My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 660

Vol 5 Chapter 660: Tianyin Runes

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Chapter 660

"What is the Sun God talent fragment?"

Lin Chen was very excited. Although he had a "quasi-orange level" grade in his desperate life and death, the strict meaning still did not reach the orange level. He needed to be upgraded to get into the orange level.

Facing the hundreds of millions of talent points for upgrading this talent, Lin Chen is now not qualified to upgrade this talent!

Therefore, Lin Chen's orange-order talent is actually only a "God-killer"!

[System Answer Host: The Sun God is a one-time orange rank talent, can absorb the power of the Sun to fight, become the Sun God, lasts 60 seconds. Within 60 seconds, the stronger the sunlight, the stronger the combat power. The best use at noon, the closer to the sun, the stronger the talent.

[Friendship Tip: If the host can use this talent while standing on the sun, it can perfectly control the power of the sun for its own use, transcend the holy realm, and achieve the sun god.


Lin Chen breathed heavily!

Orange rank talent is just a **** pervert!

As long as the enemies are strong enough and have enough enemies to possess the potential of killing the gods and killing the gods, the sun god, who is also an orange-level talent, can stand on the sun and have the possibility of surpassing the holy realm!

"Unfortunately, my strength is not enough to leave Kyushu and go to the outer sky, close to the sun."

Lin Chen sighed, the sun here is no more than the sun of the earth. According to Lin Chen's observation after entering the war emperor realm, the sun above Kyushu is at least dozens of times larger than the sun of the earth!

Its temperature and energy contained in it are unimaginable!

Lin Chen wanted to get close to it, at least there was a hint of possibility after the Holy Land.

"In any case, there are still two pieces missing. I can get another one, a super trump card!"

Invigorated, Lin Chen turned to Tianyin Rune again.

[Level 1 Rune of Heavenly Hidden: Eliminate the breath of the host, eliminate the breath of any energy of the host, and make all attacks transparent. Cooling time: 3 minutes, duration: 1 second.

This rune seems weak, but Lin Chen has sharply captured its main points!

It can eliminate the breath of its own outbreak of attack! This is a sneak attack!

Lin Chen licked his tongue and glanced at his Rune Evolution Stones, there were exactly 28!

"System, upgrade me to the Tianyin Rune! Go directly to full!"

[The system receives, consumes 25 Rune Evolution Stones, and will upgrade Sky Hidden Rune Levels 1 to 5.

When the system bar is opened again, the comment of the Tianyin rune becomes.

[Level 5 Rune of Heavenly Hidden: Eliminate the breath of the host, eliminate the breath of any energy of the host, and make all attacks transparent. Cooldown: 40 seconds, duration: 3 seconds.

Lin Chen, this time, started another big ace! How strong the Hidden Rune is today will only be known in actual combat.

Then, Lin Chen took away all the attribute light spheres from the ground, and more than two hundred attribute light spheres were continuously absorbed. Lin Chen's attribute value was soaring!

This is the attribute value of the nineth-level late warlord from the Holy World! The most important thing is that Lin Chen still beheaded them without the side effects of the God-killer talent, and the attribute value of the drop has not been weakened!

[Acquired 28.6 million essence of combat spirits, 33.5 million essence of combat spirits, 1850 points of mental power, 9000 ignition energy, 90,000 points of merit, 90,000 talent points, 80,000 sky value, 90,000 rune energy, 1500 points Blank attribute, 3500 points of Qi and blood energy,

The terrible attribute values are surging in a straight line, and the space is distorted and turbulent. The mysterious person emerges to the entrance of the space channel like a ghost, making everyone unable to step back.

However, the mysterious man had just arrived, and a roaring sound from the air burst out of Lin Chen's body, reflecting nine colors of light, and Lin Chen broke through to the five-fold war emperor!

This scene left Ning Jia and others and Mu Qianqiu and others directly in place!

This is the fivefold war emperor's cultivation! How did this little guy break through the ground while groping?

Not only!

When Lin Chen stepped into the five-fold war emperor, his morale was still soaring. At the last moment, he broke through the initial boundary of the five-fold war and entered the middle of the fifth war!

Pure power exceeded 5 million, and with the blessing of the Divine Power, it broke through to 6.5 million Dragon Power!

Even the mysterious man showed surprise and surprise for the first time!

Even though Warlord Realm looks like a ant in front of her, the cultivation of this realm is not so easy to improve!

Even if she was well-informed and had seen countless days of arrogant demons, like Lin Chen who broke through only a moment after she left, she was the first to see!

Suddenly, the mysterious man asked.

"What exercises are you practicing?"

Lin Chen, who had just broken through, let out a long sigh of relief and laughed.

"It's nothing, the top purple order, for a big person like you, it certainly won't get into your eyes."

The mysterious man asked again: "Where did it come from."

Lin Chen: "I picked it up."

Mystery man:""

Ignoring the follow of the mysterious person, stepped into the space channel with the crowd, and disappeared under the eyes of Mu Qianqiu.

Along the way, Bai Ruoyan always held Lin Chen's palm, worried that he would be taken away by the mysterious person, Lin Chen signaled her not to worry.

After arriving in Danzhou, the crowd carried a new space channel and returned to Lingzhou in just seven days.

When returning to Lingzhou, today's Lingzhou has completely recovered as before, with 90% of the seawater returning to its original position, and the threat of tilting the continental plate has been completely eliminated.

And the space boundary, once again returned to its original state, only the size of the thumb, but this time, the Academy specially sent a special strongman to guard the Wanling Sea, so as not to allow other creatures to easily approach the Wanling Sea.

The civil war in Lingzhou really came to an end, and many asylum forces finally returned to their territory. The forces hiding in the edge of the twenty-four domains have sprung up like mushrooms.

And all the ancient families, including the emperors of the Academy, also began to help external forces reorganize the sectarian region.

This war has been recorded in history. The academy and the alliance claimed that the two sides reconciled and returned to the good.

In the college, in a sky island.

When I heard that Lin Chen was heading alone to go to the extreme east area of Shenzhou to fight against the six false **** families, in the hall, countless violent air-sounding voices sounded!

The criminal battle and Shen Lianyun in the hall, but their eyes fixed on the mysterious black robe man next to Lin Chen, his eyes throbbed and afraid!

Unexpectedly, this time Lin Chen went out and upset the entire area of the Great East of Shenzhou! Also provoked a return of such a terrifying existence!

Yang Qing'er returned to Danzhou with Lin Chen's promised reward for the call. Lin Chen was also able to lift the phantom avatar.

Shen Lianyun, the deputy dean after the peace of mind, gazed at Lin Chen seriously.

"Lin Chen, it's time to let you see the dean."

Lin Chen's pupils are locked!

Dean of Tiange Academy?