My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 664

Vol 5 Chapter 664: Arrival Dragon Race

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Chapter 664: Arrival, Dragon Clan!

"Friend Lin Chen, let's go too! Qian Yun is a single biography of our Yan family, and the only person in the Yan family who can practice ancestors' arithmetic in the past, we must ask her to bring it back!"

The anxious Yan family ancestor anxiously said, Lin Chen raised his hand and rejected it.

"No, all of you are staying in Lingzhou. There are still a lot of strong people lurking in Kyushu in the false **** family. No one knows when they will come. The more power in Lingzhou, the better, not to mention, I am To save people is not to go to a full-scale war, but instead of bringing you and me together, we will not be able to fight."

Hearing Lin Chen's remarks, the Yan family ancestors only had to do it.

"Friend Lin Chen, Yun'er, please!"

"Relax, I will do my best to bring her back."

Lin Chen raised his thumb, and Bai Ruoyan stood beside him with a smile on his face.

Lin Chen only said helplessly-"Come on, this time Ruoyan sister will go with me."

"Lin Chen, be careful."

Ning Qingxuan moved forward and couldn't help holding Lin Chen's palm in worry, Bi Eye circulated the light of Xi Yi, and he laughed.

"Relax, even the six families of pseudo-gods can't stop me, a dragon family in a barren state, dare not say that I can destroy them, there is still a chance to save myself."

On the relationship, Yan Qianyun can be regarded as one of Lin Chen's best friends. On the human relationship, Lin Chen still owes her a relationship. If it was not for her to contact Luo Qingyu in advance to let Luo Weier bring the news to Lingzhou, Lin Chen also It may not be possible to rush to Shenzhou to save Ning Qingxuan.

Lin Chen turned around, facing Shen Lianyun's four heads, the latter nodded-"Relax, I will sit in the alliance personally, you can just do it."

"Then trouble the deputy dean, everyone, time is not waiting for others, I will take a step first!"

Lin Chen leaped into the air, the green dragon on the side stretched out his wings, and Lin Chen and Bai Ruoyan rose by the dragon!

"This little guy has repeatedly done miracles, I hope he can succeed this time!"

Staring at Lin Chen's back, Xing Zhan sighed, and Shen Lianyun rarely smiled.

"Someone has to go for arbitrariness, and someone has to overthrow the blank hundreds of thousands of years of history in Kyushu. I am now more and more convinced that that person will definitely be Lin Chen!"


Lingzhou, the streamer across the seven sky.

It is the seven messengers of the Holy Realm.

"Are we going to return without success?"

"Hey, I'm still preparing for the loss, I didn't expect to be run out of people before I even spoke."

The messengers talked.

"Oh, some of your talents are pretty good, but you have less experience."

The white-haired man opened his mouth and everyone looked at him.

"This son is open-minded, decisive but decisive, but he dares to go alone in China. This is enough to explain this. Such a person eats soft but not hard. So, we can start from his side. ."

The white-haired old man heard them in the clouds!

"Please also express your attention!"

The **** and beautiful lady in the red robe frowned, puzzled.

"Oh, to put it simply, it is to attract the people around him. Since this son is serious and righteous, then he must pay attention to the people around him. If we move his friends, we will certainly establish a big enemy for our sect, but if not the other way around. ?"

The white-haired old man stroked his beard and smiled, and all the messengers shone in front of him!

Yes indeed! They can't recruit Lin Chen to the Holy World, they can recruit relatives and friends around Lin Chen!

If Lin Chen falls in Kyushu, they will lose most of their energy and the cost of the lower realm, but if Lin Chen successfully enters the Holy Realm, it will definitely be a brand-new figure!

At that time, even if they can't recruit them into the sect, just looking at the faces of their relatives and friends will be enough to make a great wizard like him!

"Xie Yin old order!"

"Great, let's quickly search for the life experience of this little friend Lin Chen, and all the people he has made with him will be taken to the Holy World and cultivated with all our strength!"


"Brother Lin Chen, bring this with me. When necessary, I can send a ray of fighting spirit to appear."

During the flight, Bai Ruoyan handed Lin Chen a snow-white jade jade, and the fire was lingering. She could actually escape this man into this jade jade!

This is the realm of successive flames. Lin Chen couldn't help lamenting the power of the eternal flame. He could still carry the flames with him. Bai Ruoyan could enter at any time!

Moreover, she possesses the holy fire, which has the holy fire refining the spirit of heaven and earth and turning to quench the life wheel of war, which is equivalent to being in the most efficient cultivation state at all times!

I am afraid that it will not take many years for this kind of practice to speed up. Bai Ruoyan can successfully break through to the late period of the nineth heavyweight, and envy all the nineth heavyweight emperors!

"This opportunity is not envious."

Someone Lin sighed, put away the snow-white jade jade, and only him and his blue dragon remained in the void. As soon as his thoughts moved, Lin Chen brought Qinglong into his body!

"System, start the super-dimensional teleportation talent, I want to go to the 3rd space position!"

[This transmission distance is extremely far, will consume 3.22 million talent points, and fall into a 10-day cooling time. Does the host determine the transmission?

The No. 3 position is the position after Long Kun and Lin Chen fled from Soul Family Headquarters to Huangzhou last time. Lin Chen did not replace this position, and it is unexpected to come in handy now!

The most important thing is that he upgraded the "super-dimensional teleportation" to the purple order talent, in order to achieve such long-distance space teleportation.

If it is a blue scale, it can only cross the distance of two big states at most, but now, Lingzhou and Aral State can span the distance of six big states!


Brush ~!

A light beam of space broke through the top of his head, and Lin Chen turned into a streamer.

By the time he appeared again, he had already descended to the western barren area of the barren state.

Huangzhou is divided into four major wasteland areas, each ruled by different powerful beast races, but only the central area is ruled by the ten dragons!

"It's a barren state, so strong energy of blood and blood!"

Lin Chen took a deep breath, then turned into a moonlight, and skimmed deep.

Two days later, the central area.

Recently, a dragon feast, a hundred people cheered, many powerful fierce beasts gathered in the central area.

The dragon race conducts an indiscriminate selection competition, which is to take care of all the strong men in the dragon race as fair as possible.

Challenge the winners, you can get massive rewards, the top 5 people can also enter the holy dragon blood pool, refining the bloodline, greatly increasing the strength and potential!

And ten days after the feast of the competition, the first talent of the Red Dragon Yanlong tribe held a happy event and successfully added another beautiful concubine!

This double happy event overlapped together, attracting countless orc strong observers.

The central area, behind a vast sacred mountain of great shore, is a huge battle space like a plain.

Surrounded by a large number of various high-level fierce beasts, full of anger, only the brutal breath of the fierce beasts spread out!

A roar of excitement roared back and forth in the venue. The fierce beast competition was only dozens of times more intense than that of the human race, and it was full of killing and excitement everywhere!

A magic flame eagle belonging to the seventh order sits on the registration desk and has a eagle head, which is registered with information of many contestants.

At this time, a young boy in a green robe crowded into the crowd stepped into the registration area, and there were two green dragon horns above his head. Half of the childish face was still the head of Qinglong's face.

Mo Yan's eagle's head did not lift, asked indifferently.

"Race, origin, name."

The young boy in green robe said with a low roar and obscure human language.

"Race: Xuanqing Dragon of Ten Thousand Years. Origin: North Wasteland. Name: Long Chenbo."