My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 659

Vol 5 Chapter 659: Apollo Fragment

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Chapter 659

Judging from the previous hand, the opponent is at least above the strength of any one of them. No matter whether this is the support that Lin Chen invited, they must meet today!

"Fly, get out."

As soon as the mysterious man flicked his sleeve, the six great ancestral bodies in the void burst suddenly, and the six ancestors spit blood and retreated, the expression was horrified!

The strong men of the false **** family are breathing air!

What is this strength? This **** didn't see exactly when it was shot! The six great ancestors lost?

"He is not from Kyushu!"

"Is it a legendary holy land?"

For the first time, the six ancestors with weak breath appeared panic! Really frightened!

It's like ants suddenly realizing the great shore of the dragon and discovering their own smallness, it is impossible to shake the dragon!

They simply couldn't see through the cultivation behavior of this mysterious man, and even the trace of the other party's shot could not be seen clearly!


In a lightly written sentence, the space blockade covers the entire Soul Family area, and all the strong people of the false **** family are blocked into the space enchantment!

Everyone finally realized what a horrible existence this mysterious man is!

"I said it last time. I am a demon clan. My clan now needs enough power to wage war. I visit many worlds just to find these creatures, and you are one of them. Just follow me, you Will gain endless power and become the pinnacle of power between this world and the world."

The mysterious man slowly opened his mouth, Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and his mind pondered like lightning.

A pie in the sky? Nonsense! Lin Chen certainly didn't believe it. At that time, the ancient Hundred Saints of Kyushu and the demon clan battled because the false gods attracted the powerful demon clan.

Lin Chen did not know the details of this race, but he did not think that the other party would be kind enough to distribute the power of his race to the human race. Among them, I am afraid there are any requirements and costs.

"I won't leave with you, but if you let me go, I owe you a favor. If I can step into the holy realm, I will take the initiative to go to the demon clan with you, how?"

Lin Chen tried to make a request, seriously, this situation, his heart is also bottomless!

Discussing one thing is entirely based on the premise that both parties are equal.

He is not equal to this mysterious man now! The other party wants to engage him in someone Lin is completely waving hands! It is nothing more than pinching the premise that the other party wants him and forcibly discussing the conditions.

"I don't agree, but I don't refuse. I decided to observe you for a while, because I stay here and there is one more thing that has not been done."

When the mysterious person waved his hand, the space enchantment was lifted, and Lin Chens cultivation was sealed!


All the ancestors of the false **** family have only one thought at this moment; run!

Faced with a strong man suspected of holy realm, he didn't have to fight!

This was the most turbulent and divided day in the history of the false **** family. Seeing the ancestors running away, everyone ran along. The scattered strong family members of the false **** family made the countless false **** believers dumbfounded!

"I will observe a little before you and make a decision."

When the mysterious person opened his mouth, a wave of his hands, the blood arrow breath locked in the body of the false **** family in Lin Chen was eliminated.

Hearing her words, Lin Chen frowned!

Mom, are you going to bring such a super time bomb around?

"Is my life saved for the time being? Even if she fails to change her mind tomorrow, I have to take a break..."

Lin Chen smiled bitterly in his heart. Although the side effects of the "desperate life and death" talent threatened her a wave, barely counting her life, the actual result is still unknown!

"System, to accelerate the cooldown of the super-dimensional teleportation talent."

Lin Chen issued an order, after consuming 800,000 talent points, within a few minutes, the super-dimensional transmission can be used again!

"Send back to space orientation 2!"

When Lin Chen issued the order, a beam of light broke through his head, and he suddenly changed into a streamer of space, completely ignoring the mysterious man.


When the mysterious man stepped on gently, the figure disappeared in an instant and turned into a residual image.

In Southern China, a ray of space broke through the void, and Lin Chen descended on the sea of flowers.

Lin Chen escaped directly in the direction of the space channel, and when he returned again, everyone was relieved!

But before waiting for everyone to slow down, Lin Chen smiled bitterly.

"That big man doesn't seem to be planning to let me go. She's estimated to be here later."

As soon as this statement came out, everyone's heartstrings rose again!

"It's not Lin Chen's style to wait and die. Since there is a chance to become stronger, I will not let it go!"

Lin Chen smiled at the two sect messengers of the Holy Realm, his eyes, like a pervert who had not touched a woman for decades, met a stunning beauty!

The corners of the two people's mouths were twitching, shit, how could this kid's eyes so infiltrate!

The most important thing is that they are now being suppressed! It was even suppressed by the demon clan strongman!

Lin Chen slapped them on the shoulders of the two!

[The host consumes 40,000 talent points and successfully launches the genius harbinger talent. It gains: 1 (2/3) Rune Fragment of Tianyin, 1.5 million talent points.

A few strokes in my heart, Mom, these two big guys from above, even with their stolen attribute values so high, are worthy of being suspected of being from the Holy Realm!

"You, what does your kid want to do!"

The blood-covered boy pretended to be calm, and scorned Lin Chen with salience!

"Little guy, don't use your brains to be fooled by us. The power of the Holy Realm is far from what you can imagine!"

The old man is even more threatening, Lin Chen smiled and broke their fingers!

Directly **** the advanced Naling Ring on their hands!


The screams of stern screams sounded, and they were sealed in their fighting spirit. They couldn't even manage their fighting strength to suppress their injuries. The huge pain was strongly stimulated.

"What kind of big-tailed wolf? You still put it on your grandfather Lin's head, the whole body of the old man is not hard enough, you still give me hard? I don't know if I eat soft or hard?"

Lin Chen decisively pulled out "Mingyue Tianqing", and the two's faces finally changed!

"No, boy, you can't kill us. We are the Holy Realm..."

Lin Chen held the knife with both hands and cut it across with a knife. Two messengers from the Holy Realm died!

He can't be soft when dealing with enemies!

Still want to rob your brother Chen, don't cut you for the New Year

Bang ~! The orange beam of light is in bloom!

The body of the two rolls off a large number of attribute light balls, and also blooms two glorious beams of light, which are two orange crystal treasure chests!

If they were not sealed in all aspects, Lin Chen's knife might not be able to kill the two!

Grab the two orange crystal treasure chests, the system light screen is listed!

[Open two orange crystal treasure chests, the host obtains: a piece of the rune of the sky hidden (3/3), a one-time orange-level talent fragment: the sun **** (1/3).

This time, the treasures from these two orange crystal treasure chests completely left Lin Chen in the same place!

Orange rank talent fragments! His second orange rank talent?