My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 657

Vol 5 Chapter 657: Goodbye Mysterious Man

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Chapter 657: Goodbye Mysterious Man!

"Impossible! Lin Chen, how come you are here, the six true **** families are not layout soul home areas, it is only necessary to kill you completely, how can you appear safe and sound here!"

Wang Bahu, who was abolished by Jiu Cheng, growled unwillingly, his eyes full of madness and killing intentions!

"Oh, such stupid questions can be asked. They were naturally overturned by me, and they also gave me a big gift. Dont say that the six false **** families, even twelve, cant stop it. I am someone!"

Lin Chen smiled, with the talent of God Killer, the stronger the opponent and the greater the number of people, the stronger he will be. The words of the twelve false **** families may not be able to stop him Lin Chen!


Mu Qianqiu took a breath of air!

The six big families did not stop him together?

That at least can match the fighting power of a big state! How strong is he?

"Brother Lin Chen, I have felt that those guys are coming here."

At this time, Bai Ruoyan whispered softly, Lin Chen's cynical expression put away and turned to Mu Qianqiu.

"This running dog will be handed over to you. By the way, I want to borrow the space channel near your southern country."

Seeing Lin Chen's eyes being serious, Mu Qianqiu quickly said respectfully-"No problem, there is a space channel in my southern country that leads to Danzhou."

"Thank you so much!"

Lin Chen solemnly clenched his fist, Mu Qianqiu led the way, and everyone followed.

Along the way, Mu Qianqiu couldn't help but inquire about Lin Chen's deeds, and surrounded Lin Chen's'interview' like a little fan, causing someone's bad habit to come out again, and he slammed. Sister Ning Qingxuan laughed secretly.

South China, Longyuan Valley, the entrance of a huge space channel.

After lifting the space boundary, Lin Chen and his party arrived.

"Mr. Lin Chen, you offended all the false **** families, you must be more careful along the way."

Mu Qianqiu worried, Lin Chen looked at her with a smile.

"It's okay, I will naturally..."

Before finishing the speech, Lin Chen's eyes were fierce, and the'Golden Eyes Twins' turned the golden brilliance. Lin Chen blocked Mu Qianqiu's behind and stared at a dark shadow in the void.

"Hidden things, get out!"

Lin Chen drank coldly, everyone was surprised!

Even Bai Ruoyan was a little surprised, but he didn't feel the breath of living creatures approaching!

"Gumbling, it's worthy of being a talent who can alarm me to come. Sure enough, he has some skill."

In the dark, two illusory figures emerged, one old and one young, black robe and **** coat, frostyly cold.

The headed old man leaned on a cane and showed a yellowish tooth to smile at Lin Chen.

The boy in the bloodcoat beside him was expressionless, but his eyes reflected the vicissitudes of the red dust in the world, and occasionally flicked a few blood awns while watching Lin Chen.

"You are not from China? No, not from Kyushu!"

Lin Chen said suddenly, he felt an extraordinary sense of oppression and killing in these people!

This sense of oppression is a bit stronger than the six ancestors!

"Good eyesight, I'll wait for it from above."

The blood-dressed boy spoke indifferently, pointing his finger to the sky. Everyone was surprised and suspicious, above?

Could it be that?

A terrible thought emerged from the hearts of all people. There was only one possibility above what they said!

Bai Ruoyan slammed in front of Lin Chen, his expression was dull.

"Oh? This nizi, it seems a little different."

"Oh, Old Ling, don't talk nonsense. We are not here to solicit him, whatever his talents are."

The blood-clothed boy smiled coldly and chilled! Lin Chen stared sharply, saying one word after another.

"Boy, surrender your eighth-order holy artifact and mind, and I will wait for you to die! Of course, if you can still perform the stunt that can just make you soar to the Ninth Warlord, we two will retreat now."

Lin Chen's heart is a gimmick!

Sure enough, the other party came for this!

The eighth-order knife can't easily see the light! This kind of thing, now Lin Chen is simply not qualified to protect it!

Unless the previous "God-killer" talent is not released, otherwise Lin Chen alone is far from the opponent of these two! If you are fighting head-on, you can't hold even two rounds!

"Coo, it seems to be gone. Boy, hand it over."

The old man with crutches stepped in front of the tower with a chuckle, the space around him suddenly solidified, blocking everyone's retreat!

Just as Bai Ruoyan was about to venture out of the "Holy Fire Realm", Lin Chen was ready to throw a bet on the use of level 5 slow runes.

Sigh~! Bang~!

When the sound of crackles sounded, the space enchantment burst into pieces!

The expression of the two changed drastically, and they slammed without warning, and the two fell to their knees!

Lin Chen's pupils shuddered, and his'Golden Eyes Twins' vaguely saw that the space near the two was moir and bent into an extremely incredible arc!

It's like turning a straight piece of steel into a circle and knotting it without breaking it!

This power is unheard of! Even Lin Chen, who is in the talent-killing state, is far from being able to do it!

I saw the space behind them, and slowly stepped out a thin black robe cloak figure.

"is her!"

Lin Chen's heart jumped sharply. This person was the mysterious person who encountered him for the first time in the Sky Spirit List on that day, and then encountered him twice in the sky tower!

Even the'eternal flame' in Bai Ruoyan's body couldn't help but throb slightly, as if he was afraid of this mysterious person, as if he felt some strong atmosphere in the world!

Bai Ruoyan has never felt such a sense of dread from the eternal flame!

The two Holy World sect messengers who were forced to succumb to their knees were as if they had seen a ghost. When they saw the mysterious man, they seemed to think of something, and their frightened eyes revealed despair!

"Yes, it is a strong man of the demon race!"

"Damn, this Kyushu mortal world also has powerful demon clan. I knew I wouldn't come if I knew it!"

When the two secretly screamed badly, the mysterious person went straight to Lin Chen.

"Your previous performance was good. I decided to follow me back to the demon clan. You are the most suitable person to be my left and right arm."

The mysterious man's cold opening.


Lin Chen flatly refused, Shen shouted.

"If you dare to take me by force, I promise, you won't even get my body!"

As soon as the words fell, Lin Chen's whole body of fighting spirit and spiritual power, and even the pure power of the flesh shell, were instantly imprisoned by an invisible force!

Don't move at all!

"Do you want to explode? Explode in front of me, you are not qualified."

The mysterious person's voice is indifferent, as if born with no emotion.

"Explode? I am someone in Lin who doesn't play this set. I'm going to seek death. You can't stop it."

Lin Chen sneered, he knew that the other party's goal was himself, and now there is only one possibility to gamble!

"Try it?" The mysterious man sneered and seemed to sneer.

"Ha ha ha ha! Then come! If Sister Yan, don't move here, I will play with her!"

Lin Chen's laughter contained a hint of madness!