My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 663

Vol 5 Chapter 663: Dragons Are Very Jumping?

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Chapter 663

Admittedly, even if Lin Chen uses the "blue moon", he is definitely not an opponent of any of them. The late Jiuzhong from the Holy Realm may be more difficult than the ancestors of the false **** family.

But Lin Chen is a person who would rather not bend. The other messengers will not say for a while, those two are completely like a nostril, giving you face? Wouldn't it hit someone in Lin's face?

"You fucking..."

The two red-haired men were so angry that they hadn't had time to speak yet, and Lin Chen choked his head!

"You **** big man! Grass, stand up and try it out! Is the holy world down? Is it hanging? Both are carrying a head on both shoulders, and you have a pig's nose in a green onion, what does it look like? I must ask Are you going to drink tea and skewer to eat barbecue? By the way, I will find you a few sisters to provide one-stop service of big health care? Your mother is thinking about fart eating, and the thinking is quite beautiful. Why dont you eat so much **** outside?"

Lin Chen sneered, since you want to bluff, then pretend! There are Shen Lianyun and Bai Ruoyan on my side, not necessarily soft persimmons!

The other seven Holy World messengers had a whirl in the mouth!


This kid is a ruthless character even in Holy World! If you don't agree, you will desperately want to die. Who can stand it?

The academy and the league are even more terrified.

This is the messenger of the Holy Realm, how dare to offend!

Just releasing this name is enough to please any force in Kyushu. This Chen Ye is very good. Nima pulls the knife at the meeting. This is nothing to talk about!

Lin Chen saw it very well, and those who are not my Kyushu will have different hearts. You can't stand together to face the hardships, even if you worship the sect, there will be a day when it will be betrayed. If so, why not make a stand!

"Good, good! You are ruthless! Liao Sha, let's go!"

The red-haired man sneered sullenly, flicked his sleeve directly, and walked away with his partner!

They believed that if Lin Chen took out the strength of that day to fight against the strong families of pseudo-gods in various states, they would have to pay a very heavy price even if they could win Lin Chen.

Moreover, there is another Jiuzhong late war emperor.


Suddenly, Lin Chen's voice came again, and the two red-haired men stiffened in the void, and immediately showed a proud smile on the corner of his mouth.

Okay! It turned out to be a pretentious look, and the feelings would eventually be the one who begged us pity.

Even the seven messengers who just changed Lin Chen's attitude just now can't help but frown, is this kid really just pretending?

"What? Lin Da genius, changed your mind?"

When the red-haired man turned proud, Lin Chen patted on the shoulders of the two of them.

[Consumed 20,000 talent points, successfully launched the thief harbinger talent, gained: 850,000 talent points, 20,000 intermediate fire energy.

This high amount of attribute value made Lin Chen frown, then waved his hand impatiently.

"All right, let's get away."


The duo looked awkward! what's the situation? What are you calling us to leave again, waiting for us, and asking us to leave?

Call and drink, what do you think of us?

"It's too special to be deceiving!"

Another red-haired young boy's eyes were stern, Lin Chen immediately turned around, patted with a knife box, and raised his brow lightly, as if to signal the other party.

The red-haired man forbeared his anger, held out his hand to stop his partner, and smiled angrily-"Well, a good Lin Chen, you are the most arrogant mortal I have ever seen, I hope you can still walk to the Holy World alive, otherwise it would be too boring."

Then the two turned around and left.

Suddenly, Lin Chen's voice came from behind them!

"Don't worry! If I could go to the Holy Realm one day, my strength would hang you."

The two flicked, and they were so angry that they turned around and beat the kid!

"If you are willing to join our camp to fight against the false gods with me, I will really seriously consider joining your sect, how?"

Lin someone smiled and turned to the seven remaining messengers of the Holy World. They looked at each other with a wry smile. Lin Chen already understood their answers from their eyes.

"Your Excellency Lin Chen, our sect has orders to not interfere in the affairs of Kyushu, especially the opponents you face. In addition to this condition, we will satisfy you as much as possible..."

The son in white, headed in a sincere and helpless clenched fist, Lin Chen smiled and shook his head, and then patted the shoulders of these seven messengers of the Holy World with a deep tone.

"Hey, since that's the case, we have nothing to talk about. If you walk slowly, I won't give it away."

[Consumed 120,000 talent points, stolen omens successfully launched, obtained: 800,000 sky value, 2000 blank attributes, 15000 water energy, 18500 gold energy, 17655 dark energy, 650,000 rune energy, 500,000 Point of merit,

Among these seven Holy World messengers, Lin Chens stolen harbinger has all stolen extremely good attribute values!

"Oh, it seems that we all ran in vain."

One of the white-haired old men, Fu Xu, smiled and did not reluctantly, leaving very cleanly.

"Then I only wish the son of Linchen to win the victory, the son's courage, the little girl admires. If the Holy World can gather, it must be a different kind of scenery."

The woman of Zisha Yingying owed her body and decisively left.

Everyone said goodbye one by one, and felt very sorry in their hearts, because they still brewed a lot of rhetoric and preparations, but Lin Chen's words directly gave them no chance to choose. This young man's position was trembling! Live and die with Kyushu!

Lin Chen is not reluctant, he may be able to guess a little, why the messenger of the Holy Realm did not dare to provoke these false gods.

Everyone present was sorry and helpless. The messengers of the Holy Realm thought they let them see a glimmer of light. They did not expect them to give up Lin Chen rather than be against the false gods.

"You can't pin your hopes on others, you can only rely on yourself!"

Lin Chen exhaled, his eyes became a little harsh and severe!

He is now cultivated as a five-fold war emperor, and his real combat power is around the middle of the eighth war emperor, but with the help of the God-killer talent, he has completely overturned all false **** families!

If the enemy will take action next time, it will be beyond the scale of the last action. At that time, if there is no better or better card than the God Killer, it will be the real dead end!

Stronger, imminent!

"Let the dean wake up first, and everything will have a chance."

Lin Chen's eyes looked at the direction of the Divine Sky Pagoda in Shenzhou, and he was about to act, and two streams of light plummeted into the void!

It is the head of Yan family and the ancestor of Yan family!

"Friend Lin Chen, bad, Qian Yun has an accident!"

The first sentence of the Yan family ancestor made Lin Chen's eyes slammed!

Yan Qianyun? Isn't she a mathematician, and how can she predict the bad omen in advance?

"Mingzhou and the Dragon race fought a lot and were abducted by a large number of young mathematicians, Qian Yun is in it!"

The head of the Yan family simply told the Dragon's destiny in the future. On the day of the battle between Lin Chen and the false **** family, Huangzhou dispatched the seven dragons to lead the strong men and appeared in the "Shenshu Conference".

On that day, Mingzhou set off a terrifying battle that was no less than that of Lin Chen against the false **** family. Many dragons abducted a large number of fortune tellers, and Yan Qianyun was among them!

What's more terrifying is that Yan Qianyun was directly watched by the first day of the Red Lotus Yanlong tribe. When he was abducted, he threatened to accept his concubine!

Lin Chen frowned, even this kind of thing? If something goes wrong, there must be a demon! It seems that Kyushu has begun to turmoil!

"Dragons are very jumpy. It seems that it is time for me to join Long Chenbo Linmou in Afro!"