My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 654

Vol 5 Chapter 654: Fairies Will Drive

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Chapter 654

Only at this moment did Ning Qingxuan feel alive!

"Lin Chen, the thing I don't regret the most is that I ran away from home to the deserted area that day and met you."

Ning Qingxuan murmured in Lin Chen's arms, Lin Chen grinned, and suddenly, there was a pain in his body, someone Lin turned his eyes white!

Mom, I pretended to be too much, and I forgot to use the spirit spirit element method... the injury increased...

Lin Chen was twitching and comatose in the sea of flowers... It was Ning Qingxuan's worried face that was in front of her eyes when she closed her eyes.


For a long time, it seemed that a warm current was injected into Lin Chen's body to adjust his recovery.

After that, Lin Chen woke up. I don't know who it is, but he has replaced him with a brand new silver robe.

He lay in the sea of flowers, with a light breeze blowing in the breeze that made him very useful, pillowed on the lady's delicate knee pillow, the virgin fragrance and floral fragrance mixed, so that Lin showed a comfortable look.

"If you don't want to wake up anymore, I'll kiss it down~"

Yi Ren chuckled, Lin Mou closed his eyes and smiled very enjoyably.

"Dear it, just take a loss, don't pity me because I am the most handsome in Kyushu!"

Suddenly, someone Lin felt wrong! How did something hard hit the back of your head?

I rely on!

So surprised that someone Lin was shocked, got up immediately, trembling in the corner of his mouth!

"Qingxuan, you... are you the cute girl with the handle?"

"Huh? Why am I more excited?"

"More excited? So you really like men?"

The beautiful girl giggled, the flowers twitched, the arc raised between the eyebrows, the smile of Fanghua peerless, like a fairy who fell into the dust.

Someone Lin fixed his eyes, the beautiful woman in the white dress in front of him was not Ning Qingxuan, but his sister Ruoyan.

She put a jade slip between her knees. It was the big baby who had just stared at the back of Lins head, and she almost developed his metamorphosis.

"Scared me, it turned out to be you Ruoyan sister!"

Lin Chen breathed a sigh of relief, Mom, if Qing Xuan brought it, wouldnt it...

Wouldn't it be more exciting! Hey, hey!

"Why, it's not your Miss Qingxuan, are you unhappy?"

Eyebrows raised lightly, Bai Ruoyan seemed to laugh, and someone twitched at the corner of his mouth, then smiled badly.

"How come, if it's Ruoyan, I can't ask for anything. Come and come. Last time I was interrupted. This time we continue to the last thing. What step did we take last time? Oh! Come, come!"

"Eh? Don't run if Sister Yan! It's a big deal. I'll take a loss. I won't be fair to let you tear my clothes!"

"I knew it was bad or bad. Are you afraid your sister won't cure you?"

After the two played for a while, they lay comfortably in the sea of flowers, and with Lin Chen's spiritual power, they could find Ning Qingxuan's position in a single thought.

She was reuniting with her family at a pavilion thousands of miles away, and weeping together, the family was finally reunited.

When Lin Chen broke the large array of the six false **** families, he only knew that Ning Qingxuan had infiltrated the soul home area of Shenzhou. Instead, he rescued Ning Qingxuans parents and sister Ning Qingxue. Tone yourself.

In fact, Bai Ruoyan has caught up with Lin Chen since he discovered that he had left Lingzhou, and he has followed him for the first time. He has never stopped in Lingzhou to help everyone divert the vast seas of space.

Lin Chen asked with a serious expression.

"Sister Yan, don't do such a dangerous thing in the future, okay!"

Instead, Bai Ruoyan returned to calm, staring at Lin Chen indifferently-"Why, let you do it?"

"You leave from Lingzhou without saying a word. I will meet you again. I will hold your hand, and I won't let go."

She smiled brightly, beautiful, enough to forget everything in the world.

"The life and death of Lingzhou has nothing to do with me. Everything in the world is not as important as your life. Even if you go to death, I will die with you."

Lin Chen was stunned in his place, and he was usually clever with tongue, but he could not say a word at the moment, as if this sister Ruoyan was born to be his nemesis.

Someone Lin with a red face coughed lightly, pretending to be a serious man.

"Cough, what happened to Lingzhou when Sister Yan left?"

"If there is a deputy dean, should I still be able to support it? I was just like someone when I ran out. I could not care about anything. There was only one person in my heart, but he was thinking about his sister Qingxuan. , I think about him."

Bai Ruoyan learned what Lin Chen was like before, blinking playfully, Lin Chen's mouth twitched!

Hey, anger, this fairy elder sister is still trying to pass the trick!

No, I have to pull back a game!

Lin Chen's face was serious-"Sister Ruoyan, have you ever seen a fairy?"

Bai Ruoyan smiled and shook his head.

Then, Lin Chen stretched his hand to his arms, Bai Ruoyan stretched out his jade hand on his wrist, and said with a smile.

"If you are digging in the mirror, you will be free. Or next time you will find a place where only two of us will take a gun."

Lin Chen took a breath of air!

My mom! Fairies can drive, who can stand it!

It seems that he likes to see Lin Chen eating deflated, and Bai Ruoyan smiles.

However, if there is only one deputy dean in Lingzhou, if there is only one warlord at the beginning of Jiuzhong, it should still be able to complete the diversion of all seawater.

Because Bai Ruoyan had the strength to surpass the late Jiuzhong when she was in the torch, and if she was outside, the strength she could play was only close to the mid-9th.

"By the way, I almost forgot to remind you that there is still a breath of blood arrows in your body. The people of the six families should still be able to lock your position."

At this time, Bai Ruoyan pointed at Lin Chen's previously injured calf, and he frowned!

How did he forget this?

The status of the God Killer talent has been lifted in a coma. Now I have used up the two God Killer talents that I have saved before. If I meet another six families, I will definitely die!

An eightfold mid-level emperor can hang him from Lin! Not to mention the six great ancestors!

By then, with the background of the six great families, even if there is Bai Ruoyan, it is impossible to completely block it.

Lin Chen opened his eyes a moment after running his mind, his expression was dignified.

"This stuff is terrifying, I can't even get rid of my mind!"

The breath under the brand of "Blood Arrow" is completely attached to Lin Chen's body, such as the maggot of the tarsal bone, and even the "Genesis Nine Tribulation" cannot be eliminated.

Perhaps it was the false gods behind the false **** family that passed to those ancestors!

When he turned to Bai Ruoyan, the fairy elder sister stared at him with a smile on her jade hand and snow white chin.

Lin Chen was a little speechless, "If you sister Yan, what is your expression? Fortunately, we are now stared at by the six false **** families of the entire Dazhou, is it a bit of a sense of crisis?"

"But my sister is very happy, I don't think it matters."

"Happy? The knives are all over my head. Are you happy?"

"It's a pleasure to be with you."

Lin Chen: ""

Bai Ruoyan covered his mouth and chuckled lightly-"I can live and die with you, there is nothing to worry about."

Lin Chen was sweating, if Sister Yan really could see it...