My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 661

Vol 5 Chapter 661: Nine Demon Eyessage Offering

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Chapter 661: Nine Demon Eyes and Saints Saying!

As soon as this remark came out, the eyes of many powerful men in the academy burst into shock!

Dean of Tiange Academy! A true legend, but as the senior of the college, they know very little about the deans whereabouts. I am afraid that there are only two people, Shen Lianyun and Xuanzhan!

There is only one thing they can know. The dean is a saint!

A true sanctuary of heaven and earth!

"It was originally waiting for you to become a war emperor, leaving you to contend with the heritage of the descendants of pseudo-gods, and you can't imagine your growth far exceeded our expectations."

Shen Lianyun smiled indifferently, she thought that it would take at least a few decades for Lin Chen to get the inheritance, but he didn't expect him to shorten this time countless times!

The Dean of that year was left with enough heritage to counteract the descendants of the false gods and even the family of false gods. Naturally, he did not intend to let his only "Orange Order" student train alone.

After talking, Shen Lianyun turned to the black robe.

"Your Excellency, this is related to the inheritance of Tiange Academy. I don't know if I can avoid it."

The black robe sat in the hall, and said coldly-"It's just a holy place that is about to die, don't say he has lost consciousness, even if he is still alive, I'm not afraid."

Just a sentence, let Shen Lianyun look again!

Where is this person sacred? Even the dean's state at the moment is known to her!

"Vice dean, anyway, her goal is me, it should not move our college."

Lin Chen said seriously, after hesitating for a while, Shen Lianyun got up and took Lin Chen away, and the mysterious man and Bai Ruoyan left and right, like a shadow.

Heavenly Spirit Tower, the ninth floor directly below, the space boundary here is hidden and powerful, and a giant gate exuding the vicissitudes of twilight stands on the ground.

Lin Chen has visited this place from the future, and the atmosphere around him is a bit cold.

However, judging by his current "Golden Eyes Twins", the "Heavenly Tower" he had been through was undoubtedly a holy weapon!

It is an eighth-order holy artifact associated with Azure Blue Moon! And it is most likely a complete holy tool!

Following in the footsteps of Shen Lianyun, Lin Chen arrived in a simple and cold dungeon. Inside the dungeon, a very different atmosphere emerged!

This kind of breath, contrary to the fighting spirit of the human race, is more like condensing from countless blood sea corpses.

Lin Chen had seen the atmosphere of the Shura clan, but the Shura clan was killing, fierce, and the purest killing intention.

But this kind of energy is more like a tarsal maggot, as if it is a nemesis of the natural human race!

"Vice dean, what is this?"

When Lin Chen was about to inquire about Shen Lianyun, he found that the deputy dean's eyes had two lines of tears!

The deputy dean, who had always been indifferent and unsurprised, even faced with life and death without much emotion, burst into tears!

"Inheritance is inside, you go in and see."

Shen Lianyun wiped tears from the corners of her eyes and couldn't bear to enter the last door of the dungeon.

Lin Chen looked dignified and pushed open the last door. The mysterious person beside him, the magnificent purple pupil crossed a trace of surprise.

The breath of sensational sudden blow came across, and the eyes were dense chains intertwined in the void.

All of these chains run through a figure in a green robe. The face of Pang Junyi is pale, and he is in his early thirties. His eyes are closed and the Holy Light shines.

It looks terrible, with a lot of chains running through it, and a clear pale blue brilliance.

The Qingpao man released a pure and strong coercion, and continued to resist the aura that made Lin Chen feel cold!

Underneath the Qingpao man is a dim and huge eye hole. The dark red tide is like a surge of waves, and those strange breaths are emitted from below.

"This, this is?"

Lin Chen's pupil trembles, the pressure of the man in the green robe, he has only felt it on one person, that is Li Changsheng, the Sword Saint!

This person is the dean of Tiange Academy and a strong man of the Holy Realm!

But at this time, he was bound by countless chains. These chains seemed to be absorbing his fighting spirit, continuously exuding the divine power, cooperating with the heavenly tower, and suppressing the eye hole!

"This is, the magic eye..."

Bai Ruoyan murmured subconsciously, Lin Chen wondered.

"Magic Eye?"

"Well, it seems that in Kyushu, every continent has such a magic eye, and the magic eye is connected with the remains of a demon's sake..."

Bai Ruoyan recalled hard, this was not her memory, but the memory left in the source of the torch when the torch gathered.


Suddenly, a sharp scream broke out in the eye of that cave, as if there was something outside that attracted the creatures underneath!

The terrible momentum took Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan back a few steps!

The mysterious man in black robe stood still, and said indifferently.

"be quiet."

Just a word, the restless eyes suddenly calmed down!

Lin Chen's pupils shrank! I am afraid that the creatures inside are so strong that even he can hardly imagine! Even the sacred realm of the dean had to be here to suppress them. Can this person calm them down in one sentence?

"What the **** are you."

Shen Lianyun wondered when she appeared behind her, and asked coldly.

"You are not qualified to know."

At the same time as the mysterious black robe said indifferently, she pointed at the stone platform standing next to the dean. Above the stone platform was a blue crystal ball.

"The so-called inheritance is there."

Lin Chen frowned and stepped towards the blue crystal ball.

When placing the blue crystal ball in the palm of your hand, a lot of memory poured into your mind.

"The mainland of Kyushu, the Nine Demon Eyes. The Devil Eye was born, the Demon Clan came. The souls were painted, and Kyushu was destroyed once. The Devil Clan attacked Kyushu in the past, not just to let the holy prison criminals use a knife to kill, but to wait for the opportunity to release the devil of Kyushu. Family."

"Permanent suppression of the magic eye requires the special nine-branch nail specially made by the holy world and hell. It will have a fatal restraint effect on the demon. The nine nine-branch nails are inserted into the magic eye to close the magic eye."

"If future generations have the opportunity, they can go to the sky pagoda. The demon eye of the Divine State is the head of the nine demon eyes. There are relics inside, which are left by the war of the year. Go to the relics to find my sacred vein. If I wake up, I can be the Lingzhou. Renew the millennium time limit, and remember that you cant easily act without the strength of the ninth-level post-war emperor..."

The memory in the crystal ball completely shocked Lin Chen in place!

In the inheritance records, under the mainland of Kyushu, there is a magic eye, and the magic eye is connected to a demon nest!

The dean of Tiange Academy dedicated himself and rushed into the first demon eye in the sky tower at that time, slashing a group of powerful devil emperors, demon kings, and finally killing devil kings, but was also forced to retreat by a large number of demon clan, When he was seriously injured and returned, he used the Holy Body to suppress the magic eyes of Lingzhou!

He used his life to guard the entire Lingzhou, and even the mainland of Kyushu!

Such great achievements can not help Lin Chen awe!

However, when he saw the objects suspended in the space of the crystal ball, he was even more surprised, and one of the incomplete exercises in the volume completely attracted his attention!

[The system prompts that the advanced creation method of "Genesis Nine Tribulation" which is suspected of being cultivated by the host is detected, and the host is requested to accept the acceptance.