My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 662

Vol 5 Chapter 662: Draw A Knife If You Don't Agree.

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Chapter 662

The crippled exercises were rolled in sheepskin, worn and dusty, and with Lin Chen's spiritual power, he suddenly felt its extraordinary!

When the system pops up the light screen, he is even more solemn!

"Creation Nine Tribulation" has been subordinated to the top-level Purple Mind mentality.

The top-level mentality of the Purple Order has already surpassed Kyushu alone, not to mention the top quality. Lin Chen's "Creation of the Nine Tribulation" is already the strongest series of Kyushu's mentality. The Orange Level, I dare not imagine!

It is said that it is a legendary level that is difficult for even saints to touch!

Lin Chen shivered a bit after grabbing the roll of sheepskin.

[The system test is completed, the mental method is "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue", the defect is serious, and it is impossible to identify the specific grade and practice. Please host to collect the complete mental method.

The systematic appraisal made Lin Chen's mouth twitch, shit, the orange-order mentality was not so easy to use...

However, this at least gave Lin Chen a clue!

This volume of incomplete mentality was found in the dean's heritage. As long as the dean is recovered, the source may be known.

"Five Spirits of Chaos", "Nine Tribulation of Creation", "Tai Yi Fu Tian Ju".

From chaos to creation, from five spirits to nine robberies, nine to nine, one too, too much?

These three mental methods made Lin Chen feel that there are some wonderful relationships between them. Rather, it is better to say that it is more like the evolution of a cosmic age?

In addition, there are many top-level exotic treasures in the crystal ball, a large number of immortals, five kinds of purple order exercises, and two volumes of purple order advanced exercises, a golden armor.

With the words "Golden Dragon Flying" engraved on it, it is actually a top-tier middle-class battle armor!

What attracted Lin Chen's eyes most was a piece of red satin. In the realm of Lin Chen's "Golden Eyes Twins", what is so special about this piece of red satin?

"Nothing can be put here, it seems that it can only be known after the head of resuscitation."

Lin Chen withdrew from the crystal ball, and as soon as his thoughts moved, he transferred everything inside to his own vigilance.

Shen Lianyun walked to Lin Chen's side with a solemn expression-"Lin Chen, if you want to restore the dean, you must not enter the magic eye of the sky tower before you become the nineth war emperor. Even, you have to be the Holy Land on the mainland of Kyushu. Invincible below, because there is an area where I cant even enter."

Lin Chen raised a brow, "So scary?"

He knows the strength of Shen Lianyun and puts it on the top of the ranks of Kyushu. Any single ancestor who singled out the false **** family is worthwhile, she can't break in?

"You want to enter the magic eyes of the sky tower?"

Suddenly, the mysterious person next to him opened his mouth curiously, and his cold voice fluctuated a little.

Before Lin Chen could answer, she walked to Lin Chen's side and grabbed Lin Chen's palm, her jade finger lightly.

Her hands are very cold, like a piece of cold jade.

The purple and black brilliance flashed, and a mark was planted in Lin Chen's palm.

"This magic seal can make the devil's breath in the devil's eyes unable to perceive you, and absorb the devil's coercion."

The mysterious man spoke, Lin Chen was surprised-"Why are you helping me?"

"Interested, I can take it back if you don't want it."

"No, I want it!"

Lin Chen quickly closed her hands and decided, with the strength of the other party, that her life and death would not last for a while. Even if she wanted to play by any means, Lin Chen could only follow along. What's more, this magic seal is very important to him.

"Your name is Lin Chen, I will come to you again."

The mysterious man's cold voice actually has a hint of smile? She turned around and disappeared directly into the dungeon!

"she left?"

Bai Ruoyan was surprised, Lin Chen shook his head-"I don't know, I have only seen her three times, every time I come without a shadow."

The two met for the first time. During Tianlingbang, she met Lin Chen, but was only slightly interested in it.

When I met for the second time, I was tracked all the way from the sky tower. When I thought that Lin Chen's talent was acceptable, I found that he only launched the talent of killing the gods to reach the war emperor.

When she met for the third time, Lin Chen's strength and potential made her decide that Lin Chen would be her right arm. She wanted to take away the unsuccessful force, and now only left a magic mark.

Suddenly, the jade jade in the space around the waist flickered, and Shen Lianyun's eyes suddenly condensed.

"The emergency jade jade responded, there was a situation outside!"

Shen Lianyun's body flashed longitudinally and disappeared in the dungeon. Lin Chen followed, leaving with Bai Ruoyan.

What he didn't notice was that when he left, the dark red eyes that passed directly to the ground under the dungeon passed through two points of light, like a pair of eyes, staring in the direction of Lin Chen and others.


Inside the Sky Island Hall.

"Everyone, we are not malicious, just come to see Lin Chen."

A crowd of extraordinary figures arrived, with nine people, men, women and children alike, which made the people in the hall look dignified!

Each of these people's sense of oppression is not inferior to the vice president Shen Lianyun! Let the league and college strong in the lobby stand in line!

When Shen Lianyun and Bai Ruoyan entered the hall, Lin Chen stood behind the nine people and laughed.

"Oh? You guys come to me, what is it?"

When the first son in white laughed loudly, he said sincerely.

"Princess Lin Chen is really here, and he can retreat alone in the later stages of the Sixth National Congress of the Ninth National Congress, and admire it."

The beautiful lady in the purple skirt said seriously.

"I came from the Holy Realm, specially for inviting Mr. Lin Chen to return to the Holy Realm with us and join our sect."

The other party's language was amazing, and the faces of all the powerful people in the hall suddenly changed!

Holy World! The world that only exists in the legends of Kyushu. It is said that only the Holy Realm can leave Kyushu, perceive the existence of the Holy Realm, and ingest the heaven and earth Holy Spirit to create a new heaven and earth that the Holy World teleportation stone can reach!

These nine people came for Lin Chen?

What a face! I am afraid that no one can do this in the history of Kyushu!

It is not surprising that Shen Lianyun thought about it, because when Lin Chen was emperor, even in Lingzhou, she could perceive, not to mention the more vast Holy World, their knowledge must be more clear than their own. Lin Chen's potential!

"Everyone, please..."

When the enthusiasm of the academy asked the messengers of the Holy World to enter the hall as a guest, several other people looked proud and entered the hall as a matter of course.

"And slow."

Lin Chen raised his hand, his eyes deep, and asked.

"Since you are from the Holy Realm, are there no notifications above, such as assisting us in getting rid of the control of the false gods in Kyushu."

As soon as this remark came out, several messengers from the Holy World looked at each other with a wry expression.

How dare they provoke those holy prison criminals, even the sect behind them is quite afraid of it.

Seeing their expressions change, Lin Chen looked apathetic.

"That being the case, please come back. I am not interested in your invitation. Although someone in Lin is not a hero, he will not go with you to the Holy World at this juncture. If we are not online, there is nothing to talk about."

Bang ~!

As soon as the words came out, the two red-haired men suddenly angered and sneered!

"What are you mortals, and dare to shame your face?"

"I don't know how many young Tianjiao want to visit the temple, but Laozi comes down to meet you personally, so **** is giving you a face, what are you doing here?"


The voices of the two had just fallen, and an astonishing dragon roared towards the sky. Lin Chen grasped the knife case with one hand and lifted the cover of the knife case. A clear blue sword inside was ready to be sheathed.

It is the eighth-order knife!

"Grass your grandma's, let's try a few more noises? Dare to pretend to be in front of someone in Lin, and I will feed you the dog today!"

The elder mentors of Tiange Academy are thrilling and sweaty!

Do you want to draw a knife if you don't agree?

I am a good man, this is a strong man from the Holy Realm!

This handsome Lin is really not afraid of the sky, dare to pierce the sky in minutes!