My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 655

Vol 5 Chapter 655: Is He Handsome?

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Chapter 655

"In any case, first find an opportunity to leave. This is the largest country in China, the southern country. There is a high-level space transmission channel."

Lin Chen got up and flashed, followed by Bai Ruoyan.

Thousands of miles away, Huahai Pavilion.

Ning Qingxuan and his family are here, and there are six elders of the Ning family!

When Lin Chen saw the elders of Ning's family, his eyes were sullen, but Bai Ruoyan preached.

"Relax, they are people who have absorbed the seeds of the flame, and they have been controlled by me."

Lin Chen suddenly realized that if Sister Yan could save Ning Qingxuan's two elders without exposing, it turned out that there was a'inward response'!

"Ying Ning Xingling, have met the benefactor Mr. Lin!"

When Ning Qingxuan's father Ning Xingling and mother Yun Qingrou saw Lin Chen, they wanted to kneel down and thank them.

Lin Chen waved his hand and shook his head with a smile-"Uncle and aunt are too heavy. This is my promise to Qing Xuan. I should do it, but I came a little late."

Erla was grateful and excited, and his eyes were filled with relief.

But they saw the world-wide war of that day with their own eyes. In order to save their own daughter-in-law, Lin Chen fought alone against the six true **** families, which was equivalent to singled out the entire big state!

This is not an understatement that can be taken lightly!

What about Lingzhou and Kyushu?

"Our maiden can find a man like you, and it is considered to live up to this life.

Yun Qingrou burst into tears again, and Ning Qingxuan felt distressed-"Mother, all will pass, let's not think about it!"

"Hee hee, I knew Brother Lin Chen would keep his promise. Who made him the most handsome in Kyushu!"

Ning Qingxue winked and smiled, someone Lin gave a thumbs up-"I like honest children!"

Xiao Nizi's pretty face didn't cause a faint blush.

Bai Ruoyan saw the admiration and shyness hidden in Xiao Nizi's cunning eyes, and she laughed in her heart.

This younger brother, Chen Chen, is really charming.

Lin Chen's eyes turned and stared at the sky, a shock rang through the sky!

"Who are you, who dare to break into the sea of flowers! This is the territory of my southern country, how can I let it wait for unruly?"

Four breaths descended from the sky. The woman's long dress headed by clouds was like a cloud, the girl's posture looked like a fish and a wild goose. A pair of autumn water and blue eyes moved her heart, but the cold pride between the eyebrows was a kind of indifference that rejected people thousands of miles away.

The three people behind her are all in the Imperial Realm, and the highest one is in the Imperial Realm.

With the breath of Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan, the other three war emperor realms of the other party were not detected, and the Ning Qingxuan family, only the parents of the war emperor's two-level cultivation.

"Dare you dare to break into the flowers of my southern country, but can you have a pass? If you don't have a pass, you can only do things according to the rules!"

Two old gray robe warns coldly, Lin Chen smiled and stood up.

"Two, look at the handsome value of this handsome, and how to sell the handsome to a face, we just came to sightseeing, there is nothing malicious."

Lin Chengang handed out a bottle of jade filled with seventh-order elixir. After all, he might still have to rely on news from the southern kingdom to find a space channel.

But when Lin Chen planned to regard peace as expensive, the cold woman opposite could not help speaking coldly.

"Dare you like to pretend to be handsome? What is the use of just looking good on one face? The truly attractive person is the one who dares to declare war on the sky, questioning history, and reversing destiny, just like Lin Chen, who has infinite charm Like a son!"

Talking about the name, Mu Qianqiu, the princess of the southern kingdom, showed a look of admiration and admiration.

Lin Chenle!

Feeling yourself this notorious character, there is still a fan in China?

Lin Chen was very interested and smiled casually: "Why, maybe I am even more handsome than him."


Mu Qianqiu glanced at Lin Chen disdainfully.

Because the false **** family tried to block the news, and the previous incidents were full of false **** believers. In fact, there is no portrait of the true appearance of Lin Chen circulating in Shenzhou.

On the contrary, there are many business groups selling fake portraits, selling fake news, fake portraits. Yumu mixed beads, the basic strength has not reached a certain level, there is no qualification to know the true appearance of Lin Chen!

Even the wanted orders issued by the Soul Family to Lin Chen were only circulated in the circle of the strongest at the top, because they are less than the strength of the Seventh Warlord, and they are not eligible to hunt Lin Chen!

Therefore, this Princess Mu Qianqiu has not seen the true look of Lin Chen.

Mu Qianqiu looked at Lin Chen with contempt.

"Just like your little white face, dare to compare with the son of Chen Chen? If you go back and practice for hundreds of years and strive to advance to the war emperor within two thousand years, maybe you may touch the feet of the son of Chen Chen...


Lin Chen couldn't help laughing.

Mu Qianqiu frowned: "What are you laughing at?"

Lin Chen took a deep breath to stop laughing, and said seriously.

"I remember something happy."

Mu Qianqiu: "What a happy thing."

"I was promoted to Warlord a few months ago."


The lady fluttered with a smile, Bai Ruoyan.

Mu Qianqiu glanced at Bai Ruoyan somewhat, and the other party's temperament and figure were far above him. Is this little white face Yanfu still not shallow?

She questioned Bai Ruoyan again: "What are you laughing at?"

Bai Ruoyan pursed his lips with a chuckle: "I am also promoted to Warlord."

She looked at Lin Chen and sneered. "Are you sure, are you kidding me?"

Although it is impossible to detect the depth of the two men's cultivation, the life fluctuations of this man and a woman may be less than a hundred years old. Can this age achieve war? It's a fantasy!

Ning Qingxuan gave Lin Chen a helpless glance, while Ning Qingxue frantically covered her mouth and smirked.

Lin Chen quickly waved his hand-"No, we are not kidding, to be honest, is this Lin Chen, are you handsome?"

"He's not a question of being handsome or not. He's really the kind, the kind that is unique."

A rare expression in Mu Qianqiu's eyes revealed a sincere look.

"His life is very mysterious. It is said that he came from Lingzhou. He dared to challenge many false gods covering up history, breaking the mountain, ruining the ritual, and upsetting the legendary soul family. There are this man in this world, no one in Kyushu Comparable, unfortunately I was not in China that day, and I was not able to see his true face in person..."

puff! Lin Chen laughed again!

Mu Qianqiu Xiu eyes glared-"You are too deceiving!"

Bang ~!

The southern country vibrated, and a wave of sound came, and it was at this time that the faces of the three emperors around Mu Qianqiu changed slightly!

"Oops, that guy is coming!"

"This Pharaoh Eight bullied our country teacher and the old king to the ruins and did not return, specially came to trouble the princess!"

Receiving the wounded transmission from his family, the two grey robe elders gritted their teeth and turned to look at the void on the other side.

"Hahaha, the old man is close to the southern country. Isn't there a decent person who came out to receive it? There are some crooked melons and jujubes. This seems to be the case in the southern country. There is only a sea of flowers for people to appreciate."

The golden flames swelled into a sea of fire, and a yellow robe figured out in the sea of fire, with a tiger's back and a waist, like a dragon and tiger possessed, magnificent!