My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 658

Vol 5 Chapter 658: Betting On Life.

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Chapter 658

"If you can't keep up, you can only get my body!"

No choice! Lin Chen is very clear about this person's strength. Whether he is Yuanzun Realm or Warlord Realm, he is like a ant in front of her. This person must be above the Holy Realm!

Since her goal is herself, she can only bet her life!

"System, upgrade my super-dimensional talent!"

[The system receives and consumes 3.5 million talent points to upgrade the blue-level active talent: super-dimensional transmission. Talents have been upgraded to Purple Order, and the fixed-point spatial orientation has been increased to: 6. Reduced cooldown and reduced talent points consumed during launch.

The moment the system light screen popped up, Lin Chen issued a command again!

"The system, start the super-dimensional transmission, and send it to the space position 1!"

Above Lin Chen's head, there is no sign of breaking a beam of space light! With a flash of light, Lin Chen disappeared directly!


This time, the mysterious person who had been indifferent and indifferent finally showed a little emotional fluctuation, a little surprised.

The figure of the mysterious person flashed and disappeared suddenly, leaving everyone in the same place. She was only interested in Lin Chen.

The two Holy World sect messengers were still forced to kneel down, Ning Qingxuan looked worried, and Bai Ruoyan was even more anxious!

This crisis is more terrible than the combined trap of Lingzhou and the false **** family!


Outside the soul home area, a crowd of people are flying tens of thousands of miles, and suddenly, the headed soul Chi Xiao suddenly stagnate!

"Huh! Strange, that kid's breath returned to our soul home area again?"

"Is this kid back to death?"

"No matter what, kill it back! Regardless of everything, kill him!"

The warlords of the six false **** families are another U-turn and plundered into the Soul Family area!

On the other side; many messengers of the Holy World still in action suddenly changed their expressions!

"That Lin Chen's breath seems to have changed again?"

Soul house, the location of True God Mountain.

After the previous war, this place is already in ruins!

Brush ~!

The light of space broke through the void, and a silver robe figure came here, it was Lin Chen!

This is the space orientation he had previously fixed, start the "super-dimensional transmission" directly back here!

"Upgraded to the purple-order super-dimensional teleport, the cooling time has been reduced by more than ten times. It only takes an hour, and I can cast it again! If you use talent points to accelerate the cooling time,"

Numerous believers of false gods could not help but stunned when they felt that Lin Chen's breath appeared again near the True God Mountain!

"My God, this sinister guy is back!"

"What does he want to do? Does he want to continue to defile the true God here?"

"This demonic head! When he comes back, he wants to kill!"

Many false **** believers were shocked and angry, but no one dared to take the initiative to approach Lin Chen!

At this moment, Lin Chen's cultivation practice is still sealed, regardless of his spiritual strength, flesh shell strength or fighting strength, even a double battle royal realm can put him to death!

But Lin Chen just wants to gamble!

What he wanted to bet was that the false **** family killed himself, or the mysterious man shot to stop those false **** families in order to take away himself!

This opponent is far beyond common sense, Lin Chen can only try the sword to go slant!

Brush ~!

Only a few breathing time, a red light broke through the sky, is the first ancestor of Chi Xiao arrived!

Behind him, there are the other five great ancestors, as well as the mighty army of pseudo-gods and imperial realms!

"Lin Chen! How dare you come back?"

"Boy, since you want to die, then we will fulfill you!"

"No matter what tricks you have, today, you will definitely die!"

The six great ancestors roared angrily, and when they met, they directly killed the murderer. They raised their hands and suppressed them with a palm of their hands.

Bang ~!

A streamer slammed across the sky like a sonic boom, writhing the terrible air waves, destroying the cloud waves, and suddenly rushed to Lin Chen's side, is that mysterious person!

She flicked away with a single finger, the space was twisted, and the attacks of the six ancestors burst into countless battles!


"This, who is this?"

"Is that the boy's helper?"

The ancestors of the pseudo-god family and the many powerful men looked horrified and uncertain!

"Unexpectedly, you still have this means."

The mysterious person who did not take the eyes of the six great families at all turned around to look at Lin Chen, something unexpected.

"What else do you have to do, just make it out!"

A word from the mysterious man made Lin Chen smile with awe.

"In this case, as you wish!"

Sigh~! A grey and white rung suddenly dropped from the sky, exploded over the head of the mysterious person, solidified the space near her extremely hard, and the air flow became extremely slow!

This slow rune, Lin Chen directly consumed millions of intermediate rune energy!

Lin Chen strode the meteor with a punch and slammed it into the face of the mysterious man!

Even though the whole body was repaired, Lin Chen still did not plan to sit still!

What the **** are you talking about?

boom! The air was astonishing, and the breath like the abyss of **** emerged from her body, shattering Lin Chen's slow rune bondage, grabbing Lin Chen's fist out of thin air, and the mysterious man shook his head in surprise.

"Good Xuanqi's energy is not fighting spirit or holy energy, but it can stop space and even affect the flow of time. Is it possible to give you a certain time, and you can stop time with this trick?"

Lin Chen's performance exceeded her expectations too much! She wants Lin Chen more and more!

"If your goal is to commit suicide, then you look down on me too much."

The mysterious man laughed coldly with disdain.

Lin Chen grinned!

"If you think I just want these guys to kill me, then you underestimate someone in Lin, do you forget that I used a stunt that burns vitality in combat, do you think it is to seal me up Can you stop the technique I started."

Lin Chen's warning actually made the mysterious people silent!

Thats right, Lin Chens battle with the six false **** families. Although she was not present, she saw Shenzhou far away from another big state. She witnessed almost the whole process. She also saw the talent of "Desperate Life and Death" used by Lin Chen. Ever!

Like the methods of space teleportation and solidified space he used earlier, those stunts seem to be able to prevent them from launching by simply blocking the cultivation of behavior!

Even, the trick he can temporarily increase the infinite strength, so that he can also have the skills of the fourth-level war emperor to compete with the late nine-level war emperor!

It is precisely because of all these that I will pay attention to Lin Chen, but similarly, these cards are not the level that she can suppress by controlling Lin Chen herself!

Even if Lin Chen is blocked by all aspects, he can still use these cards!

Forcibly taken away, maybe his body will not be retained.

"What's more, why are you obsessed with me? Rather than forcing both sides to have a hard time, it's better to say what you mean. Both of us calm down and sit down and negotiate."

Seeing the other party silent, Lin Chen knocked from the side.

"Do you want to set my origins?"

The mysterious man went straight in and asked coldly.

Lin Chen laughed casually: "There is a part of the reason that I don't want to turn around, and it doesn't make sense to play these little means with you."

Suddenly, the violent earthquake in the void broke the breath that shattered the sky, and the six great ancestors launched the "holy body" again!