My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 656

Vol 5 Chapter 656: Hanging.

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Chapter 656

"Last husband's proposal, how did you think about it, Qian Qiuzi, being my woman, I can't lose you."

When the middle-aged man looked down and looked at Mu Qianqiu, he couldn't help but stick out his scarlet tongue and licked his mouth, making goose bumps fall to the ground!

"Wang Bahu, you really fooled me in Southern China!"

Mu Qianqiu proudly stood out, his eyes cold! Meiyu showed his determination to die rather than bend down!

This Wang Bahu became more and more arrogant since he joined the false **** family and became a guest secretary of the Wang family. Now he is bullying them, asking Mu Qianqiu, a granddaughter girl, to be his woman.

This time he came, I am afraid that the comers are not good!

With the strength of his late six battles against the emperor, no one can stop him except the national teacher and her father emperor!

"Don't drink toast, drink fine wine. However, I like this stubbornness. It looks better when I get to bed."

When Wang Bahu touched his chin and smiled, the three people beside Mu Qianqiu waited fiercely, his expression dignified!

Today, I'm afraid it's going to die!

When Wang Bahu turned his eyes and discovered Ning Qingxuan and Bai Ruoyan, it was like a drunken man who had discovered a thousand years of wine! Eyes shine!

These two women, a fresh and refined, elegant and like a lotus. An immortal goes down, Fanghua peerless. The latter is even better than Mu Qianqiu!

Such women, human geometry!

"Ha ha ha! This trip actually made me encounter such a superb two women, earned, earned...?"

Just when Wang Bahu was ecstatic, when he saw the silver-robed boy with his hands on his chest and his cynical smile hanging on his mouth, he was struck by thunder!

The silver robe teenager laughed.

"It's another thing to treat the false **** as a dog. Are you going to fall down from the abandonment, or do I slap and die?"

Amazing words!

Mu Qianqiu and the three emperors stayed in place!

Wang Bahu is the late Emperor of the Sixth Layer! This is not Chinese cabbage. Looking at any big state in Kyushu, the five-fold war and the emperor are well-known powerful people.

Not to mention the late Emperor Liuzhong, placed anywhere in Kyushu, any family, is definitely a high-end combat power, close to the top of the pyramid!

How dare this kid threaten to slap and die? Even the Seventh Battle Emperor did not dare to make such cruel words!

But Wang Bahu shivered, and his expression was a ghostly look!

This tone, this feature cannot be wrong! That man!

Although he is the elder guest of Qing Dynasty who guards the border area of Wang Jiazhong, he has seen the true appearance of Lin Chen in the internal information circulation. This kid is Lin Chen!

That monster that turned the soul family upside down, and dare to offend even the soul god!

"Damn, how did I meet this ancestor here!"

Without saying a word, Wang Bahu suddenly shouted into the void while secretly crying in his heart!

"Sister Ruoyan."

Lin Chen chuckled, Bai Ruoyan's hand tapped the void, and the milky white flame condensed into a net of fire, such as the latitude and longitude of the heavens and the earth, covering the sky, and Wang Bahu, who was diving thousands of miles into the void, would be forced into the real body!

Tear ~! Lin Chen's figure flashed into a touch of purple flame moonlight, and the eight-color energy fingers suddenly came out!

Bang! A record of eight wilderness refers to crushing the mountains and rivers, causing Wang Bahu to be seriously injured!

Lin Chen strode meteorically, turned into moonlight, fisted like a dragon, and hit down on Wang Bahu's face with a violent wind and a shower of rain. The spiritual power turned into the spiritual storm of Shura's wrath and devastation!

The air of Gengjin flowing from the Golden Tribulation Body attached to his fist, and slammed into Wang Bahu's abdomen, face, chest, and dozens of punches, causing Wang Bahu to be seriously injured!

laugh! The air was torn apart, Lin Chen's dragon force exploded, the Divine Shadow Demon Leg turned into a whip leg, urged to penetrate the rune, swept out of one leg, and smashed Wang Bahu's life wheel of fighting spirit! The pain screamed like a pig!

[Get 19850 Rune Energy, 590 Ignition System Energy, 650 Wind System Energy, 80 Spiritual Power, 100 Blank Attributes, 12,500 Talent Points, 98,500 Elite Spirits, 11,000 Heavenly Dao,]

[Open Amethyst Treasure Chest, get: 50,000 talent points.

Lin Chen took away all the light spheres he had dropped, and repaired them in the later stage of the sixfold. The dropped stats were quite impressive.

At the next moment, Wang Bahu was lifted by Lin Chen and thrown in front of the dumbfounded four like a dead chicken!

Even if he does not use the "Xiu Luo Jiuhuang Change", Lin Chen is now also a quadruple peak battle emperor. With pure power and spiritual strength, he captured a late six-fold period, and no longer talk!

Non-seven warlords, waiting for the idle warlord, Lin Chen can unilaterally hang the hammer!

"It's up to you, but I want to use the space channel near your southern country."

Suddenly, the old man in gray robe seemed to remember something, and the shocked expression was a little more cautious, and respectfully embraced the fist.

"Dare to ask the son who is it?"

Lin Chen patted his shoulder and said lightly.

"If you can't change your name, you can't change your surname. The most handsome little black dragon in Kyushu is called Lingzhou Linchen, who has lost his intelligence."


The name exploded like a bomb in the minds of four people, especially Mu Qianqiu, who had always been cold and proud, her expression at the moment was very funny, both stupefied, incredible, and ecstatic!

The living legend I admired so much really appeared in front of me?

It may be hard to believe, but the scene just now is enough to explain everything! When Lin Chen shot, Xiu Wei had already revealed a little, and he was a fourfold war emperor!

Moreover, his age is really like the legend, just a teenager in his twenties!

"You, the son is Lin Chen?"

Mu Qianqiufang trembled, Lin Chen teased: "Why, don't believe it? I believe that in this extremely east area where false believers are everywhere, no one should dare to pretend to be me easily."

Open the mouth and dare to speak out the believer of the false god, it is him, it must be him!

"No, don't dare! The son is here, the little girl is terrified!"

Mu Qianqiu's attitude was completely a 180-degree change, and Yingying fell back, slightly nodding, that look like a little maid who saw the master very much.

When she stared at Lin Chen's eyes again, what was the cold ice of the previous iceberg, her eyes were twinkling with stars, full of admiration and ecstasy!

A living legend! This is truly a legend! Dare to challenge the pseudo-god and shake the legendary boy in the history of Kyushu!

Mu Qianqiu is one of the few people who do not know the truth of the Hundred Saints War. She has always been puzzled about the history of the "Shenzhou Kyushu". When she knows the truth, she only hates her strength and looks forward to one who can dare to challenge history. Challenge the existence of false gods!

This person is the Linzhou Linchen who turned out!

"Brother Lin Chen's charm is so great."

Ning Qingxue made a funny laugh, Lin Chen raised the collar and coughed lightly-"Low-key, my only advantage is that I like low-key."

Mu Qianqiu's cheeks were blushing, and the three warlords beside him were all in cold sweat, and could not help but sigh,

This legendary person would actually come to their southern country, and they almost offended the great god. They really walked on the tip of the knife!