purple wing flapping!

"Hugh wants to go!"

The air exploded, hundreds of feet away, and Soul Chixiao found an old palm and slammed towards Lin Chen, and Chi Yan rolled like a claw of a fire dragon, blasting towards the two!

Lin Chen's backhand pointed to the "eight wild fingers", and the sky was broken, and the six ancestors began to gradually restore their combat power!

"System, start super-dimensional transmission, and transfer to coordinate No. 2."

[Received by the system, the number of hosts: 1. The cost of talent points is doubled. A total of 1.2 million talent points will be sent.


A light beam of space broke from Lin Chen's head and shone down, flashing a little, Lin Chen and Ning Qingxuan in her arms disappeared into darkness, turning into transparency.

This scene made all the strong men stagnate in place, and even the messengers of the Holy Realm sect were dumbfounded!

Those "believers of the true God" are as stunned as demented!

The six true **** family shots, did not leave this child?

This is enough to match the top combat power of the entire big state!

A 20-year-old boy singled out the fighting power of the entire big state, not only killed many war emperors, seriously injured the six ancestors, but also successfully retreated?

To what extent is he so strong!

"It's not over yet, Lin Chen, you are ruining the soul of my soul family at the end of one hundred thousand. Between us, it's not over yet! The wrath of the true God will definitely give you the punishment you deserve!"

The hoarse roar of Soul Chixiao resounded through the clouds, and the ancestors of the major ancestors looked dignified. The potential of this son penetrated into their hearts!

If he is not completely obliterated, the future will be the number one enemy threatening their survival!

"That kid hit our blood arrows, he is still within the scope of the Divine Land, and he is regrouping and fighting in the end! I don't believe how long his temporary explosive force can last!"

Soul Chixiao has an old-fashioned vision, and if there is no limit to the use of this child's power, he should have chased after the victory just now, instead of breaking away!

When he is weak, he will face the life and death of six families! Certainly die!


Shenzhou faces southeast, near the edge of Huangzhou, and the southern country.

Ning Qingxuan woke up from Lin Chen's arms with the subversive sense of "Super Dimensional Teleportation". When she opened her eyes, the fresh breath blew across her cheeks and she was already in a vast world. There is no previous killing, fighting breath!

"Me, have we really escaped?"

Ning Qingxuan unconsciously turned to Lin Chen and asked.

Lin Chen nodded with a smile-"Well, it's safe."

Suddenly, Ning Qingxuan seemed to remember something, her pretty face changed slightly! When he was about to speak, Lin Chen smiled.

"Relax, your family has left safely, they are here, you will be able to see them later."

This sentence finally let Ning Qingxuan's heart hang down.

Then, Lin Chen took Ning Qingxuan's jade hand and flew down the air, laughing and said: "Look down to see where this is."

Ning Qingxuan. What is in sight is a sea of pink flowers!

"This, this is..."

Beautiful eyes and blue waves circulate, Ning Qingxuan's hands gently cover her red lips!

The sea of flowers is covered with thousands of miles, pink, beautiful, and the swaying flowers are light and diffuse.

Every time the breeze blows, there are countless flowers swaying, like dancing elves, beckoning to welcome guests from far away, it is really the beauty of the prosperous world.

"This is the sea of flowers in the southern China of Shenzhou. It blooms every July 10th, one of the places you want to see the most, right."

Lin Chen smiled and raised his jade jade found in Ning's house with his right hand. It was an item left by Ning Qingxuan when he was taken away.

Within the jade jade, she recorded the scenery she most expected to visit in her lifetime.

Ning Qingxuan was stunned, and then looked at Lin Chens injury, letting thousands of beautiful scenes not want to appreciate it, and said anxiously-"The injury on your body..."

"Haha! It's okay, it's just a minor injury. It's not enough to mention my promise to you!"

Lin Chen let go of Ning Qingxuan's palm, turned his back to the ground, and jumped into the sea of flowers, facing Ning Qingxuan in the sky with open arms and laughing with pride!

"Miss Ning Qingxuan, congratulations, the gift of adulthood forced by Lin Chenshuai: From today, you are a real mortal! An unrestrained mortal with blood and flesh!"

The shouting of the young man made the sea of flowers with pink petals like a whirlwind, gorgeous and blurred, like a pink tornado blowing Ning Qingxuan's side!

The beautiful girl's lips hung with an extremely happy and innocent smile, tears flashing, her smile shouted at Lin Chen.

"Really! I really, can I no longer obey other people's arrangements? I really... can I go where I want? I really can go out of Lingzhou and go wherever I want to go !"

At the end of the talk, two lines of tears fell from Ning Qingxuan's eyes. The lady smiled with tears, like a ray of late summer in the autumn wind.

Lin Chen shouted with a smile.

"Of course! Starting today, you don't need to obey anyone's arrangements, you don't need to take into account anyone's ideas, Ning Qingxuan, you are free!"

The teenager fell into the sea of flowers, a pink ripple appeared on the surface of the sea of flowers, and the lady wept with joy, fell from the sky, and hugged him.